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If you are a coaching centre owner and willing to get your own mobile app, this update is for you. Now you can get a 100% Free Mobile App for your coaching centre.

Free Mobile App

Go Digital

Covid-19 pandemic has given a lesson to all of us that if we can transform ourselves with time, we will survive else be ready to get lost. During this pandemic, the physical coaching institutes were shut down. Those who managed to move online quickly survived and others lost their business. So, it’s time to move ahead and go digital. This is the only survival mantra today.  Examin8 offers Free Mobile App to coaching institutes. They can use it to manage their students online and conduct exams easily.

Build Your Brand

Online student management & evaluation is made easy now. Examin8 is a single app in your coaching’s own name that will help you build your coaching’s digital brand. As soon as your students open the app and enter your institute code, this app starts showing your tests, videos, notes, links etc with your own Name & Logo.

Grow Your Teaching Business

Examin8 is a Free Mobile App that creates your online presence and makes it easier for you to manage students, take online tests, share your videos, upload study material and grow your business online in minutes. The core value behind this app is to enable teachers digitally so that they can focus on teaching and manage all other things digitally without wasting their precious time.

Teacher Dashboard

The whole student management process has two parts (a) Teacher Interface (b) Student Interface. The teacher dashboard is available at where teachers will manage all the stuff. They can:

  • Create question papers
  • Create online tests
  • Add batches and add students
  • Add teachers
  • Add video links
  • Upload study material and website links
  • Evaluate students online
  • Get student results

Examin8 App

The Examin8 Mobile App is for students to access all the study material and online tests uploaded by the teacher. They will download Examin8 App from google playstore and then enter the institute code provided by the teacher. As soon as they enter the institute code, the app starts showing the coaching institute’s name and logo.

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