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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Foods we eat

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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Foods we eat book solutions are available in PDF format for free download. These ncert book chapter wise questions and answers are very helpful for CBSE exam. CBSE recommends NCERT books and most of the questions in CBSE exam are asked from NCERT text books. Class 3 EVS chapter wise NCERT solution for Science Book all the chapters can be downloaded from our website and myCBSEguide mobile app for free.

NCERT solutions for Class 3 EVS Download as PDF

Class 3 EVS Foods we eat

NCERT Class 3 EVS Chapter wise Solutions

  • Chapter 1: Poonams Day out
  • Chapter 2: The plant fairy
  • Chapter 3: Water O Water
  • Chapter 4: Our First School
  • Chapter 5: Chhotus House
  • Chapter 6: Foods we eat
  • Chapter 7: Saying without speaking
  • Chapter 8: Flying High
  • Chapter 9: Its Raining
  • Chapter 10: What is cooking
  • Chapter 11: From here to there
  • Chapter 12: Work we do
  • Chapter 13: Sharing our feelings
  • Chapter 14: The Story of food
  • Chapter 15: Making Pots
  • Chapter 16: Games we play
  • Chapter 17: Here comes a letter
  • Chapter 18: A House like this
  • Chapter 19: Our Friends Animals
  • Chapter 20: Drop by Drop
  • Chapter 21: Families can be Different
  • Chapter 22: Left Right
  • Chapter 23: A Beautiful Cloth
  • Chapter 24: Web of Life

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Foods we eat

CHAPTER -6 Class 3 EVS Foods we eat

1. Did all the children in the class eat the same food items yesterday? Why?

Ans. No, because different children in the class belong to different regions.

2. You must have noticed that in there is one child in whose house no food was cooked. What could be the reason.

Ans. There could be many reasons like:

(a) Mother might have gone outside the house.

(b) The children may belong to a poor family.

3. Has it ever happened to you that on some day you were very hungry but there was nothing to eat? If yes, why?

Ans. Yes, one day there was nothing to eat in the house. On that day mother went for some important meeting.

4. How do you know that you are hungry?

Ans. When we feel that the stomach is empty, we know that we are hungry.

5. How do you feel when you are hungry?

Ans. When we are hungry then we feel like eating something.

6. Why was Dadi not able to climb the stairs quickly?

Ans. Dadi was not able to climb the stairs quickly due to her old age.

7. How does Dadi like to have her dal?

Ans. Dadi likes to have sugar in her dal.

8. How many persons in the story can eat bhutta easily and why?

Ans. In the story mother, mami, and Vipul can eat bhutta. Mother, mami and Vipul are young and have healthy teeth.

9. Can all old people eat bhutta? Why?

Ans. No, all old people cannot eat bhutta as they do not have healthy teeth.

10. For four months Chhutki will have only her mother’s milk. That is only her food. Why?

Ans. Four months Chhutki will have only her mother’s milk because she had no teeth.

11. Ask your elders and fill in the table.


What can they eat

What can they not eat


Milk, pulses, porridge

Chappati, hard fruits, nuts


Chappati, vegetables, nuts, fruits

They can eat everything


Chappati, soaked in dal, rice

Hard fruits, dry fruits

Class 3 EVS Foods we eat

12. Find out where each of these things is eaten more.

Ans. Rice- Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Kerela etc.

Wheat – Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh

Maize – Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Maharashtra.

Millets – Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab

13. Name of some things are given below. Put on the things that can be eaten. If there is anything about which you are not sure ask your teacher.

Ans. Banana flowers, Hen’s eggs, Cauliflower, Drumstick flowers, Leaves of Arvi, Meat, Mushroom, Kalonji, Lotus stem, Fish, Frogs, Leftover chapatti, Amla, Coconut oil, Camel’s milk, Chappati made of Bajra and Chappati made of Gram.

NCERT solutions for Class 3 EVS  Chapter 6 Foods we eat

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NCERT Solutions for Science Class 3rd to 12th

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