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New Guidelines for Visually Impaired on CBSE Practical Exams

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The Central Board of Secondary Education had issued guidelines for Practical Examination in Physics, Chemistry and Biology for Visually impaired students for class XI through circular No.91 dated 23rd December,2011. These guidelines have now been revised further and made more broad based and comprehensive. It includes general instructions, list of apparatus and items for identification, list of practicals (experiential manner rather than recording observations), sample questions and assessment scheme for classes XI and XII (See Annexure). The revised scheme is effective from March,2015 examination for both the classes.

It is further clarified that the revised scheme for Visually impaired students is being extended only to CBSE affiliated schools. The schools, the parents, the students and other stakeholders may carefully refer to the requirement of admitting organisations/colleges/universities for further upward mobility in the academic career related to these subjects.

General Instructions:
The practical examination for these students will be of two hour duration.
A separate list of ten experiments for these students for Physics, Chemistry and Biology is given here.
The written examination in practicals for these students will be conducted at the time of practical examination of all the other students.
The written test will be of 30 minutes duration.
The question paper given to the student should be legibly typed. It should contain a total of 15 (very short answer type questions). The student would be required to answer any 10 questions.
A writer may be allowed to such students as per CBSE examination rules.
All questions included in the question papers should be related to the listed practicals. Every question should require about two minutes to be answered.
These students are also required to maintain a practical file. A student is expected to record at least five of the listed experiments as per the specific instructions for each subject. These practicals should be duly checked and signed by the internal examiner.
The format of writing any experiment in the practical file should include aim, apparatus simple theory, procedure, related practical skills, precautions etc. (Depending upon the experiment).
Sample practical related questions for the written examination are also attached herewith. Similar questions may be generated jointly by the external/internal examiners and used for assessment.
The viva questions may include questions based on basic theory/principle/concept, apparatus/materials/chemicals required, procedure, precautions, sources of error etc.

For Complete guidelines visit : CBSE Circular Here

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