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CBSE Toppers Answer sheets

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Every student wants to get the highest marks in the exam. Isn’t it? But how to get full marks in exams? Just search this in google, you will get many answers and most of them have no concern with marks.

How to get full marks in the exam?

Ask this question, you will get many suggestions. But the best way to understand this is to know

  • What to write?
  • How to write?
  • How much to write?
  • how toppers write their answers?
  • How the answer sheet is evaluated?
  • What exactly the examiner wants you to write to get full marks?

The simple answer to all these questions it to see yourself the topper’s answer sheet evaluated by CBSE examiners. If you wish to get full marks in the exam, you must know how and what the toppers write to get 100% marks in CBSE board exams.

Download CBSE Toppers Answer sheet

Now you can download Last 5 years CBSE toppers answer scripts in PDF format absolutely free. Download the model answer sheets of CBSE toppers from the year 2014 till date for class 10 and class 12 board exams.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Download CBSE Guide App from playstore.
  2. Install the app and select your class (10 or 12)
  3. Tap on the subject and download toppers answer sheet.

How to study and get 100% Marks

Getting full marks in board exams is not very difficult now. The new exam pattern for the session 2019-20 is short and simple. Students can score more with little efforts. Understand the marks breakup in each subject. Ideally, it is 20% Internal assessment by school, 20% objective questions and the remaining 60% subjective questions. You need regular practice to familiar with each and every concept given in the syllabus. myCBSEguide helps you to practice unlimited questions and get good marks in the exam. Just install the app and start your journey to top the exam.

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