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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Maths Tick Tick Tick

Table of Contents

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NCERT solutions for Class 4 Mathematics Download as PDF

Class 4 Maths Tick Tick Tick

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Maths Tick Tick Tick

Chapter -4 Class 4 Maths Tick Tick Tick


1. There are friends read time from a clock. Who is right?

Ans. Pinki is right.

2. Show the following times in the clock.



Ans. (i)




Ans. (ii)



Ans. (iii)








Ans. (v)




3. Do you like sky watching? If yes, then this one should interest you:

(a) At what time does the sun rise at you place?

Ans. (a) The sun rises at 5: 30 in the morning.

(b) When does the sunset?

Ans. (b) The sun sets at 6:15 in the evening.

(c) Does the sun rise and set at the same times every day?

Ans. (c) The sun does not and set at the same time every day.

4. Find out:

How long will it take the minute hand to move from?


Ans. (a) Minute hand moves from 7 to 10. Therefore, it moves (10-7) 5 (3 5)15 divisions.


Ans. (b) Minute hand moves from 8 to 12. Therefore, it moves (12-8) 5=4 5=20 divisions.


Ans. (c) Minute hand moves from 1 to 3. Therefore, it moves (3-1) 5=2 5= 10 divisions.


Ans. (d) Minute hand moves from 2 to 9. Therefore, it moves (9-2) 5=7 5=35 divisons.

5. Draw where the hands will be

(a)20 minutes after 6’o Clock

Ans. (a)


(b) 30 minutes after 8’o Clock

Ans. (b)


(c) 10 minutes after 7’o Clock

Ans. (c)


(d) 15 minutes after 5’o Clock

Ans. (d)

6. (a) How long does you school assembly take?

Ans. (a) 15 minutes.

(b) How long is you lunch break?

Ans. (b) 30 minutes.

(c)How long is your game period?

Ans. (c) 30 minutes.

(d) Is it the same as all the other periods?

Ans. (d) Yes.

7. How many minutes can these activities take?

(a) Boiling 1 litre milk

Ans. (a) about 5 minutes.

(b) Filling a bucket

Ans. (b) about 2 minutes.

(c) Sweeping your room.

Ans. (c) about 3 minutes.

8. In one minute how many times can you:

(a) Snap your finger

Ans. (a) 15 times.

(b) Skip a rope.

Ans. (b) 10 times.

(c) Jump up and down

Ans. (c) 20 times.

(d) Blinking of eyes

Ans. (d) 20 times.

9. Here is another challenge for you. How long can you.(a) Speak non-stop

Ans. (a) For 1 minute.

(b) Stand on one leg.

Ans. (b) For 2 minutes.

(c) Sing ‘Aaaa…’ without a break.

Ans. (c) For 1 minute.

10. How longh do you take to-

(a) Run a 50 metre race.

Ans. (a) 3 minutes.

(b) Collect 50 pebbles from the ground.

Ans. (b) 7 minutes.

(c) Count 1 to 100.

Ans. (c) 3 minutes.

11. Let’s look at a clock again! Solve this one-

(a) The minute hand started from ‘2’. How many minutes will it take to come back to ‘2’ again?

Ans. (a) We know that the distance between two successive numbers is divided into 5 divisions in a clock. The minute hand starting from ‘2’ coming back to ‘2’ again is moved 5 12= 60 divisions.

(b) What happens to the hour hand? Does it also move? How long will it take to move from one number to the next?

Ans. (b) The hour hand also moves. The hour hand moves from one number to the next number in one year.

12. Look around you and list the activities that may take about one hour to complete.

Ans. List of some of the activities that may take about one hour to complete is as under:

Dusting of house, Digging a pit, Baking a cake, Setting the ice-cream, Drawing a scenery.

13. How long does it take to cook dinner at home?More than an hour/ less than an hour.

Ans. More than an hour.

14. Which games take less than an hour to finish?

Ans. Games that take less than an hour to finish are badminton, table tennis, lawn tennis, basketball etc.

15. How long does a football match take?

Ans. A football match takes 80 minutes including 10 minutes of interval.

16. Muniya got her first tooth in September. How many months old was she then? How many months have passed from March to September?

Ans. Muniya was six months old when she got her first tooth. Six months have passed from March to September.

17. How old was Muniya, when

(a) She first sat up?

Ans. (a) Muniya sat up when she was eight months old.

(b) She got her first tooth?

Ans. (b) Muniya got her first tooth when she was eight and a half months old.

18. What did she do first-

(a) Walking/ eating a banana?

Ans. (a) She ate a banana first.

(b) Crawling/standing?

Ans. (b) Sher started crawling first.

19. Note the differences between Muniya and Rani’s puppy.


 Muniya (age) Puppy (age)
1. Started walkingAfter 11 months of her birth.After 4 weeks of its birth.
2. Ate food for the first timeAfter 6 months of her birth.After 3 weeks of its birth.
3. Got the first toothAfter 6 months of her birth.After 3 weeks of its birth.

20. Do all the animals grow at the same speed?

Ans. All the animals do not grow at the same speed.

21. Find out about the growth of:

(i) a hen   (ii) a cow (iii) a bird

Ans. They grow in the order: a bird, a hen, a cow.

22. Here are the picture of grandfather posing for a photograph. Who looks the eldest to you?

Ans. Rani’s grandmother looks the oldest to me.

23. How much older is Appu’s grandmother than Rani’s grandfather?

Ans. Appu’s grandfather is older than Rani’s grandfather by (95-70) = 25 years.

24. How much younger is Chuchoo rat’s grandfather than Rani’s grandfather?

Ans. Chuchoo rat’s grandfather is younger than Rani’s grandfather by (70-2) = 68 years.

25. Atif wrote his letter on 1/05/06. Do you know how to read the date?

Ans. 1 is the first day of the month., 5 is for the 5 th month (May) and 06 is for the year 2006.

26. Now write which dates these stand for:

(a) 5/5/06

Ans. (a) 5 May 2006.

(b) 20/5/06

Ans. (b) 20 May 2006.

(c) 7/6/06

Ans. (c) 5 June 2006.

(d) 1/1/07

Ans. (d) 1 January 20007.

27. Write these dates in numbers.

(a) 1 June 2006

Ans. (a) 1/6/06.

(b) 30 May 2006

Ans. (b) 30/5/06.

(c) 10 August 2007

Ans. (c) 10/8/07.

28. How long did it take the letter to reach from Ajmer to Nagpur?

Ans. The letter took (6-1=5) days to reach from Ajmer to Nagpur.

29. How many days will Atif spend at his Nani’s place?

Ans. Atif will spend (20-5=15) days at his Nani’s place.

30. Fill in the table:

 DatesNumber of days
 From To
Shabana’s holidays5 th May15 th June42
Atif’s holidays10 th May15 th June36

(a) Who has got longer holidays – Shabana or Atif?

Ans. (a) Shabana’s Holidays:

1/6/06 to 30/6/06   :30 days

1/7/06 to 31/7/06   :31 days

1/8/06 to 9/8/06 : 9 days

70 days

Atif’s holidays:

 1/5/06 to 31/5/06  :31 days

1/6/06 to 29/6/06  : 29 days

60 days

(b) Which other long holidays do you get in your school? Fill the table.


 DatesNo. of days
1. Summer holidays29 May to 4 July37
2. Autumn break10 to 29 October11
3. Winter break25 December to 5 Jan12
4. Holidays after exam3 March to 30 March28

31. On 15 May 2006 Chandran went to a shop to buy butter. He checked the packet to see if this butter was safe to eat. It was written on the packet- Best before 180 days from the date of packing. Then he checked the date of packing it was- 15/1/06. Help him find out if he should buy this butter or not.

(a) In which month was the butter packed?

Ans. (a) Butter was packed in the month of January.

(b) Which month will it be 180 days after 15/01/06?

Ans. (b) Counting of 180days after 15/01/06 i.e. from 16/01/06. Therefore, 14 th July 2006, that is 14/7/06 will be 180 days after 15/01/06.

(c) Can Chandran eat it on 15 th May 2006?

Ans. (c) Yes, Chandran can eat the butter on 15 th May, 2006.

(d) Do you ever check the date of packing of the things you buy? Have you seen medicines which have expiry date written on them? It tells you after which date it is unsafe to take the medicine.

Ans. (d) Yes, I have seen the medicines which have expiry date written on them.

32. Find out:

(a) Which are the other things that come with an expiry date?

On a cough syrup it was written:

Mfg Date 07/03 (This shows it was made in July 2003).

Exp. Date 07/05 (This shows the month and year till where it is safe to take).

Which month and year is written as 07/05?

Ans. (a) 07/05 indicates the month of July of 2005.

(b) Would it be safe to take the cough syrup in September 2005?

Ans. (b) Since 07/05 is the expiry date, so it is not safe to the cough syrup is September 2005.

33. Look at this chart. It tells the difference between your watch and 24-hour clock. Try and complete it.

Ans. Completed chart is as under:

Time by your watch (12 hr. clock)Time by 24-hour clock
1’o clock in the afternoon13:00 hours
2’o clock in the afternoon14:00 hours
3’o clock in the afternoon15:00 hours
3:30 in the afternoon15:30 hours
6’o clock in the evening18:00 hours
9’o clock in the evening21:00 hours
12’o clock at midnight00:00 hours

34. Now can you tell why a 24-hour clock is called so?

Ans. A 24-hour clock is called so because it shows time for one whole day i.e. 24 hours.

35. Suppose a train leaves at 8:30 at night. The time written on the railway ticket would be 20:30 hours. You must have noted the time of sunrise and sunset. Write here using am and pm.

Ans. Time of Sunrise 5:30 am

Time of Sunset 6:30 pm

36. Where have you seen a 24-hour clock being used?

Ans. 24-hours clock is used in

(i) Railway time table

(ii) Airport time table

(iii) Bus time table

NCERT solutions for Class 4 Mathematics Chapter 4 Tick Tick Tick

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