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CBSE Students Global Aptitude Index (SGAI) Highlights

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Although a variety of aptitude screening tests are already in vogue to help the student identify personal interests and vocations, yet:-

  1. SGAI is a battery of Aptitude Tests which also combines Interest profile of a student.
  2. It has been customized to suit the Indian context and variety of student population in CBSE affiliated Private, Government and Aided Schools.
  3. Unlike the conventional Aptitude Tests, which indicate professional orientations the CBSE SGAI will indicate subject orientations at +2 level.
  4. The CBSE SGAI is meant for students of  secondary classes. This coincides with the onset of adolescence and beginning of career concepts (although not in the concrete form). It is therefore crucial to give a road map to the child which is realistic and favorable.
  5. SGAI is aimed to empower a child with  “self knowledge” in terms of the Aptitude and Interest, to enable the child in making informed subjects choices.
  6. Since CBSE SGI purports to reduce the mismatch between the Aptitude and the Interest it will further help in :
  • Optimizing the child potential and enhance satisfaction
  • Increasing motivation
  • Reducing wastage of human and financial resources
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