Reproduction in Animals worksheet for class 8

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CBSE worksheets for Reproduction in Animals worksheet for class 8 in PDF for free download. Science worksheets for class 8 CBSE includes worksheets on Reproduction in Animals as per NCERT syllabus. CBSE class 8 worksheets as PDF for free download Reproduction in Animals worksheets. Users can download and print the worksheets on class 8 Science Reproduction in Animals for free.

Download Reproduction in Animals worksheet for class 8

Reproduction in Animals worksheet for class 8 Important Topics

  • Modes of Reproduction
  • Sexual Reproduction
  • Asexual Reproduction

Reproduction in Animals worksheet for class 8

Some important Facts about Reproduction in Animals worksheet for class 8

  1. Visit a poultry farm. Talk to the manager of the farm and try to find out the answers to the following.
    1. What are layers and broilers in a poultry farm?
    2. Do hens lay unfertilised eggs?
    3. How can you obtain fertilised and unfertilised eggs?
    4. Are the eggs that we get in the stores fertilised or unfertilised?
    5. Can you consume fertilised eggs?
    6. Is there any difference in the nutritional value of fertilised and unfertilised eggs?
  2. During the summer months collect water weeds from ponds or ditches along with the pond water and put them in a glass jar. After a day or so you may see several hydra clinging to the sides of the jar. Hydra is transparent, jelly-like and with tentacles. It clings to the jar with the base of its body. If the jar is shaken, the hydra will contract instantly into a small blob, at the same time drawing its tentacles in. Now take out few hydras from the jar and put them on a watch glass. Using a hand lens or a binocular or dissection microscope, observe the changes that are taking place in their body. Note down your observations.
  3. The eggs we get from the market are generally the unfertilised ones. In case you wish to observe a developing chick embryo, get a fertilised egg from the poultry or hatchery which has been incubated for 36 hours or more. You may then be able to see a whitedisc-like structure on the yolk. This is the developing embryo. Sometimes if the heart and blood vessels have developed you may even see a red spot.
  4. Talk to a doctor. Find out how twinning occurs. Look for any twins in your neighbourhood, or among your friends. Find out if the twins are identical or non-identical. Also find out why identical twins are always of the same sex? If you know of any story about twins, write it in your own words.

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CBSE Worksheets for Class 8 Science in PDF

Sexual Reproduction

Try to recall reproduction in plants which you studied in Class VII. You will remember that plants that reproduce sexually have male and female reproductive parts. Can you name these parts? In animals also, males and females have different reproductive parts or organs. Like plants, the reproductive parts in animals also produce gametes that fuse to form a zygote. It is the zygote which develops into a new individual. This type of reproduction beginning from the fusion of male and female gametes is called sexual reproduction. Let us find out the reproductive parts in humans and study the process of reproduction in them.

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