Learning Videos

Learning Videos

Learning through videos is very effective and long-lasting. It enhances retention by 10 times as compared to learning through textbooks. There are so many learning videos available in the market ranging from Rs.5000/- to Rs.50,000/- per class. Let’s have a look over two popular e-learning video providers.

Byjus – The Learning App

Byjus is one of the most popular EdTech company in India. It has a variety of products from class 1 to Entrance exams. They are selling class 10 Maths and Science videos for Rs.37,500/- with a 10-inch tablet. The cost is too high for most of the students in India. Especially students living in tier-2 and tier-3 cities can not afford the same. It is not a good option for the students living in small Hindi belt towns who expect the explanation in Hinglish (Hindi-English mix).

Dronstudy – Video Lectures

Dronstudy videos are the best fit for the Hindi belt students who understand Hinglish much better than pure English. They are offering class 10 Maths and Science videos for Rs.19,990/- with a tablet. Not only chapter-wise video lectures but also other textbook solutions are available with them as videos.

To know more about DronStudy videos and avail attractive discounts, click the link below. They will contact you as soon as possible.

DronStudy Sample Videos

Class 10 Science:

Class 10 Mathematics: