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Geography-India Size and Location class 9 Notes Social Science

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CBSE Guide Geography-India Size and Location class 9 Notes

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9 Social Science notes Chapter 1 Geography-India Size and Location

Download CBSE class 9th revision notes for Chapter 1 Geography-India Size and Location in PDF format for free. Download revision notes for Geography-India Size and Location class 9 Notes and score high in exams. These are the Geography-India Size and Location class 9 Notes prepared by team of expert teachers. The revision notes help you revise the whole chapter in minutes. Revising notes in exam days is on of the best tips recommended by teachers during exam days.

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CBSE Class 09 Social Science
Revision Notes
Chapter – 1

India is an ancient civilisation but now it is a developing nation. It has shown remarkable progress in various fields.


  • India lies entirely in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • India’s mainland extends between  latitudes, and  longitudes.
  • The Tropic of Cancer  divides India into two almost equal parts.
  • The island groups of Lakshadweep and Andman & Nicobar are also part of India.


  • Covering an area of 3.28 million square kilometres, India’s total area is 2.4% of the total geographical area of the world.
  • India is the world’s seventh largest country with a land boundary of about 15,200 km, with total length of the coastline being 7,516.6 km.
  • India’s east-west extent appears to be smaller than the north-south extent.
  • India’s latitudinal and longitudinal extent is about 30 degrees.
  • India’s standard time is based on 82.30 degrees E meridian, which passes near Mirzapur in UP.
  • Latitudinal extent influences duration of the day and night.

India and the World

  • The Indian landmass is centrally located between West and East Asia.
  • The trans Indian ocean routes connect countries in the west and counties in the east.
  • India’s protruding Deccan Peninsula helped India to establish close contacts with West Asia, Africa and Europe, South-east and East Asia.
  • India’s contacts with the world via land routes are much more than her maritime contacts.
  • India is the only nation which has a ocean named after it.
  • India has contributed a lot to the world in forms of ideas, philosophies (Upanishads, Ramayana, Panchtantra) and mathematics (Indian numerals and decimal system).
  • In exchange, India’s architecture was influenced by Greek sculpture and architectural styles from West Asia.

India’s Neighbours

  • India has an important position in South Asia and has 29 States and 7 Union Territories.
  • India shares its boundaries with Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Bhutan.
  • The southern neighbours across the sea consist of the two island countries, namely Maldives and Sri Lanka.
  • Shri Lanka is separated from India by Pak Strait, a narrow strip of sea.
  • India always have and had strong geographical and historical links with her neighbours.
  • India stands apart from the rest of Asia.

Geography-India Size and Location class 9 Notes

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CBSE Class-9 Revision Notes and Key Points

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