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Introduction of Graphic Design

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Your attention is drawn to the Board’s Circular No. 17 dated 30th April,2008 regarding the introduction of the new Elective Subject – Graphic Design (Code No. 071)  in Class XI from the session 2008-09 and class XII in 2009-10.

In this connection, please find enclosed the detailed syllabus along with examination specifications, guidelines for practical work, requirement of qualification for teachers, and infrastructure need.


The textbooks have been published by the NCERT and the titles are as follows: –

(i)    Story of Design Part – I for class XI
(ii)    Story of Design Part – II for class XII

Teachers Qualification:

A.    A Post Graduate in any Art form (Masters in Drawing or Painting) with Diploma in Computer Aided Designing or Certificate Course in Multimedia
B.    BFA and Masters (MFA) with knowledge in Multimedia/Design
C.    M.Ed with Diploma in Computer Aided Design/Multimedia.

Desirable Qualification: In addition to the above,  teaching experience of at least two years is desirable.  Teacher needs to be oriented by NCERT/CBSE.

Lab Assistant: Lab assistant with the following minimum qualifications may be appointed:
A.    10-+2 student who has passed the Graphic Design elective course.
B.    A class X with certificate Course in Multimedia Design and experience of handling a multimedia Lab.


i)    The student computer ratio must be 1:1 compulsorily.
ii)    Computers to be used in this studio must be multimedia compatible.
iii)    Existing Computer Labs may not be able to serve the purpose.
iv)    Accessories – Scanner, printer, pen tablet should also be part of the studio.


A training programme for 10 days for teachers is proposed to be conducted by the Board in collaboration with the NCERT.  Your requirement in this connection may be communicated to the undersigned by 10th March, 2009.

Details of this circular may kindly be brought to the notice of the teachers concerned and students who have offered this as an Elective for the session 2008-2009 in Class XI.

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