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NCERT Solutions class-9 English Comm P CH05 The Seven Ages

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Page No: 81

3. On the basis of your understanding of the poem, answer the following questions by ticking the correct choice

(a) All the world is a stage is an extended metaphor for-
(i) The life shown in well known plays
(ii) Seeing the well known plays
(iii) Life of well known plays
(iv) Life of man that comes to an end

Ans: (iv) Life of man that comes to an end

(b) All ‘have their exits and their entrances’ Exits and entrances refer to ______.
(i) Birth and death
(ii) Beginning and end of play
(iii) Coming and going of actors
(iv) The end of the Shakespearean era

Ans: (i) Birth and death

Page No: 82

(c) The seven roles that a man plays correspond to his_______.
(i) chronological age in life
(ii) desires
(iii) mental age in life
(iv) idea of a perfect life

Ans: (i) chronological age in life

4. Having read this extract, identify the stages of a person’s life as Shakespeare has done. Write down these stages in your note book, and sum up the characteristics of each stage in two or three words. e.g.
Stage, Characteristic feature
Infancy, crying

StageCharacteristic feature


InfancyCrying, helpless
ChildhoodWhining, bright, alert, active
Loversentimental, unhappy, poetic, tense
Soldierquarrelsome, short tempered, foolishly looking for glory and fame in the jaws of death
JusticeWise, mature, authoritative, responsible
Old agegetting weak and lean due to failing health, loss of manly voice
Extreme Old AgeClueless ,dependent


6. Explain the meaning of the following
(a) ______ all the men and women merely players
They have their exits and their entrances ______.
The quoted lines are from the poem “The Seven Ages” by William Shakespeare. The poet has compared the world to a stage and men and women with actors.All men and women appear on the stage of the world to play various roles. They are just stage artists. Their birth marks their appearance on the stage and death
denotes their departure.

(b) And then the lover
Sighing like furnace______.
The lines are taken from the poem “The Seven Ages” by William Shakespeare. With the help of a simile, the poet explains that on attaining adolescence, men fall in love. The passion of love becomes active like heat generated in a furnace. However, this surging passion also declines after crossing a certain point of time. In this line, the poet hints at momentary nature of human affairs.

(c) a soldier,______Seeking the bubble reputation
Even in the cannon’s mouth.
The quoted lines are from the poem “The Seven Ages” by William Shakespeare.The poet has compared a young man to a soldier who takes his responsibilities very seriously and strives relentlessly when dedicated to a cause. In his youth, man seeks instant fame and is ready to take risks. However, when one seeks instant fame, there is a big risk of their reputation getting tainted, just like a bubble that rises and bursts instantly.

7. Read the poem again and note down the metaphors and similes. Copy and complete the following chart.

WorldAll the world’s a stage 
Men, women  

Which comparison(s) do you find most interesting? Why?

WorldAll the world’s a stage
Men, womenmen and women merely players
school-boyCreeping like snail
loversighing like a furnace
soldierbearded like the pard
reputationbubble reputation
voicebig manly voice

According to me school boy comparison is really interesting one. Here, poet shows a boy carrying a schoolbag but at the same time walking slowly towards school. He doesn’t want to go to school. This phase common in these days.

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