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Electricity and Circuits worksheet for class 6

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CBSE worksheets for Electricity and Circuits worksheet for class 6 in PDF for free download. Science worksheets for class 6 CBSE includes worksheets on Electricity and Circuits as per NCERT syllabus. CBSE class 6 worksheets as PDF for free download Electricity and Circuits worksheets. Users can download and print the worksheets on class 6 Science Electricity and Circuits for free.

Download Electricity and Circuits worksheet for class 6

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Electricity and Circuits worksheet for class 6

Some important Facts about Electricity and Circuits worksheet for class 6

  1. Imagine there were no electric supply for a month. How would that affect your day to day activities and others in your family? Present your imagination in the form of a story or a play. If possible stage the play written by you or your friends in school.
  2. For your friends, you may set up a game “How steady is your hand?”. You will need a cell, an electric bulb, a metal key, two iron nails ( about 5 cm in length), about one and a half metre long thick metal wire (with its plastic insulation scraped off ) and few pieces of connecting wires. Fix two nails nearly one metre apart on a wooden board so that these can be used as a hook. Fix the wire between the nails after inserting it through the loop of the key. Connect one end of this wire to a bulb and a cell. Connect the other terminal of the cell to the key with a wire. Ask your friend to move the loop along the straight wire without touching it. Glowing of the bulb would indicate that the loop of the key has touched the wire.
  3. Read and find out about Alessandro Volta who invented the electric cell. You may also find out about Thomas Alva Edison who invented the electric bulb

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CBSE Worksheets for class 6 Science in PDF


In all our activities we have used metal wires to make a circuit. Suppose we use a cotton thread instead of a metal wire to make a circuit. Do you think that the bulb will light up in such a circuit? What materials can be used in electric circuits so that the current can pass through them? Let us find out.

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