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Rising pollution in Delhi and its impact on Students

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Nowadays pollution has become the talk of the town and we all are seriously concerned for it. This sudden rise in pollution level of Delhi has made it worse for living. We can witness the changes in our day to day life. Students and children are advice to stay inside until the situation becomes normal. Daily goer for walk and exercise have also discontinued their routine.

This present scenario has a strong impact on student of Delhi and nearby states. In seriously affected area, government has declared holidays for some days. The motive behind this article is to spread awareness among people and specially to the students who are directly or indirectly bearing the brunt.

We have collected some data from different sources like Times of India  and Financial express. A must read article for all.


What Experts say on this with some data and parameters

Post festivals especially Diwali there is a sudden rise in pollution graph and we easily ignore it. This is one the major cause of the present situation. And the daily use of Pollutants, Vehicles and Industries add the same amount of pollution.

Let’s understand with some statistics:

The situation is so bad in Delhi that its air has PM2.5 concentrations of 153 micrograms and PM10 concentrations of 286 micrograms which is much more than the permissible limits.

In comparison, Beijing, which was once considered one of the most polluted cities, has PM2.5 concentration of 56 micrograms and PM10 concentration of 121 micrograms. To understand the basics of Particulate matter, pollution index, air pollution and its effect you should read the air quality index and  air pollution in India and your textbook has also chapters related to it.

Thus, Delhi has significantly higher levels of chronic headache, eye irritation and skin irritation because of the gases like So2, No2 and Carbon monoxide which leads to life threatening diseases.

Prevention and Cure for Pollution

  1. Drive less or use eco-friendly transport system
  2. Save energy and use renewable sources of energy if possible
  3. Reduce the waste inside or outside.
  4. There should be a ban on fire crackers and plastic product.
  5. Learn to work towards carbon negativity. Bhutan country is a good example on it.
  6. Farmers shouldn’t burn their waste product of agriculture instead they can use it as food product for animals.

Doctor’s advice on Pollution

Although the government is working towards reducing the pollution level but in the mean time we can apply following as a preventive measure:

  1. If it’s not necessary, stay inside. And outdoor exercise, running etc should be avoided unless it comes down. Special care for infants and old age people should be given.
  2. Air purifier is a must to have thing in your house. You can also go for natural purifier indoor plants like Aloe vera, Peace lily, Snake plant etc. They remove toxicity and work naturally without any power consumption.
  3. Use of pollution mask is also prescribed. There are multiple brands available in market. One can opt for certified mask from different country eg: American NOISH which gives out the N95, N99 or N100 stamp or the European EN149 FFP2 or Chinese YY-0469.
  4. The mask should be certified to filter out at least 95% of the PM2.5, which is one of the most dangerous pollutants in the air

Opinion of myCBSEguide

This article will help you to get in all possible sources and preventive measures on air pollution. We advise our students not only to look towards theoretical study but apply it in your day to day life for betterment of the society and environment. In the meantime, students should use this leisure time for studies. If not going school, then you can go for practice sets and indoor games to make a strong backup for the coming exams. It’s time to stay healthy, stay fit and use your time to study and perform better in future.

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