CBSE Question Paper 2011 class 12 Business Studies

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CBSE Question Paper 2011 class 12 Business Studies conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi in the month of March 2011. CBSE previous year question papers with solution are available in myCBSEguide mobile app and cbse guide website. The Best CBSE App for students and teachers is myCBSEguide which provides complete study material and practice papers to cbse schools in India and abroad.

CBSE Question Paper 2011 class 12 Business Studies

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CBSE Question Paper 2011 class 12 Business Studies

Class 12 Business Studies list of chapters

Business Studies Part  – I

  1. Nature and Significance of Management
  2. Principles of Management
  3. Management and Business Environment
  4. Planning
  5. Organising
  6. Staffing
  7. Directing
  8. Controlling

Business Studies Part  – II

  1. Business Finance
  2. Financial markets
  3. Marketing
  4. Consumer Protection
  5. Entreprenuership Development

CBSE Question Paper 2011 class 12 Business Studies

Q1. Your grandfather has retired as the Director of a manufacturing company. At which level of management was he working? Different type of functions are performed at this level. State any one function.

Q2. What is meant by management?

Q3. What is meant by principles of management?

Q4. State any one principle of scientific management.

Q5. The understanding of business environment helps the manager to identify threats What is meant by threats here?

Q6. Business Environment includes both specific and general forces. List any four specific forces.

Q7. Explain in one sentence how direction initiates action in management.

Q8. Why is it said that controlling is a continuous activity?

Q9. What is important while analysing deviations in controlling?

Q10. Define Financial Management.

Q11. Explain any two impacts of Government policy changes on Business and Industry.

Q12. Differentiate between Policy and Rule as types of plans.

Q13. Why is staffing considered an important function of management in all types of organisations? State any three reasons.

Q14. Explain the concept of Motivation and Leadership.

Q15. Explain any two functions of marketing.

Q16. State any four features of planning.

Q17. If we delegate the authority we multiply it by two, if we decentralize it we multiply it by many. In the light of this statement explain any four points of importance of decentralization.

Q18. What is meant by Budgetary Control as a technique of controlling?
State any three advantages of it.

Q19. What is meant by Money Market? Explain any two instruments used in Money Market.

Q20. In to-days commercial world, the Stock- Exchange performs many vital functions which leads the investors towards positive environment. Explain how by giving any four reasons.

Q21. Management is regarded as an Art by some, as a Science or as an inexact Science by others. The truth seems to be somewhere in between. In the light of this statement, explain the true nature of management.

Q22. Explain any two techniques of Taylors Scientific Management.

Q23. Internal sources of recruitment are better than external sources. Explain any five reasons in support of this statement.

24 Q. Determining the relative proportion of various types of funds depends upon various factors. Explain any five such factors.

Q25. What is meant by Brand Name? State any four characteristics of a good Brand Name.

Q26. What is meant by Functional Structure of an organization? State any five advantages of this form of organizational structure.


What is meant by Formal Organisation State any five advantages of this form of organization.

Q27. Explain any four semantic barriers of communication.


Explain the role of supervision as an element of directing function of management.

Q28. Sound Financial Planning is essential for the success of any enterprise. Explain this statement by giving any six reasons.


You are the Financial Manager of a newly established company. The Directors have asked you to determine the amount of working capital requirement for the company. Explain any four factors that you will consider while determining the working capital requirement for the company.

Q29. Name the element of Marketing-mix in which a set of firms and individuals creates possession, place and time utility and helps in market offering. Also explain any five important functions performed by this element.


Identify and explain the promotional tool of Marketing-mix which plays a persuasive, service and informative role and there by links a business firm to its customers. Also explain by giving any four reasons how this tool helps in increasing the sales of businessmen.

Q30. Reena purchased one litre of pure Desi Ghee from a shopkeeper. After using it she had a doubt that it is adulterated. She sent it for a laboratory test which confirmed that the Ghee is adulterated. State any six reliefs available to Reena, if she complains and the consumer court is satisfied about the genuineness of the complaint.

Q31. Prakhar purchased an ISI mark electric iron from Bharat Electricals.
While using he found that it was not working properly. He approached the seller and complains for the same. The seller satisfies Prakhar by saying that he will ask the manufacturer to replace this iron. The manufacturer refused to replace and Bharat Electricals decided to file a complaint in the Consumer Court.
Can Bharat Electricals do this? Why? Also explain who is a consumer as per Consumer Protection Act, 1986.

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Last Year Question Paper Class 12 Business Studies 2011

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