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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Maths Shapes and Designs

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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Maths Shapes and Designs book solutions are available in PDF format for free download. These ncert book chapter wise questions and answers are very helpful for CBSE exam. CBSE recommends NCERT books and most of the questions in CBSE exam are asked from NCERT text books. Class 3 Maths Shapes and Designs and chapter wise NCERT solution for Maths Book all the chapters can be downloaded from our website and myCBSEguide mobile app for free.

NCERT solutions for Class 3 Mathematics Download as PDF

Class 3 Maths Shapes and Designs

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Maths Shapes and Designs

CHAPTER – 5 Class 3 Maths Shapes and Designs

1. How many triangles are there in the following figures?


Ans.  12 Triangles.


Ans.  15 Triangles.



Ans.  12 Triangles.

2. Find the biggest rectangle in the figure given below.

Ans. Biggest rectangle in the figures are shown enclosed in thick lines.

3. (a) Looking at the picture given, can you tell who is out?

Ans.  Guddu is out as she is not at the corner at the table.

(b) Where is Guddu standing?

Ans.  Guddu is standing against edge of the table.

(c) Can this game be played around a round table? Why?

Ans.  This game cannot be played around a round as it has no corner.

4. (a) Look around you and identify things with straight and curved edges.

Ans.  Things with straight edges are pictures, bookcase, book, door, newspaper. Things with curved straight edges are leaves, coins, round table etc.

(b) Do the things with curved edges have corners?

Ans.  Thing with straight edges have corners.

(c) Do the things with curved edges have corners?

Ans.  Things with curved edges have no corners.

(d) Try to find things which have both straight and curved edges.

Ans.  Things having both straight and curved edges are bread, violin, electric guitar, car, screw driver.

5. How many triangles do you have in your set? Are all of them equal in size. Find out.

Ans. I will get three triangles. All of them are not equal in size. These pieces are numbered as 1, 2 and 5 in the tangram.

6. Use the two small triangles in the tangram set to get the following shapes:

Ans. The given shapes can be made as under by using two small triangles 2 and 5 in the tangram are shown below:


7. Which two pieces of the tangram set are exactly same? Find out.

Ans. The two pieces numbered 2 and 5 of the tangram set are exactly same.

8. Take pieces 4 and 5 from the set and find out on which side of the triangle you can join the other piece.

Ans. The pieces 4 and 5 of the given tangram can be joined as shown.

9. Find matching sides among the following pairs of pieces.

(a) Pieces 1 and 2

Ans.  Longest side of piece 2 with the smaller with the smaller piece 1.

(b) Pieces 2 and 4

Ans.  Smaller side of piece 2 with the smaller side of piece 4 and longest side of piece 2 with the longest side of piece 4.

(c) Pieces 1 and 5

Ans.  Longest side of piece 5 with the smaller side piece 1.

(d) Pieces 2 and 5

Ans. Longer side of piece 2 with the longer side of piece 5 and smaller side of piece 2 with the smaller side of piece 5.

10. Golu and Binu went to the market with their aunt. They saw many rugs.

Which geometrical shapes can you identify in the borders? Draw them in your notebook.

Ans.  The geometrical shapes used in these borders are

Arc of a circle


Concentric circles



Regular Hexagon


11. Are the shapes made of

(a) Curved lines

(b) Straight lines

(c) Both curved and straight lines

Ans. Shapes are made of both curved and straight lines.

12. Look at your clothes, your mother’s saris/shawls, rugs and mats. Can you identify some patterns?

Ans. 2/3 designs which usually appear on clothes etc.

Class 3 Maths Shapes and Designs

13. Franke and Juhi’s mummy has hidden a surprise a gift for both of them. But she wants them to find out through a treasure hunt. She has written some instructions here. Can you help Juhi and Franke in finding their gift?

(a) Start from the tallest tree.

(b) Go forward on the pathway.

(c) From the sixth tile, turn left.

(d) After moving a few steps again you will find a plant on your right hand side.

(e) On the fourth tile, turn left again.

(f) Start moving away from the plant.

(g) On the fourth tile, turn left again.

(h) On the way, you will find the corner of the fourth tile is broken.

(i) You will find a bat and a ball lying on the ground. Don’t pick them up, just circle them.

(j) Move ahead and turn right.

(k) You will find a mango tree. A few mangoes can be seen on the tree. Colour 11 mangoes on the tree.

(l) Also draw some grass near the mango tree and start moving again on the pathway.

(m) When you go straight, you will find a house.

(n) Behind that house there is a bag. Open it and you will find something sweet in it! Can you tell what their mother has kept in the bag?


Path has been shown by a line drawn on the tiles as directed in the instruction. Coloured the dress of the child as desired in the instruction. Bat and ball are encircled as desired in (i).

NCERT solutions for Class 3 Mathematics Chapter 5 Shapes and Designs

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NCERT Solutions for Mathematics Class 3rd to 12th

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