Training in Sports class 11 Notes Physical Education

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Training in Sports class 11 Notes Physical Education

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CBSE Class 11 Revision Notes Physical Education Training in Sports

MEANING AND CONCEPT OF SPORTS TRAINING: The Training is a process of preparing an individual for any event or an activity. Sports Training is the Physical, technical, intellectual, Psychological and moral preparation of an athlete or a player by means of physical exercise. Sports training also consists of all those learning, influence and process that are aimed at enhancing Sports performance.


  1. Principle of Overload
  2. Principle of Progressive Development
  3. Principle of Continuity
  4. Principle of Variety
  5. Principle of Individuality
  6. Principle of Specificity
  7. Principle of Active Participation
  8. Principle of Periodisation
  9. Principal of Rest and Recovery
  10. Principal of General and Specific Preparation

Warm-up and limbering or cool down

Warm-up: It is a primarily preparatory activity in which physiological and psychological preparation of athlete for the main activity, takes place.

Types of warm-up:             

1. General Warm-up

2. Specific Warm-up

Cooling or Limbering down: To bring the body in normal state after any competition or training is called cooling down.

Load: Load is known as work or exercise that a sports person performs in a training session.

Adaptation: It is the process of long-term adjustment to a specific stimulus.

Recovery: Recovery is to regain energy after workout what was lost during the activity.

Skill, Technique and style: A skill is the ability to perform a whole movement. Skill can be defined as automatisation of motor action.

Technique: It is an basic movement of any sports or event. We can say that a technique is the way of performing skill.

Style: It is an individuals expression of technique in motor action, therefore each sports person due to his specific or particular psychic, physical and biological capacities realize the technique in different way. It is called his style.

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