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Solved Sample Papers for Class 12

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CBSE solved sample papers for class 12 board exam 2107. Solved question papers for class XII Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Accountancy, Biology, English and class 12 subjects.

What are Solved sample question papers?

CBSE Sample papers are exactly similar copies of actual board exam papers. These papers give you an idea about how your real board exam question paper will look in terms of difficulty level, marks distribution, sections, number & type of questions, time and duration. CBSE designs your question paper on the basis of some set patterns called blue prints. The sample papers strictly follow the same blue print.

Why to practice model papers?

Model papers help you to get into the real exam-type feeling. As this question paper is exactly similar to the original one, you will find it very useful to analyze how much time you need to answer each question, what should be your writing strategy and how to finish it in given time. The more you practice, the more efficiency level you achieve. It matters a lot. Most of the time, you know the answers but you miss it only because of bad time management.

CBSE class 12 solved sample papers

CBSE class 12 board exam pattern

CBSE conducts board exam for class 12 in the month of March-April every year. The question papers consist of 100 marks for each subject. Out of 100 marks, certain percentage is reserved for internal practical and viva in some subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accountancy, Business, Physical Education, Dance, Music etc. The duration of exam is 3 hours for all major subjects. Students have to attain atleast 33 marks in 5 subjects to get the pass certificate.

CBSE class-12 exam pattern in main subjects

SubjectTheory marksPractical marks
English Core1000
Business Studies8020
Physical Education7030
Home Science7030
Computer Science7030
Informatics Practices7030

In some cases the practical exam has more than 50% marks such as painting has 60 marks practical and 40 marks in theory. Music has 70 marks in practical and 30 marks in theory paper.

How to use Solved sample papers?

Downloading and reading sample papers is not enough. To get best out of it, you need to practice them. Here are some tips on how to use the sample papers downloaded from myCBSEguide.com

  1. Download sample solved sample papers from myCBSEguide.
  2. Keep the solution aside and read the question carefully.
  3. Now solve the whole question paper in 3 hours. Preferably during 10:30 am to 1:30 pm.
  4. Match your answers with the answer key/solution downloaded.
  5. Analyze your performance and specially time taken to solve it.
  6. Download more papers from myCBSEguide and practice them.

solved sample papers for class 12

You must practice atleast 5 solved sample papers before exam in each subject. It will help you to overcome the exam fear and strengthen your confidence.

How to download Solved sample papers?

CBSE issues solved sample question papers with proper marking scheme and blue print every year. This year CBSE has already circulated solved sample paper for class 12 Mathematics as there were some major changes in the marking scheme this year. The sample papers for all the subjects have been updated in myCBSEguide.com. Here is the quick links to download the solved sample papers for 2017 board exams.

We regularly update sample papers and other study material. To get latest updates from myCBSEguide, download our mobile app from google playstore (myCBSEguide Mobile App) and like us on facebook.

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