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CBSE Question Paper 2011 Class 10 English Language and Literature

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CBSE Question Paper 2011 Class 10 English Language and Literature conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi in the month of March 2011. CBSE previous year question papers with the solution are available in myCBSEguide mobile app and website. The Best CBSE App for students and teachers is myCBSEguide which provides complete study material and practice papers to CBSE schools in India and abroad.

Question Paper 2011 Class 10 English Language and Literature

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CBSE Question Paper 2011 Class 10 English Language and Literature

Class 10 English Language and Literature list of chapters


  1. A Triumph of Surgery
  2. The Thief’s Story
  3. The Midnight Visitor
  4. A Question of Trust
  5. Footprints without Feet
  6. The Making of a Scientist
  7. The Necklace
  8. The Hack Driver
  9. Bholi
  10. The Book That Saved the Earth

First Flight

  1. A Letter to God
  2. Long Walk to Freedom
  3. Two Stories about Flying
  4. From the Diary of Anne Frank
  5. The Hundred Dresses I
  6. The Hundred Dresses II
  7. Glimpses of India
  8. Mijbil the Otter
  9. Madam Rides the Bus
  10. The Sermon at Benares
  11. The Proposal

First Flight (Poem)

  1. Dust of snow
  2. Fire and Ice
  3. A Tiger in the Zoo
  4. How to Tell Wild Animals
  5. The Ball Poem
  6. Amanda
  7. Animals
  8. The Trees
  9. Fog
  10. The Tale of Custard the Dragon
  11. For Anne Gregory

CBSE Question Paper 2011 Class 10 English Language and Literature

Time allowed: 3 hours
Maximum marks: 100


(i) The Question Paper is divided into four Sections.
Section A: Reading Comprehension 15 marks
Section B: Writing 15 marks
Section C: Grammar 15 marks
Section D: Literature/Text Books 35 marks

(ii) All questions are compulsory.

(iii) Marks are indicated against each question.


(Reading) (15 Marks)

1. Read the passage given below and choose the most appropriate answer to each question out of the options that follow: 1×5=5

In ancient times, the Olympics were associated with Greek religious festivals. Life in ancient Greece revolved around their gods. The Greeks believed that their gods were immortal and more powerful than human beings. They honored their gods with festivals devoted to sports. The most important of these festivals were the four national festivals. They were open to sportsmen from all Greek regions and colonies. Each of the festivals was held at a different place and was celebrated in honor of a particular god. The Olympic Games were held in Olympia which was an important religious center in ancient Greece. A magnificent temple was built there in honor of the god, Zeus. He was regarded as the ruler of both gods and men. People tried to please Zeus by excelling in sports, and many contests of skill and strength were held. It was believed that the Olympic Games were founded by the Greek hero, Hercules who was known as the son of the god, Zeus. He performed twelve seemingly impossible tasks to become the greatest of all Greek heroes. He cleaned in a single day King Augeas’ stables which were an impossible task. The king was fabulously rich and had thousands and thousands of animals. So his stables were extremely dirty and full of stink. Hercules redirected the course of the river, Alpheus through the stables of the king. All the muck and dirt were washed out in a single day. To celebrate this achievement he started the Olympic Games in honor of his father, Zeus.

(a) The Greeks celebrated festivals devoted to sport to……………….

(i) gain physical strength

(ii) honor their gods

(iii) get power

(iv) become immortal

(b) In ancient Greece, the Olympic Games were held………………….

(i) in Greek regions

(ii) in colonies

(iii) at religious centers

(iv) at Olympia

(c) They honored Zeus by………………

(i) building magnificent temples

(ii) excelling in sports

(iii) excelling in contests of skill and strength

(iv) doing all the above things

(d) The impossible task performed by Hercules was ………………. .

(i) the cleaning of Augeas’ stables in a day

(ii) removing the muck and dirt from the king’s stables

(iii) redirecting the course of the river through the stables

(iv) All of the above

(e) The word/phrase in the passage which means ‘deathless’ is……………….

(i) gods

(ii) immortal

(iii) human beings

(iv) religious center

2. Read the poem given below and choose the most appropriate answer to each question out of the options that follow: 1×5 = 5

Oh, books, what books they used to know,

Those children living long ago!

So please, oh please, we beg, we pray,

Go throw your TV set away,

And in its place, you can install

A lovely bookshelf on the wall.

Then fill the shelves with lots of books,

Ignoring all the dirty looks,…

Fear not, because we promise you

That, in about a week or two

Of having nothing else to do,

They’ll now begin to feel the need

Of having something to read.

And once they start – oh boy, oh boy!

You watch the slowly growing joy

That fills their hearts. They’ll grow so keen

They’ll wonder what they’d ever seen

In that ridiculous machine …..

Roald Dahl

(a) The word ‘they’ in the first line refers to………………….

(i) writers

(ii) children living in the present times

(iii) children living in the olden days

(iv) parents of children

(b) The poet wants the TV set to be replaced with………………

(i) gadgets

(ii) bookshelves filled with lots of books

(iii) bookshelves

(iv) showcases

(c) The poet is sure that the children would begin to read the books within a week or two because of they……………………..

(i) will have no other work

(ii) will have no television

(iii) will have books on the shelves

(iv) with no work, will feel the need for something to read

(d) Once the children start reading they will get………………………

(i) joy

(ii) surprise

(iii) excitement

(iv) thrill

(e) The tone of the poem is……………..

(i) sad

(ii) humorous

(iii) happy

(iv) satirical

3. Read the passage given below: 1×5=5

Once a carpenter went looking for a job. He approached a building contractor and got a job at a decent salary and good working conditions. The carpenter was thrilled and determined to do his best. His boss provided him with tools and showed him the place where he was supposed to work.

At the end of the first day, the carpenter prepared fifteen doors. His boss was happy with his performance and congratulated him. The carpenter tried harder the next day but he was able to prepare only 10 doors. The third day he tried even harder, but he could prepare only seven. Day after day he was preparing less and fewer doors.

“I must be losing my strength,” the carpenter though. He went to the boss and apologized, saying that he could not understand what was going on. “When was the last time when you sharpened your tools ?” the boss asked. “Sharpen! 1 had no time to sharpen my tools. 1 has been busy trying to prepare doors,” said the carpenter. Most of us never update our skills. We think that whatever we have learned is enough.

Complete the following sentences based on your reading of the passage in your own words.

(a) The carpenter approached the building contractor because ……………

(b) The carpenter became extremely happy because of he …………………….

(c) The boss congratulated him because ………………………

(d) His boss advised him ……………………….

(e) The word in the passage which means the same as ‘asked someone for something’ is ……………….

(Writing) 15 Marks

4. You are Madhur / Madhurika living at 53, Niti Apartments, Hyderabad. Write a letter in not more than 100 words to your friend telling him/her about a very interesting storybook that you have recently finished reading. 6


A number of accidents take place due to low hanging high tension electric wires in the city. Write a letter in not more than 100 words to the editor of a national daily advocating the need for the removal of these wires from near the residential areas. You are Ankur / Akriti, living at 15, Main Road, Khajoori Khas, Delhi.

5. The prices of the items of daily consumption such as milk, vegetables, pulses etc. have been skyrocketing for the last several months making it difficult for the common man to survive. Write an article in not more than 120 words expressing your views and suggesting solutions. You are Meghraj / Meghna. 6


Malaria and dengue fever which greatly affect the children are most common during the rainy season. Write a speech in not more than 120 words to be delivered in the morning assembly to create awareness among the students about these diseases. You may take help from the notes given below. You are Prerna / Pranav.

  • waterborne diseases, caused by mosquito bite
  • dengue mosquitoes breed in clean water and bite during daytime
  • don’t let water accumulate in coolers, plants, anywhere at home or in the neighborhood
  • cover all containers
  • cover the whole body – wear full-sleeved clothing
  • use mosquito repellents and mosquito nets

6. Your area was greatly affected due to flood in the Kosi river. There was a great loss of life and property. The students of your school rendered service and support to the victims. Write a report in about 80 words for your school magazine. You are Poonam / Prerit, Secretary of the Cultural Society of D.A.V. Sr. Sec. School, Patna. 


Tomorrow is your grandmother’s birthday. The children of your family want to celebrate it with great enthusiasm but without letting her know about the preparation you want to make. Write a dialogue, in about 80 words, which you might have with your family members about the plans that you have in your mind. You are Ankit / Anjali.

(Reading) 15 Marks

7. Read the passage given below. Fill in the blanks by choosing the most appropriate word/words from the given options. ½x6 = 3

A large number of scientists gathered at Lakpat in Gujarat (a) ………………. the view of the last eclipse of the twentieth century. This place (b) ……………. to be the best as the totality there would be the (c)………………. They (d) ……………….. there to study the phenomenon. But they (e) ……………… because of the clouds (f) ………………… the clear view of the eclipse.

(a) (i) see (ii) has seen (iii) to see (iv) seems

(b) (i) was considered (ii) had considered (iii) consider (iv) considered

(c) (i) longer (ii) longest (iii) more longer (iv) lengthier

(d) (i) are going (ii) were going (iii) were gone (iv) had gone

(e) (i) were disappointed (ii) disappointed (iii) had disappointed (iv) have disappointed

(f) (i) have blocked (ii) blocked (iii) were blocked (iv) block

8. Given below are the notes taken by a reporter regarding the speedy disposal of the court cases by a judge in Andhra Pradesh. Study the given notes and complete the following paragraph by filling in the spaces from the given options. 1×3=3

  • a junior judge cleared 111 cases creating a world record
  • cases include thefts, street brawls, and road accidents
  • imposed fines in 78 cases
  • acquitted the accused in 32 cases Speedy disposal of court cases

111 cases related to thefts, street brawls and road accidents (a) ……………….. by a junior judge in Manglagiri town in Andhra Pradesh on Thursday creating a world record. In 78 cases fines (b) ……………………….. and in the remaining 33 cases the accused (c)…………………………… He was lenient with those who admitted the crime. If we had a few more of these judges, there would be no backlog left.

(a) (i) cleared

(ii) were being cleared

(iii) were cleared

(iv) had been cleared

(b) (i) were imposed

(ii) have been imposed

(iii) were being imposed

(iv) had been imposed

(c) (i) are acquitted

(ii) were being acquitted

(iii) had been acquitted

(iv) were acquitted

9. The following passage has not been edited. There is an error in each line against which a blank is given. Write the incorrect word and the correction in your answer sheet against the correct blank number as given in the example. Remember to underline the word that you have supplied. ½x6 = 3

When Saina Nehwal land in e.g. land – landed

Hyderabad, his face was radiant (a) ______ _______

of joy and happiness. The warm (b) ______ _______

welcome who she received made (c) ______ _______

her emotional. She said if she (d) ______ _______

hadn’t expected to seeing so (e) ______ _______

many people which had travelled (f) ______ _______

all the way to congratulate her.

10. Look at the words and phrases given below. Rearrange them to form meaningful sentences as shown. 1×3 = 3

For example:

person / physically / a / was / she / handicapped

She was a physically handicapped person.

(a) sat up / chair / wheel/in a / she / so

(b) an / took her / brother / her / apple / orchard / to

(c) a tree / with / laden / saw / red apple / she

11. Read the following dialogue between Garima and Karan. Complete the dialogue by filling in the gaps appropriately. 1×3 = 3

Garima: So, after a decade in the industry, are you truly ‘satisfied’?

Karan: I love the film industry. It has its flaws though.

Garima: What do you mean by this statement?

Karan: We are a bunch of competitive, ambitious, sometimes petty people.

But the passion cements us together.

Garima asked Karan if after a decade in the industry (a) ………………..

Karan told her (b) ……………….. although it had its flaws. Garima then enquired

(c) …………….. Karan explained that they were a bunch of competitive, ambitious, sometimes petty people but the passion cemented them together.


(Literature/Text Books) 35 Marks

12. (a) Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow. 1×4=4

We kids would be pushed aside with a mild rebuke and the loaves would be delivered to the servant. But we would not give up. We would climb a bench or the parapet and peep into the basket, somehow. I can still recall the typical fragrance of those loaves. Loaves for the elders and the bangles for the children.

(i) Who are ‘we’ in the passage?

(ii) Why were the children pushed aside?

(iii) Why did they still follow the baker?

(iv) Which word/phrase in the passage means the same as ‘an expression of disapproval/a scolding’?

(b) Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow. 1×4 = 4

LOMOV : [greatly moved] Honoured Stepan Stepanovitch, do you think I may count on her consent?

CHUBUKOV: Why, of course, my darling, and… as if she won’t consent!

She’s in love; Egad, she’s like a lovesick cat, and so on.

Shan’t belong!

(i) What does Lomov want to be assured of?

(ii) Why does he want this assurance?

(iii) Why is Chubukov sure of Natalya’s consent?

(iv) Which word in the passage means the same as ‘agree’?

13. Read the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow by choosing the most appropriate options. Attempt any two: 3×2 = 6

(A) Custard the dragon had big sharp teeth,

And spikes on top of him and scales underneath,

Mouth like a fireplace, chimney for a nose,

And realio, trulio daggers on his toes.

(a) The above lines tell us about ………………… .

(i) kitten

(ii) mouse

(iii) dog

(iv) Custard

(b) It is a description of the ………………. .

(i) the appearance of the dragon

(ii) the courage of the dragon

(iii) the heroism of the dragon

(iv) the cowardice of the dragon

(c) The rhyme scheme of the stanza is ………………….. .

(i) a a ; a b

(ii) a b ; a b

(iii) a a ; b b

(iv) a b ; b b

(B) The fog comes

on little cat feet.

It sits looking

over harbour and city

(a) “It” in the above lines refers to …………………. .

(i) the cat

(ii) the harbour

(iii) the fog

(iv) the city

(b) Like a cat, it moves ………………….. .

(i) silently

(ii) upward

(iii) very fast

(iv) over harbour and city

(c) “It sits looking … .” The poetic device used here is ……………. .

(i) simile

(ii) personification

(iii) metaphor

(iv) alliteration

(C) So they show their relations to me and I accept them.

They bring me tokens of myself, they evince

them plainly in their possession.

(a) In the above lines ‘they’ stand for ………………….. .

(i) listeners

(ii) audience

(iii) animals

(iv) viewers

(b) The author feels related to them as they remind him of …………………. .

(i) his ego

(ii) the basic qualities of his nature

(iii) inhuman characteristics

(iv) his greed

(c) They seem to possess those qualities which man has chosen to …………………. .

(i) ignore

(ii) deny

(iii) drop

(iv) All of the above

14. Answer any three of the following questions in about 40 – 50 words each: 2×3 = 6

(a) Describe Coorg’s weather. When is it the most pleasant for the tourists to visit Coorg?

(b) What is the Chinese legend associated with the discovery of tea?

(c) Why did Prince Siddhartha Gautama leave the palace and become a beggar?

(d) The author says: ‘The baker and his family never starved.’ Why does he say so? Give reasons.

15. Answer the following question in about 80 words: [5]

How did the otter behave in the beginning? How did he become familiar with the author?


What kind of person is Valli? Illustrate your answer from the text that you have read.

16. Answer the following question in about 80 words: [4]

What does Bill say about Lutkin’s character to the narrator?


On the basis of your understanding of the story, sketch the character of Bholi.

17. Answer any two of the following questions in 40 – 50 words each: 3×2 = 6

(a) According to the author, what are the qualities that go into the making of a scientist?

(b) Why did Jeanne not recognize her friend, Matilda?

(c) How does Think-Tank interpret the library found by his crew on Earth? Why does he ask Omega to eat a book?

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Last Year Question Paper Class 10 English Language and Literature

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