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Get CBSE Complete Course CD in Less than One Hour Tuition Fee

myCBSEguide App

myCBSEguide App

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Unbelievable but it is True. Now get CBSE Complete Course Material with Multimedia animated CD in Rs. 499/- only. This is less than your one hour tuition fee charged in metropolitan cities. CBSE Complete course CD is available for classes 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 (Science and Mathematics).


What will you get  in this CD :

  1. Six month access to all chapters of SA-1 and SA-2.
  2. Animated Multimedia lessons with examples.
  3. NCERT text book solutions.
  4. Multiple Choice Questions for each chapter.
  5. Complete CBSE syllabus covered as per latest CCE pattern.


How to pay :

  1. Pay online using your credit card/ Debit card/ Net Banking
  2. Payment by Account payee cheques


How to order :

  1. Click the link below and select the product.
  2. Click add to cart and then pay now button.
  3. Select payment mode and pay amount.


To order your CD click the link below :

Click Here to Get CBSE Complete Course CD

Lesson: Learn and understand the concepts effectively, clear the doubts with ease and score higher in exams. These multimedia lessons are marked with conceptual clarity, resourceful knowledge and practical effectiveness.
Examples: Benefit from the visually rich examples used to illustrate the concepts for easier and faster learning. Experience a real-time classroom explanation of examples with special attention to the memory techniques.
Experiments: Acquire deeper knowledge of the subject through our practical experiments. Our Experiments are conducted on an innovative visual medium which can be simulated by changing various parameters and specifications.
Exercise: Put all your learning into practice to determine the understanding of lessons. Get step-by step solution to every exercise with an option to revise and review your understanding of the chapter.
Summary: Summary is the gist of each lesson and chapter in an easy-to-remember format for revising and reinforcing your learning. It’s a great feature to revise all the important concepts before exams.
Tests : There are chapter based tests which include both subjective and objective type questions. Chapter tests, usually 90-180 minutes in duration, help you test your overall understanding of the chapter.


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