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English is Career Booster Language for Indians

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The success of an endeavor hinges on the ability to communicate effectively which centers around the usage of words, speed of delivery, pitch modulation and body language. Using the right tools to communicate the right message at the right time can salvage a crisis and motivate people to work towards success.

English came to India with the British. With their prosperity on Indian soil, their language also prospered. Their language gradually became the medium of communication to such an extent that now it has become a status symbol for some and for others it is linked to their career growth and success.

Rich Language of the World

This language, now the richest language of the world, has become an essential language of science, commerce, trade and research. So being unfamiliar to this language can surely make you feel completely out of touch from the world. Perhaps maybe two-thirds of the world’s scientific research output is in English but some technology owing countries like Japan and China continue to patronize their own language in the publication of their important discoveries before they are translated to English for wider discrimination. At the same time English seems to have monopolized the internet too.

Youth professionals in India are drawn to English for utility purpose only. It appears to be an added tool; an extra boost rather than a main crutch without which survival or success in one’s career path will be impossible to reach.

Language for Career Growth

True enough, a lot of people have managed to climb up the ladder of success with just “a little bit” extra grip on this language. So a common Indian thinks that while it isn’t only speaking English language that can get him a well paying job but it will be their ability to manage conversations fluently that will open doors to their career or business. So in this context, this world language has become an important feature to level up his career growth.

The fast development of global markets and MNC cultures has led to growth in India. It is apparent that if companies don’t build a workforce with effective communication skills or fluency in the language, they would remain confined to just a particular regional level and cannot grow beyond that. So without a common language to connect the workforce, any kind of team work isn’t possible.

Employers Prefer English

Employers consider the ability of an employee to express formal communication in written as well as spoken form equally important. In an organizational hierarchy, it becomes naturally obligatory for an employee to be a better presenter, negotiator or a convener. Thus in any chosen field, the mastery over English will help a person attain faster career growth. To overcome the stress of not being able to present themselves better than others, people here go an extra mile to grasp the knowledge of the spoken language. Though it may not be something that makes you feel inferior to at your workplace but the chase has made everyone conscious to follow the same path. Mastery over this language needs frequent upgradation.

The expectations at corporate level are also a major concern for Indians as these global organizations seek people who can effortlessly read and write or understand the official documents. English being the official language in many countries never pops up as a barrier for those who intend to settle down in foreign lands. While this comes as no surprise for most English learners, what’s worth noting is that global firms from non-English speaking countries are also adopting English to replace their native language. This trend means that English is becoming even more important in one’s career development and can sometimes be mistaken for professional competency.

Even now, academicians and researchers are divided in their opinion on the question -Is English really required for successful business communication? OR Is it possible to communicate effectively in regional language and get the work done?

Employ-ability Booster

With our growing economy, both private and government sector companies are gaming grounds making job market quite competitive along with the required relevant job skills. The ability to use English, both verbal and non-verbal ways has become mandatory for the people to apply for jobs, whereas its improper use can lead to hapless situations in front of clients or bosses. It co-relates with many other skills for effective communication like interpersonal, presentation, negotiation and convincing skills. Thus, it has become a tool for employability in this race of technology and digitalization.

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