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Extra Questions for Class 12 Biology Reproductive Health

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Extra Questions for Class 12 Biology Reproductive Health. myCBSEguide has just released Chapter Wise Question Answers for class 12 Biology.  There chapter wise Test papers with complete solutions are available for download in myCBSEguide website and mobile app. These Extra Questions with solution are prepared by our team of expert teachers who are teaching grade in CBSE schools for years. There are around 4-5 set of solved Biology Extra questions from each and every chapter. The students will not miss any concept in these Chapter wise question that are specially designed to tackle Board Exam. We have taken care of every single concept given in CBSE Class 12 Biology syllabus and questions are framed as per the latest marking scheme and blue print issued by CBSE for Class 12.

CBSE Class 12 Biology Ch – 4 Practice Test

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CBSE Class 12 Biology Chapter 4 Test Papers

Ch-4 Reproductive Health
  1. Which one of the following technique is used in test-tube baby programme
    1. Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection
    2. Gamete Intra-Fallopian transfer
    3. Zygote Intra Fallopian transfer
    4. Intra-Uterine Insemination
  2. The maximum growth rate occur in
    1. Senescent phase
    2. Exponential phase
    3. Lag phase
    4. Stationary phase
  3. First test-tube baby born in July,1978 was
    1. Louse Edwards
    2. Patric Steptoe
    3. Robert Brown
    4. Louise Brown
  4. A mother of one year old daughter wanted to space between her children. The best contraceptive method she should use is
    1. Oral contraceptives
    2. Copper-T
    3. Tubectomy
    4. Diaphragm
  5. What is meant by RCH care?
    1. Reproductive and child health care
    2. Regenerative and child health protection
    3. Reproduction and choice of health
    4. Rare critical health
  6. Suggest any two contraceptive methods which are very effective to avoid emergency pregnancy.

  7. Creating awareness about sex related aspects is an effective method to improve reproductive health of the people. (True/False)

  8. Correct the following statements:
    Are all sexually transmitted diseases completely curable ?

  9. Why is hormone releasing IUD considered as a good contraceptive to space children?

  10. What are the suggested reasons for population explosion?

  11. In the table given below, select and enter one correct device out of the following: Oral pill, Condom, Copper T, Saheli, Vasectomy, Diaphragm, Tubectomy, Cervical cap

    Method of Birth ControlDevice
    1. Barrier
    2. IUD
    3. Surgical Technique
    4. Administering Hormones
  12. What are the measures one has to take to prevent from contracting STDs?

  13. Ratan lives in a remote village. Suddenly he comes to know that his father has arranged the marriage of his younger sister, who is only 14 years old, to a well- to -do middle aged man living in a nearby village. Ratan objected to his father’s act. Ratan was not convinced by his father’s idea that a better groom might not be available later. Ratan complained to the village head and got the problem solved.
    a) Did Ratan act properly by approaching the village head? Why/ Why not?
    b) What biological considerations made Ratan object to his father’s decision?
    c) What values and responsibilities did Ratan show?

  14. Why medical termination of pregnancy is done? Is MTP legalized in India?

  15. Define population density. What are consequences of high population density?

Ch-4 Reproductive Health


    1. Zygote Intra Fallopian transfer, Explanation: Fertilisation outside the followed by embryo transfer is called test-tube. The zygote or early embryo up to 8 blastomere could transferred into fallopian tube is called zygote intra fallopian transfer (ZIFT).
    1. Exponential phase, Explanation: Maximum growth of individuals occurs during exponential phase of growth. This phase is followed by stationary phase of growth.
    1. Louise Brown, Explanation: First test-tube baby was born in July,1978 named Louise Brown. Test tube baby programme involve in vitro fertilisation of ovum and transplanting it in fallopian tube or uterus.
    1. Copper-T, Explanation: Copper-T is a contraceptive method under intra uterine contraceptive device which prevents the implantation and reduce the motility of sperm. It is implanted inside the uterus and works up to five years. So, it is the best method for spacing between two children.
    1. Reproductive and child health care, Explanation: RCH stands for reproductive and child health care. RCH deals with all problems related to healthy reproductive life, problems related to care during pregnancy and care of child after the birth with their immunization programme.
  1. Oral pills and IUDs. They may be administered within 72 hours of coitus.
  2. True; Creating awareness about sex related aspects provide complete necessary information about reproductive health.
  3. Some of the sexually transmitted diseases are curable if they are detected early and treated properly. AIDS is still an incurable disease.
  4. Hormone releasing IUDs makes uterus unsuitable for implantation and makes cervix hostile to sperms.
  5. (i) Decline in death rate, maternal mortality rate and infant mortality rate.
    (ii) Increase in number of people in reproductive age.
    (iii) Control of diseases.
    (iv) Better public health care and greater medical attention.
  6. Method of Birth ControlDevice
    1. Barrier –Condom, Diaphragm, Cervical cap
    2. IUD –Copper T
    3. Surgical Technique –Vasectomy, Tubectomy
    4. Hormonal administrations –Oral pill, Saheli.
    • Avoid sex with an unknown partner/ multiple partners.
    • Always use condoms during intercourse.
    • If any doubt, go to a qualified doctor for complete treatment.
  7. (a) Yes, it was necessary to stop the act since as per the government order, the minimum marriageable age of a girl is 18 years.
    (b) Ratan thought of the following Disadvantages of early marriage: (Any two)
    Forced sexual relation and denial of freedom with restriction to family bindings.
    Domestic violence
    Denial of education
    Reproductive health problems
    Teenage pregnancy
    Child birth associated trauma
    High postnatal mortality
    Population pressure, health costs, human development loss
    Health costs
    Early widowhood,
    (c) Sense of responsibility and consciousness for his family and respect of government laws. He expressed his views boldly for the right cause.
  8. MTP is done to get rid of unwanted pregnancies either due to unprotected intercourse or failure of the contraceptives used during coitus or rapes. It is also essential in certain cases where continuation of the pregnancy could be harmful or fatal either to the foetus or mother.
    Yes, Government of India legalized MTP in 1971 with some conditions to avoid its misuse.
  9. Population density: Population density is the number of individuals of a species existing per unit area at a particular time.
    e.g., number of humans/animals per square Kilometre, the number of trees per acre of a forest, etc.
    If the total number of individuals of a given area is N, the number of units of space is S, then population density D can be obtained as D = NSNS.
    Consequences of Higher Population Density:
    As the population density increases in a country beyond its carrying capacity then :

    1. It decreases per capita income of person.
    2. It decreases the availability of natural resources like land, minerals, wood, fuel, etc.
    3. General health goes down due to over crowded living conditions.
    4. It results in large families and thus children do not get proper care and education.
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