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CBSE Sample Papers Class 12 Home Science 2023

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Home Science sample papers 2023 are available on the myCBSEguide app for free download. You can get CBSE Sample Papers Class 12 Home Science 2023 as per the latest updates for the new academic session 2022 – 2023.

Sample paper of Home Science Class 12 – in PDF

CBSE Sample Papers Class 12 Home Science 2023 The new marking scheme and blueprint for class 12 have been released by CBSE. We are providing Home Science sample papers for class 12 CBSE board exams. Sample Papers are available for free download in the myCBSEguide app and website in PDF format. CBSE Sample Papers Class 12 Home Science With Solutions of 10+2 Home Science are made available by CBSE board exams are over. CBSE marking scheme and blueprint are provided along with the Sample Papers. This helps students find to answer the most frequently asked question, How to prepare for CBSE board exams. CBSE Sample Papers of class 12 Home Science for 2023 Download the app today to get the latest and up-to-date study material. CBSE sample paper for class 12 Home Science with questions and answers (solution).

Sample Papers of Class 12 Home Science 2023 with solution

Download as PDF

CBSE Sample Papers Class 12 Home Science 2023

CBSE Sample Papers Class 12 Home Science myCBSEguide provides CBSE class 12 Board Sample Papers of Home Science for the year 2022, 2023, 2024 with solutions in PDF format for free download. The CBSE Sample Papers for all – NCERT books and based on CBSE latest syllabus must be downloaded and practiced by students. Class 12 Home Science New Sample Papers follow the blueprint of that year only. Student must check the latest syllabus and marking scheme. Sample paper for class 12 Home Science and other subjects are available for download as PDF in-app too. myCBSEguide provides sample paper with solutions for the year 2023.

Sample Questions Papers Class 12 Home Science 2022-23

CBSE Class 12
Home Science (Code No. 064)
(Sample Paper 2022-23)

TIME – 3 Hours
Maximum Marks: 70


  1. All questions are compulsory.
  2. There are total 35 questions.
  3. Question paper is divided into three sections-A, B and C.
  4. Section A has question no.1to 18 (multiple choice questions) and are of 1 mark each.
  5. Section B has question no. 19 to 25 of 2 marks each and question no.26 to 29 of 3 marks each.
  6. Section C has question no.30 to 33 of 4 marks each and question no.34 and 35 are of 5 marks each.
  7. Internal choices are given in some questions.
  8. Support your answers with suitable examples wherever required.


  1. Use of ergonomics in any workplace is NOT important for which of the following.
    1. Optimum work capacity
    2. Increase in errors
    3. Increase in productivity
    4. Comfortable working conditions
  2. Rita has designed a frock for her six-year-old daughter using light and dark pink colour, which indicates ________ aspects of a colour.
    1. Chroma
    2. Value
    3. Hue
    4. Intensity
  3. ________ is a brief 10 – 60 second message between programme, generally in the form of jingles played on radio.
    1. Public Service Announcement
    2. Public System Announcement
    3. Programme Service Announcement
    4. Personal Service Announcement
  4. A good preschool will provide which of the following experience likely to be beneficial for young children?
    1. Rote learning
    2. Teacher centered approach
    3. Formal teaching
    4. Child centered approach
  5. The objective of the equal remuneration act is-
    1. Equal wages for the same work
    2. Different working hours
    3. Equality among men and women in every field
    4. Special facilities for women
  6. Identify the craft involved in manufacture of the object in the illustrations.

    1. Coconut
    2. Puppetry
    3. Bamboo
    4. Shola

    For visually impaired candidate
    Name the famous craft of Assam.

    1. Coconut
    2. Puppetry
    3. Bamboo
    4. Shola
  1. Which stage of the fashion cycle involves manufacturers copying fashion and preparing adaptations of it at many price levels?
    1. Decline in popularity
    2. Increase in popularity
    3. Introduction of a style
    4. Peak of popularity
  2. Which of the following is NOT a feature of development communication?
    1. Aims at giving information and educating the society
    2. Based on the audience characteristics and their environment
    3. Oriented to socio-economic development and happiness of people
    4. Seeks to describe the people at work in new projects
  3. Match the following –
    (i) National Service Scheme(A) Juveniles
    (ii) Integrated Child Development Scheme(B) Old man
    (iii) Mobile Medicare Units(C) Youth
    (iv) Special Homes(D) Children

    Choose the correct option.

    1. i-B, ii-A, iii-D, iv-C
    2. i-D, ii-A, iii-C, iv-B
    3. i-C, ii-D, iii-B, iv-A
    4. i-B, ii-C, iii-A, iv-D
  4. Match the following –
    (i) RRE(A) Television
    (ii) SEWA(B) Print Media
    (iii) Project-Village Chhatera(C)Campaign
    (iv) EDUSAT(D) ICT

    Choose the correct option.

    1. i-B, ii-A, iii-D, iv-C
    2. i-D, ii-A, iii-C, iv-B
    3. i-C, ii-D, iii-B, iv-A
    4. i-B, ii-C, iii-A, iv-D
  5. Care and maintenance of the fabric depends on-
    (i) Fibre content
    (ii) Fabric construction
    (iii) Tie and Dye technique
    (iv) Brand of the fabric
    Choose the correct option.

    1. i and ii
    2. ii and iv
    3. i and iii
    4. iii and iv
  6. Which elements of design will you select while designing clothes for your tall sister?
    (i) Vertical lines
    (ii) Horizontal lines
    (iii) Related colours
    (iv) Contrasting colours
    Choose the correct option.

    1. i and ii
    2. ii and iv
    3. i and iii
    4. iii and iv
  7. As per the NCF (2005), the basic objectives of ECCE are:
    (i) Holistic development of the child to enable him/her to realise the potential
    (ii) Preparation for school
    (iii) Preparation essential skills in ECCE professional
    (iv) Providing support services for women and children
    Choose the correct option.

    1. i, ii, iii
    2. i, ii, iv
    3. i, iii, iv
    4. ii, iii, iv

Read the passage carefully and answer question no. 14 to18
Nutrition is the science of food, nutrients and other substances as well as their digestion, absorption and utilization by the body. Optimum nutrition is important for providing immunity and protection from infection, and to promote recovery from a variety of illnesses as well as managing chronic diseases. Nutrition and health are intimately interlinked. Health problems, illness/disease and their treatment can affect nutritional status in a variety of ways such as i) by impairing a person’s ability to eat and/or swallow, ii) by interfering with digestion, absorption and metabolism. The specialized area of nutrition which deals with nutritional management during illness is clinical nutrition, more recently called medical nutrition therapy. The professional who delivers this service is referred to as dietitian/medical nutrition therapist/clinical nutritionist.

  1.  ________ are non-nutrient constituents present in foods that have physiological or biological activity and influence health.
    1. Nutraceuticals
    2. Medical foods
    3. Phytochemicals
    4. Functional foods
  2. Which of the following are features of optimum nutrition?
    (i) Providing protection from disease
    (ii) Ensuring abundance of food
    (iii) Promoting recovery from illness
    (iv) Promoting socio-economic health
    (v) Managing chronic disease
    Choose the correct option.

    1. i,ii,iii
    2. i,iii,v
    3. ii,iii,iv
    4. iii,iv,v
  3. Which of the following parameters not considered while taking anthropometric measurements?
    1. Waist circumference
    2. Height
    3. Hemoglobin level
    4. Weight
  4. How can illness influence the nutritional status of an individual? By:
    i. providing alternate therapy
    ii. impairment in a person’s ability to eat and swallow
    iii. promoting holistic recovery
    iv. problem with digestion, absorption
    v. interference with proper metabolism
    Choose the correct option.

    1. i,ii,iii
    2. i,iii,v
    3. ii,iv,v
    4. iii,iv,v
  5. Which of the following is NOT an objective of diet therapy?
    1. Formulation of the diet to meet the needs of the patient
    2. Modification of the existing diets to ameliorate(ractify) the disease condition
    3. Prevention of short-term and long-term complications in case of chronic diseases
    4. Educating and prescribing medicines to the patients


  1. Your mother is admitted in the hospital for a surgery. Her gastrointestinal tract is functioning properly but she is not able to take food by mouth. Which feeding route should be adopted in this situation? Write any one advantage of the method
    1. Why France become the center of fashion in the 18th century?
    2. State the term used for male and female designer.
  2. What do you understand by the term food-based strategy? Enlist any two food-based strategies you may adopt to tackle public nutrition problems.

    What do you understand by the term Hidden Hunger? Name any two conditions classified under Hidden Hunger.

  3. Your younger brother is very confused regarding which career to choose. Mention four factors he should consider while taking career related decision.

    Renu has recently joined new company but she is finding it difficult to adjust with her colleagues. Suggest her any four essential soft skills she must adopt at her workplace.

  4. During COVID, Seema has done online diploma on Food Product
    Development. If she wants to start Food Processing Unit, what four skills she may require to do so?
  5. List any four job opportunities for print journalist.

    Why language and computer skills are necessary for DCJ professional? Give four reasons.

  6. Enlist any four sections of housekeeping department.
  7. Illustrate any three ways each of creating rhythm in your school uniform.

    Illustrate any three ways each of creating emphasis in a kurta/kurti.

    1. Distinguish between the view point of Piaget and Vygotsky in context to ECCE.
    2. State any two role of ECCE professional.
    1. Differentiate between Food infection and Food intoxication.
    2. Write any two ways by which salmonella bacteria spreads.
  8. Give one role of each of the following-
    1. Assistant manager of front office
    2. Chef de parties
    3. Floor supervisor of housekeeping department


  1. Mr. Dharampal has started his own food processing unit for exporting the products. His friend has suggested him to implement HACCP.
    1. What is HACCP?
    2. Highlight any three importance of HACCP to convince him to adopt it.

    Mrs. Ramvati has started her own bread manufacturing unit. She wants to get her manufacturing unit certified by Government of India.

    1. Name the new Food safety Act implemented in India.
    2. Which year it was implemented?
    3. Enlist any four functions of the new Food safety Act.
    1. Why are youth vulnerable? Give two reasons.
    2. What is National Service scheme?
    3. Highlight any two activities taken up under National Service Scheme.
    1. In which year the first SOS children’s village was setup?
    2. Explain three features of SOS children’s Village.
    1. What is the difference between consumer forum and footfalls?
    2. “Inadequate information given by manufacturer is common problem amongst the consumer”. Support this statement with two examples.
  2. Sonu is planning to setup a commercial laundry in his neighborhood. Elaborate how commercial laundry will differ from home laundry (Write any four features).
  3. Describe three basic causes and two underlying causes at household level contributing to under nutrition in our country.

    Explain five ways of diet modification to meet the needs of an individual. Give an example of each.

  4. Anu is a fashion merchandiser who is working in a fashion house. She is involved with various activities including conversion of inspiration into design, use technology to conceptualize and address the planning and distribution of products in the fashion industry.
    1. Elaborate any four roles and responsibilities she will have in different phases of fashion merchandising.
    2. How is small single unit store different from chain store?
    3. Enumerate any four courses that Anu might have done to have a career in fashion merchandising?

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