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CENBOSEC (July-September 2010) Theme : Communities of Practice

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The CENBOSEC Issue (July-September,2010,) is based on the theme ‘Communities of Practice’. In case any principal/teacher/peer educator wishes to contribute an article* for this issue of CENBOSEC, it may kindly be sent on email to [email protected] before 15th September, 2010.

The article should be a computer print on A4 size paper and not exceed 3 pages in 1.5 spaces. A hard copy may also be sent to –
Dr.Sadhana Parashar, Head (Innovation and Research)
Central Board of Secondary Education
17, Rouse Avenue, Institutional Area
New Delhi – 110 002

Moreover the CENBOSEC is a medium and platform which helps you to reach out to all the other schools affiliated to CBSE. You can send us Reports** of the Activities conducted by you under the following headings. These may be accompanied by photographs of good quality which can be scanned for the Journal.

1.  Readers’ Forum / Feedback of IIM Training Programmes
2.  Events Update
3.  News from Schools
4.  Eco Clubs : Green Page
5.  Sahodaya Activities
6.  Health and Wellness Clubs : Adolescence Education Programme / Life Skills
7.  Best Practices
8.  Any other activities conducted by the school.

* Care may be taken that articles are not downloaded directly from the Internet but are original contributions based on your experience and insight.
** Reports, Events and Activities should attempt to focus on process and outcomes.
** Kindly select one category from the above mentioned ones and describe the event conducted in a short paragraph of words not exceeding 200 accompanied with a post card size photograph of good quality .Please do not send entire school magazines for including in CENBOSEC .

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