NCERT Solutions class-10 English Comm Fiction ch05 Patol Babu Film Star

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Page No: 67

3.Answer the following questions briefly

(a) What was the news that Nishikanto Ghosh gave Patol Babu?

Ans: Nishikanto Babu told Patol Babu that his brother-in law, who was in the film business, was looking for an actor for a film they were shooting. The character he described reminded Nishikanto Babu of Patol Babu so he gave him his address and asked him to get in touch with him.

(b) How did Patol Babu react? Why?

Ans: Patol Babu was taken aback by the acting offer. He was surprised as it seemed unbelievable to him that a 52-year old nobody like him was getting a chance to act in a film.

(c) Why had Patol Babu lost his first job in Calcutta?
Ans: The Second World War had resulted in Patol Babu being retrenched from his nine-year-old clerical job at Hudson and Kimberley.

(d) How does Patol Babu reconcile to the dialogue given to him?
Ans: Initially Patol Babu was very dejected to knowthat he was required to speak just one word ‘Oh!’, but laterhe accepted it because the director told him that he was theonly one who had the speaking part that day. Even the leadactor had no dialogues to speak that day.

(e) Who was Mr. Pakrashi? How do his words help Patol Babu in enacting his role?
Ans: Mr. Pakrashi was Patol Babu’s mentor. He was a wonderful actor, without a tract of vanity in him.He said, “Remember one thing, Patol; however small a part you’re offered, never consider it beneath your dignity to accept it.” These words influenced Patol Babu a lot and they helped him enact his role with confidence and determination. From these words, Patol Babu drew spirit, energy, inspiration and dignity to enact such a small role. He no more felt his role in the movie to be condescending.

(f) How do we know that Patol Babu was a meticulous man?
Ans: Patol Babu was indeed a meticulous man. When he got his dialogue, monosyllabic exclamation ‘Oh!’, he tried his best to give his best. First he tried to understand different inflections of ‘Oh!’ when spoken in different tones carrying different meanings. He was a true actor. He enunciated the syllable in various ways. Along with, he worked out how he would react physically when the collision take place, how his features would be twisted in pain, how he would express pain and surprise. he performed in various ways infront of a large glass window. When his turn came, he even suggested for a rehearsal. He calculated his steps and timed it excellently well. All these things shows his hard-work and pain taking attitude.

(g) Why did Mr. Mullick turn down Patol Babu’s request for a rehearsal?
Ans: Mr Mullick was a very busy and preoccupieddirector. He had no patience to grant rehearsal for aninsignificant role. Moreover, the scene had to be shot insunlight and as the clouds were seen approaching, he hadto take the shot quickly. So he declined Patol Babu’srequest for a rehearsal.

(h) What were the special touches that Patol Babu gave to his role to make it more authentic?
Ans: Patol Babu was given the role of an absent-minded pedestrian who collided with the hero Chanchal Kumar on his way from his car to office. First of all, he himself rehearsed his own bit. He worked out his steps, his reactions and his face expressions. When the shot was ready, he suggested to Barren Mullick if he had a newspaper open in his hand then it would be more natural and realistic. then, he calculated his speed and distance of the spot where the collision was to take place and expressed his feelings of anguish, surprise and irritation in proper ratio proportion. In this way, he timed it very well.

4. Discuss the following questions in detail and write the answers in your notebooks:

(a) ‘I hope the part calls for some dialogue?’ Who says this? Why does he /she ask this question?
Patol babu said this. He asked Naresh Dutt, the producer of the film to know about this role and the dialogue so as to be very clear in mind what he has to do exactly because Naresh Dutt has not told him anything about it as yet.

(b) ‘Were these people pulling his legs? Was the whole thing a gigantic hoax?
A meek, harmless man like him, and they had to drag him into the middle of the city to make a laughing stock out of him. How could anyone be so cruel?’ Why doesPatol Babu have these thoughts?
Patol babu has all these thoughts as soon as he gets the dialogue from Jyoti. It is a single exclamatory word ‘Oh!’. He feels upset and displeased at this dialogue. He has spoiled his day. He has come to all the way into the middle of the city for such a small dialogues.

(c) Patol Babu is an amateur actor for whom walk-on part in a movie turns into an ultimate challenge. Discuss.
Ans: Patol Babu is initially very disappointed because of the small role he had been given. Then he is reminded of his mentor’s words that “however small a part, never consider it beneath your dignity to accept it”. Motivated by these words, Patol Babu decides to rehearse his part before the final shoot. He chooses a reclusive spot to practice. As he practices, he realises that a monosyllabic exclamation could be said in different ways and carried different meanings. He also rehearsed how he would react physically when the collision took place – he would twist his face in pain, fling his arms, and crouch to show pain and surprise. He really worked hard at his part and performed it to perfection.

(d) Do you agree with the statement that Patol Babu is a practical man who comes to terms with whatever life has to offer? Give reasons for your answer.
Yes, I do agree with this statement. Patol Babu has to struggle hard to earn his livelihood. But he does not lose heart. He tried many jobs, every means of earning a livelihood. He is an iron-willed man, undeterred by hardships of life.

As soon as he gets an offer to play a walk on part in a movie, he accepted it. He performs it to his own utmost satisfaction. he puts all the labour and imagination into one shot. It is true that he needs money but he does not run after it. He performs his act with perfection, dedication and experience intense satisfaction of true actor.

(e) Why does Patol Babu walk away before he can be paid for his role? What does this reveal about his character?
Patol Babu executed his part to perfection. However, he wondered whether the immense effort he had put in to enact a small role would be appreciated by everybody or not. The film unit usually got hold of some people, made them do their parts and paid them a small amount. They were not bothered about the quality of performance.
Although Patol Babu performed a small role, he felt that taking money for it would be trivialising his performance. He was a true actor for whom creative satisfaction was foremost and not money.

(f) Do you think making a movie is an easy job? Discuss with reference to the story
Ans: The story, Patol Babu, Film Star, describes a film shoot. Film making is a long and tedious process. Every scene has to be rehearsed many times before it is finally shot. Plenty of heavy equipments and expensive cameras are used. Film actors have to shoot in extreme weather conditions, sometimes in front of large crowds. The noise and extreme weather can, at times, distract an actor. The production unit has to see minor details, arrange for actors for small roles, and arrange for props. In short making a film is a combined effort of many people.

Page No: 68

5. Here are some lines from the lesson. What do they tell us about Patol Babu’s character?

passionate actordiligentunassumingtalented

(b) Indeed, there was a time when people bought tickets especially to see him ______
(c) ‘I was with Hudson and Kimberley for nine years and wasn’t late for a single day.’ ______
(d) It didn’t matter if the part was small, but, if he had to make the most of it, he had to learn his lines beforehand. How small he would feel if he muffed in the presence of so many people______
(e) Patol Babu cleared his throat and started enunciating the syllable in various ways.
Along with that he worked out how he would react physically when the collision took place–how his features would be twisted in pain, how he would fling out hisarms, how his body would crouch to express pain and surprise–all these he performed in various ways in front of a large glass window______
(f) It is true that he needed money very badly, but what was twenty rupees when measured against the intense satisfaction of a small job done with perfection and dedication? ______
Ans: (b)
(c) punctual
(d) meticulous
(e) passionate actor
(f) humble


(a)Then he had a job in a Bengali firm which hegave upin disgust when his boss began to treat him in too high-handed a fashionstimulate the imagination
(b)A faint memory wasstirred upin Patol Babu’s surrender or relinquish
(c)At first he opened a variety store which he had towind upafter five years.staged
(d)In Jatras, in amateur theatricals, to gain control over one’s actions in playsput upby the club in his neighbourhood, Patol Babu was always in demandto gain control over one’s actions
(e)Patol Babu was about to step forward when he waspulled upshort by a voice shouting ‘Silence!shut down
(f)Patol Babupulled himself togetherStopped


(a)Then he had a job in a Bengali firm which hegave upin disgust when his boss began to treat him in too high-handed a fashionto surrender or relinquish
(b)A faint memory wasstirred upin Patol Babu’s mind.stimulate the imagination
(c)At first he opened a variety store which he had towind upafter five years.shut down
(d)In Jatras, in amateur theatricals, to gain control over one’s actions in playsput upby the club in his neighbourhood, Patol Babu was always in demandstaged
(e)Patol Babu was about to step forward when he waspulled upshort by a voice shouting ‘Silence!stopped
(f)Patol Babupulled himself togetherto gain control over one’s action

Page No: 69

7. After Patol Babu returns home he recounts his experience in front of the camera to his wife. In pairs write out the exchange in the form of a dialogue and enact it before the class. You may start like this….
Patol Babu’s wife: So what happened at the shooting today? Did you get to do your role?
Patol Babu: Oh, Yes, I had the time of my life ______

Ans: Patol Babu’s wife: So what happened at shooting today? Did you get to do your role?
Patol Babu: Oh, yes, I had the time of my life. Did you know that filmmaking is very different from stage production?
Patol Babu’s wife: Oh really? Who was the director of the film?
Patol Babu: Baren Mullick. He has three smash hits in a row!
Patol Babu’s wife: Tell me about your part?
Patol Babu: Well….well… it was a very short role… but everybody loved my performance. Do you know there are cameras focused at every angle? You get a chance to rehearse your part. It is very different from stage.
Patol Babu’s wife: So how many lines did you get to speak?
Patol Babu: Well… I forgot to tell you my role was with the hero of the film—Chanchal Kumar.
Patol Babu’s wife: But you are not telling me anything about your role.
Patol Babu: I will…I will…but first give me something to eat. I am really hungry. I will take you to show this film when it is released. I promise. Come let’s eat something.

Writing Task

9. Patol Babu writes a letter to Nishikanto Ghosh to thank him for being instrumental in his getting a role in a film. He also shares his experience at the film shoot including the excitement and deep satisfaction that he derived from the same. Write the letter in about 200 words.
Dear Nishikanto Babu,
How are you? Hope you are doing fine. It was indeed a pleasure meeting you the other day. I wanted to thank you for recommending me for that role.
At first, I was surprised that an acting offer would come my way after so many years. However, as you know how passionate I am about acting that I just couldn’t refuse. When I reached the shooting site, I realised how different acting in a film was than acting on stage. I saw so many new things—cameras, lights, make up artists, production people, etc. It was a completely new experience for me. I must confess something—I was initially disappointed with my role and dialogue. It was a very small part with almost no dialogue. however, my mentor’s advice motivated me and I rehearsed and performed my part to perfection. In fact I can say that it was my finest performance till date.
I am very grateful to you as it was because of you that I had this fantastic experience at the first place.
I must also add that your brother-in-law is a thorough gentleman. He took good care of me. Thanks again.
Yours truly,
Patol Babu

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