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CBSE syllabus for 2015-16 has been released by Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi for classes 9, 10, 11 and 12. The new revised syllabus is available for free download at CBSE official website and

Download CBSE 2015-16 syllabus for class-9

Download CBSE 2015-16 syllabus for class-10

Download CBSE 2015-16 syllabus for class-11

Download CBSE 2015-16 syllabus for class-12

This year CBSE has also provided a list of changes made in the syllabus. The main changes are are below :

Changes in class-9 and class-10 Syllabus 

(1) There is no change in syllabus of English Communicative and Science

(2) English Language and Literature : Section-C question No. 8 has following change- One out of two extracts from prose/ poetry / play for reference to context. Three very short answer questions. One mark in each extract will be for vocabulary. One question will be used for testing local and global comprehension and one question will be on interpretation. 3 marks.

(3) Hindi A and Hindi B : Question paper pattern and marking scheme has been changed. Please refer to new syllabus for Hindi-A and Hindi-B in both class-9 and class-10 given above.

(4) class-9 Social Science OTBA question will be asked from Economics Chapter-4: Food Security in India. Last time it was chapter-3 Poverty as a Challenge facing India. There is no change in class-10 Social Science syllabus.


Changes in class-11 and class-12 Syllabus will be updated in next post. Keep in touch.

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  1. Is this year Board will be conducted for all students?

    Is there will be no choice for Board or Home Board exams for class 10?

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