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KVS CCE Scheme : Assessment of Co-Scholastic Areas

KVS CCE Scheme : Assessment of Co-Scholastic Areas

  1. All Co-scholastic areas will be assessed term wise.
  2. The teachers will maintain student wise record along with relevant descriptive indicators before awarding the final  grade.
  3. The teachers will ensure and encourage  participation of each  child  in one activity or the other so that no child is left out from  participation from the activities  organized  at  the Class /  School or Inter school level.
  4. The teachers have to keenly observe the behaviour /skills/  competencies/ attitudes of the each child in the class on all  possible occasions.
  5. The class teachers should have a healthy interaction with the subject teachers as well as the  co-scholastic subject teachers before awarding the final  grades.
  6. Grades will be awarded on a 5 points scale

Co-Scholastic Areas (Grading on 5 Point scale)

Grade Grade Points
A 4.1-5.0
B 3.1-4.0
C 2.1-3.0
D 1.1-2.0
E 0-1.0
  1. A School wise calendar of activities  showing the  Scholastic and Co- Scholastic –   CCA / Games and Sports and other programmes may be made in the beginning of the academic session and implemented effectively
  2. The Principals are to ensure personally that all activities of the KVS are conducted in a befitting manner – well planned and executed by involving all the teachers and the students.
  3. The teachers may be trained /guided, directed by the Principal/ Master Trainers for the effective implementation of CCE.
  4. The progress report card may be printed as per CBSE format (IX-X) but separately for Class VI, VII & VIII.


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