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myCBSEguide Mobile App Updated

myCBSEguide App

myCBSEguide App

Download the app to get CBSE Sample Papers 2023-24, NCERT Solutions (Revised), Most Important Questions, Previous Year Question Bank, Mock Tests, and Detailed Notes.

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myCBSEguide Mobile App has been updated to version 1.08 with major bug fixes and CSS changes. Now this app is more users friendly and easy to use.

myCBSEguide Mobile App

A quick sitemap is added on the bottom for direct access to the desired resources. Here, links to CBSE syllabus, sample papers, key notes, NCERT solutions, important questions, CBSE results, CBSE datesheet, tips and tricks are placed for quick view.

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myCBSEguide Mobile App


myCBSEguide Mobile App

We have added CBSE Sample papers and Last year papers for almost all subjects for the session 2015-16. These sample question papers are based on latest marking scheme and question paper pattern issued by CBSE for March 2016 examinations. All these sample question papers includes complete answers and solutions to the questions.

We have added a new cover-page on home screen and given navigation links to classes on the top to avoid desecrations. Now select your class from the top navigation and start exploring the site for downloads, online tests, videos and other online study material.

With an increasing number of new technologies and an expanding global population, self-studying is on the rise. Education is no longer confined to just the classroom, and some would argue that the classroom model is outdated. Self-studying is a useful tool to enhance any learning experience, and when mastered, students young of schools.

In higher education, some argue that it is especially important for students to be assigned projects and material suitable for self-learning students.

Alongwith Sample papers and last year papers myCBSEguide app is updated for NCERT solutions, Chapter-wise important questions, Quick revision notes and much more. This is all for free.

As of now this app is working for Indian students only. We are updating it for international users in next 2-3 months.

myCBSEguide App

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myCBSEguide App


Question Bank, Mock Tests, Exam Papers, NCERT Solutions, Sample Papers, Notes

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