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Practice CTET Child Development Questions

Practice CTET Child Development Questions  on Child Development need regular practice. Here are more than 1000 questions on Child Development and Pedagogy for paper-1 and paper-2. It’s all for FREE practice. CTET question papers have 30 questions from child development and pedagogy. All these questions are based on the syllabus of D.Ed and B.Ed courses. If you have gone through the concepts in deep, this section will be scoring for you.

Practice CTET Child Development Questions


Practice CTET Child Development Questions

Past results indicate that only 10% or less candidates were manage to pass the CTET exam. The reasons may very but one common reason we could find is, lack of practice. Such exams need more and more time bound practice because at the end what matters is, your speed to understand the question and answer it quickly.

myCBSEguide offers you practice these questions over multiple devices and multiple formats for free. Here’s how you can go through it :-

  1. Practice CTET Questions online : You can practice CTET questions on your browser through desktop, laptop, teblet or even on mobile phone.
  2. Practice CTET Questions on Mobile App : Simply download our mobile app for android and select CTET to practice question.
  3. Download CTET question papers : Download our practice papers and do it offline.

We are adding questions on EVS, Maths, Science, Social Science and Languages too. Keep in touch.

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