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CBSE Question Paper 2018 Class 10 English Language and Literature

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Previous Year Question Paper – Download in PDF

CBSE Question Paper 2018 Class 10 English Language and Literature conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi in the month of March 2018. CBSE previous year question papers with the solution are available in myCBSEguide mobile app and website. The Best CBSE App for students and teachers is myCBSEguide which provides complete study material and practice papers to CBSE schools in India and abroad.

Question Paper 2018 Class 10 English Language and Literature

Download as PDF

CBSE Question Paper 2018 Class 10 English Language and Literature

Class 10 English Language and Literature list of chapters


  1. A Triumph of Surgery
  2. The Thief’s Story
  3. The Midnight Visitor
  4. A Question of Trust
  5. Footprints without Feet
  6. The Making of a Scientist
  7. The Necklace
  8. The Hack Driver
  9. Bholi
  10. The Book That Saved the Earth

First Flight

  1. A Letter to God
  2. Long Walk to Freedom
  3. Two Stories about Flying
  4. From the Diary of Anne Frank
  5. The Hundred Dresses I
  6. The Hundred Dresses II
  7. Glimpses of India
  8. Mijbil the Otter
  9. Madam Rides the Bus
  10. The Sermon at Benares
  11. The Proposal

First Flight (Poem)

  1. Dust of snow
  2. Fire and Ice
  3. A Tiger in the Zoo
  4. How to Tell Wild Animals
  5. The Ball Poem
  6. Amanda
  7. Animals
  8. The Trees
  9. Fog
  10. The Tale of Custard the Dragon
  11. For Anne Gregory

CBSE Question Paper 2018 Class 10 English Language and Literature

Time allowed : 3
hours Maximum Marks: 80

General Instructions :

  1. The Question paper is divided into three sections :
    Section A – Reading 20 Marks
    Section B – Writing and Grammar 30 Marks
    Section C – Literature 30 Marks
  2. All questions are compulsory.
  3. You may attempt any section at a time.
  4. All questions of that particular section must be attempted in the correct order.

Section A
(Reading) 20

  1. Read the passage given below : (8)
    1. Tourists to Jammu and Kashmir have another attraction – a floating post office on the Dal Lake in Srinagar, the first in the country. ‘Floating Post Office, Dal Lake’ – claimed to be the only one such post office in the world – is built on an intricately carved maroon houseboat, fastened on the western edge of the Dal Lake.
    2. This post office lets you avail of all the regular postal services available in the country while being afloat. The seal used on everything posted from Floating Post Office is unique – along with the date and address, it bears the design of a boatman rowing a shikara on the Dal Lake. The special feature of this post office is that letters posted from here carry a special design which has the picturesque scenery of Dal Lake and Srinagar city. These pictures reach wherever these letters are posted to and hence promote Kashmir as a tourist destination across the world.
    3. This is actually a heritage post office that has existed since British times. It was called Nehru Park Post Office before 2011. But then the chief postmaster John Samuel renamed it as ‘Floating Post Office’.
    4. The post office’s houseboat has two small rooms – one serves as the office and the other a small museum that traces the philatelic history of the state postal department. It has a shop that sells postage stamps and other products.
    5. But for the locals, Floating Post office is more than an object of fascination.` 1-2 crore is deposited per month in Floating Post Office by communities living in and around the Dal Lake. The lake has several islets that are home to more than 50,000 people.
    6. The greatest fear is the recurrence of 2014 like floods in which the houseboat had gone for a toss uncontrollably pushed by the flood. Rescue teams had to anchor it using the special mechanism in a nearby highland. Then it was brought back on the Dal after the water receded. The biggest boon is that at no time of the year do you need a fan in this post-office!
      1. Attempt any eight of the following questions on the basis of the passage you have read : (1 8 = 8)
        1. What is the location of the Floating Post Office in Srinagar?
        2. What is special about the seal used in the post office?
        3. How is the post office helpful in promoting tourism?
        4. Who renamed the post office as ‘Floating Post Office’?
        5. What are the two rooms of the post office used for?
        6. How is the post office beneficial to the locals?
        7. What is the greatest fear that the post office has?
        8. How is the post office a big boon to the people?
        9. Find the word from the passage which means the same as ‘attraction’. (para 5)
  2. Read the passage given below. (12)
    1. It is an indisputable fact that the world has gone too far with the innovation of new technologies such as mobile phones, the internet and so on, due to which people are able to tour the cosmos virtually sitting at one place using their smart devices or other technological gadgets. Though mobile internet access is oftentimes hurried and short, it can still provide common internet features like alerts, gather data, emails, search engines, instant messages, and game and music downloading.
    2. Due to the easy access to smartphones, communication has been very effective and instant. People are able to convey their message all around the globe to their loved ones without spending hefty sums of money. Adults are always fond of such gadgets and they always welcome and adopt such new technology readily. Further, young people have been able to broaden their minds and improve their skills by doing research on the Internet. For instance, they use smartphones to look up any new word they come across. As we know that most of the universities have online teaching provision and smartphones assist the students to complete their assignments on time.
    3. The mobile phone has been a lifesaver for a lot of people in case of an emergency. Likewise, the use of smartphones can be of vital importance in preventing crimes in the society by providing information to the security forces in time.
    4. Nonetheless, for the young, the use of mobile phone can be like an addiction and they can misuse it. Young people are also prone to getting involved in undesirable activities on the Internet. This might have an adverse effect on their academic performance. Therefore, young people should always be monitored and made aware of its bad outcomes.
    5. Also, a major contributor to its popularity is the availability of prepaid or pay as you go services from a phone shop or an online store. This allows subscribers to load text or airtime credits to their handsets by the use of their credit cards, debit cards or by buying a prepaid card from the network they subscribe to. This plan also doesn’t commit a particular customer to a contract. If prepaid card is not that appealing to you, then you can opt to subscribe using the pay by month plan.
      1. On the basis of your reading of the passage, answer any four of the following questions in 30-40 words each : (2 4 = 8)
        1. How are smartphones helpful in communication?
        2. What are the benefits of mobile phones for the young generation?
        3. How can mobile phones be considered ‘lifesavers’?
        4. Mention any two demerits of mobile phones.
        5. How is a prepaid card useful to mobile phone users?
      2. On the basis of your reading of the passage, answer any four of the following : (1 4 = 4)
        1. In para 1, synonym of ‘innovation’ is ________.
          1. production
          2. sincerity
          3. invention
          4. prevention
        2. Mobile internet can provide access to :
          1. telegram
          2. emails
          3. schools
          4. university
        3. Grown-ups should _________ the use of new technology by the young people.
          1. (i) reject
          2. (ii) criticize
          3. (iii) monitor
          4. (iv) accept
        4. Meaning of the word ‘adverse’ in para 4 is :
          1. (i) positive
          2. (ii) negative
          3. (iii) admirable
          4. (iv) unguided
        5. According to the passage, one can opt for __________ plan if the prepaid plan doesn’t suit.
          1. yearly
          2. weekly
          3. monthly
          4. daily

Section B
(Writing Skills and Grammar) 30

  1. You are Prabhu Kumar/Parvati of I7E, Ravi Dass Road, Kochi. Write a letter in 100-120 words to the editor of a newspaper about the nuisance caused by loudspeakers in the city during examination days drawing the attention of the concerned authorities to the problem. (8)ORYou are Pratibha/Rahul of Class X. Write an article in 100-120 words on ‘Ill effects on students of too much of television’. You can use the following clues :
    1. Increasing addiction
    2. A great variety of programmes
    3. Easy availability
    4. Neglect of studies
    5. Drop in academic performance
    6. Result – poor physical and mental health

    Content – 4 Marks
    Expression: 3 Marks (coherence, the relevance of ideas (1½ mark)
    (Accuracy, appropriate words and correct spellings (1½ mark)
    Nuisance caused by loudspeakers (suggested value points are given)

  • exam round the corner, preparing for examinations
  • disturbance to students preparing for examination these days
  • distraction, use of loudspeakers at religious places/rallies/public gatherings on any special occasion
  • nuisance even for common man/patients
  • a noise pollution
  • enforcement of law/laws prohibiting loudspeakers not followed.


Format 1 Mark (Title 1/2 Marks & Name of the writer 1/2 Mark)
Content – 4 Marks (any other relevant point besides the hints given)
Expression: 3 Marks (coherence, the relevance of ideas) (1½ mark)
(Accuracy, appropriate words, and spellings) (1½ mark)

  1. Write a story in 150-200 words with the help of the following outline : (10)
    Tortoise and hare – good friends – tortoise – known for his slow speed – here have fast speed – makes fun of tortoise – challenges him – referee selected – race starts – hare overconfident – take a nap – tortoise wins. 


Complete the story in 150-200 words which begin as the following :
There was a joint family of six members including grandparents. It was the 75th birthday of the grandmother and the family planned to celebrate… A
ns. Story Writing 10 Marks
Title & Moral – 1 mark
Content – 4 marks
Expression 5 marks (coherence, the relevance of ideas) (2½ marks)
(Accuracy, appropriate words and correct spellings (2½ marks)
Suggested value points: (Hints given in the question )


Title & Moral – 1 mark
Content – 4 marks
Expression 5 marks (coherence relevance of ideas) (2½ marks)
(Accuracy, appropriate words, and correct spelling) (2½ marks)
Suggested value points: (The beginning of the story is given in the question )

  1. Fill in any four of the blanks in the paragraph given below with the help of options that follow : (1 4 = 4)
    The modern student (a) the importance (b) physical exercise. He spends one to two hours in open air (c) he takes part in different sports. However, care should (d) not to overstrain (e) body.

      1. understood
      2. understand
      3. have understand
      4. understands
      1. of
      2. by
      3. from
      4. with
      1. how
      2. which
      3. where
      4. why
      1. be taken
      2. took
      3. takes
      4. has taken
      1. a
      2. an
      3. the
      4. some

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Last Year Question Paper Class 10 English Language and Literature

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Previous Year Question Paper for Class 10 in PDF

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