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Mensuration worksheet for class 6

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CBSE worksheets for Mensuration worksheet for class 6 in PDF for free download. Mathematics worksheets for class 6 CBSE includes worksheets on Mensuration as per NCERT syllabus. CBSE class 6 worksheets as PDF for free download Mensuration worksheets. Users can download and print the worksheets on class 6 Mathematics Mensuration for free.

Download Mensuration worksheet for class 6

Symmetry worksheet for class 6 Important Topics

  • Introduction
  • Perimeter
  • Area

Some important Facts about Mensuration worksheet for class 6

  1. Perimeter is the distance covered along the boundary forming a closed figure when you go round the figure once.
    1. Perimeter of a rectangle = 2 × (length + breadth)
    2. Perimeter of a square = 4 × length of its side
    3. perimeter of an equilateral triangle = 3 × length of a side
  2. Figures in which all sides and angles are equal are called regular closed figures.
  3. The amount of surface enclosed by a closed figure is called its area.
  4. To calculate the area of a figure using a squared paper, the following conventions are adopted :
    1. Ignore portions of the area that are less than half a square.
    2. If more than half a square is in a region. Count it as one square

NCERT class 6  Mathematics Solved Worksheets

  • Chapter 1 – Knowing Our Numbers
  • Chapter 2 – Whole Numbers
  • Chapter 3 – Playing with Numbers
  • Chapter 4 – Basic Geometrical Ideas
  • Chapter 5 – Understanding Elementary Shapes
  • Chapter 6 – Integers
  • Chapter 7 – Fractions
  • Chapter 8 – Decimals
  • Chapter 9 – Data Handling
  • Chapter 10 – Mensuration
  • Chapter 11 – Algebra
  • Chapter 12 – Ratio and Proportion
  • Chapter 13 – Symmetry
  • Chapter 14 – Practical Geometry

CBSE Worksheets for class 6 Mathematics in PDF


Look at the following figures. You can make them with a wire or a string. If you start from the point S in each case and move along the line segments then you again reach the point S. You have made a complete round of the shape in each case (a), (b) & (c). The distance covered is equal to the length of wire used to draw the figure. This distance is known as the perimeter of the closed figure. It is the length of the wire needed to form the figures. The idea of perimeter is widely used in our daily life.

  • A farmer who wants to fence his field.
  • An engineer who plans to build a compound wall on all sides of a house.
  • A person preparing a track to conduct sports. All these people use the idea of ‘perimeter’..

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