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Class-IX March 2010 Examination under Summative Assessment-II

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The first examination under CCE scheme will be conducted for class 9 second term in March 2010. It covers 40% weightage as part of summative assessment in second term. Total weightage of 2nd term assessment is 60% of total syllabus. Two formative assessments of 10% each have been conducted in the school in form of projects and assignments.

Syllabus and Examination Question Paper Design in different subjects for Class IX Summative Assessment II has been circulated by the Board earlier. These are available for FREE download at www.myCBSEguide.com under syllabus and sample paper section.

The Summative assessment will be in the form of a pen-paper test conducted by the schools.

In order to ensure standardization and uniformity, the Question Paper Banks in different subjects have been sent by the Board to schools.

Schools will give flexible timing to students for attempting the question papers. This may vary from 3 to 3½ hours.

Evaluation of answer scripts will be done by the school teachers themselves on the basis of the Marking Scheme provided by the Board.

There will be random verification of the assessment procedures carried out by schools by the Board officials/nominees appointed by the Board.

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8 thoughts on “Class-IX March 2010 Examination under Summative Assessment-II”

  1. class IX english communicative(code 101) summative assesment is of 80 marks(20 for each section- reading, writing, grammar, literature). if we opt for the choice FA3 & FA4 20% each + SA2 60%, do we convert the 80 marks of SA to 60% OR TEST THE STUDENTS ON CONVERSATIONAL SKILLS SEPARATELY (20 MARKS); ADD TO 80 MARKS OF SA AND THEN CONVERT TO 60%??? (OR- IF WE HAVE ALREADY ASSESSED THEM ON CONVERSATIONAL SKILLS WE CAN ADD THOSE MARKS AND THERE IS NO NEED TO CONDUCT A SEPARATE 20 MARKS CONV SKILL FA FOR THE ANNUAL EXAM?) PLEASE HELP– AS OF NOW!! THANK YOU.


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