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CBSE Syllabus of Class 10 German 2019-20

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CBSE Syllabus Class 10 German – in PDF

CBSE Syllabus of Class 10 German 2019-20 in PDF format for free download. German syllabus for 2019 2020 class 10 is now available in myCBSEguide mobile app. The curriculum for March 2020 exams is designed by CBSE, New Delhi as per NCERT textbooks for the session 2019-20.

CBSE Syllabus for class 10 German 2019-20

Download as PDF

CBSE Syllabus of Class 10 German

LessonSituation/ TopicSpeech intentionStructure
Lesson 6Food
  • To present a topic
  • To state advantages and disadvantages
  • To conclude a presentation
  • To thank the audience for their interest
  • Indirect questions using “ob”
  • Adjectives in Nominative and Accusative case without article
Lesson 7Media and Advertisements
  • To report about something
  • To ask for directions and describe the route
  • To write a slogan for an advertisement
  • Simple past tense
  • Prepositions of place
    • “um”, “über”+ Accusative
    • “gegenüber”+ Dative
  • Relative clause: Relative pronouns with prepositions
  •  Degrees of adjectives: comparative and superlative
Lesson 8Learning languages
  • To talk about limitations
  • To talk about one’s own experience with a foreign language
  • To negotiate
  • Subordinate clause: “obwohl”
  • Past perfect tense
Lesson 9Involvement in social causes
  • To narrate about one’s own life
  • To speculate
  • To state the order of events
  • Relative clause: relative pronoun “wo”, “was”
  • Clauses of time: “als” , “nachdem”

Assessment Scheme for Class 10


Section A-Reading (15 marks)

  1. Comprehension (unseen passage) [8 marks]
  2. Comprehension (unseen passage) [7 marks]

Section B-Writing (15 marks)

  1. Based on stimulus, compose an E-Mail (30-40 words) [8 marks]
  2. Based on stimulus, compose a dialogue [7 marks]

Section C – Applied Grammar (40 marks)

  1. Past Tense [8 marks]
  2. Adjective endings (Nominative, Accusative with definite and indefinite articles) [8 marks]
  3. Past perfect tense (Plusquamperfekt) [8 marks]
  4. Prepositions (of place and direction) [7 marks]
  5. Adjective in comparative, superlative forms [5 marks]
  6. Conjunctions (als, ob, nachdem, obwohl) [4 marks]

Section D -Textbook (10 marks)

  1. Completing a seen passage with the vocabulary provided [5 marks]
  2. Comprehension (seen) [5 marks]

Internal Assessment, Class 10

Total weightage 20

  1. Periodic tests, dictations [5]
  2. Listening comprehensions [5]
  3. Speaking activities – role-play, presentations, recitation…
    (could be conducted as individual or group activity) [5]
  4. Regularity and quality of classwork & homework [5]
PRESCRIBED TEXTBOOK :Beste Freunde B 1.1 (Lessons 1-5)
(Hueber Publications, Published in India by Goyal Publishers)
Planet 2
Ping Pong 2
DVD- Wir Live
Langenscheidt Euro Dictionary
K.M. Sharma; German-Hindi/ Hindi-
German Dictionary. Rachna Publishing House

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