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CBSE Psychology syllabus to follow NCERT Text-Book

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The committee of courses of psychology subject has decided to adopt the format of the NCERT textbook and therefore each topic has been renamed as per the NCERT textbooks. For detailed curriculum document 2015-16 may be referred to.

The content titled- ‘Application of Psychology to following areas : Sports, Education, communication’ – from the CBSE supplementary reading material has not been included in the curriculum.

Since some components of the curriculum seem irrelevant or age-inappropriate and are also not a part of the NCERT textbook, thus, they have been removed from the curriculum document

These are Removed

Class XI-Globalization

Diversity and pluralism in the Indian Context

Class XII-Internet addiction

Prevention of mental disorders

The weightage of each unit has also been specified rather than clubbing them

Further, the domain of ‘Evaluation and Multi-Disciplinary’ has been modified to ‘Evaluation’ in the question paper design.

Download New Syllabus for Psychology class-11 Here

Download New Syllabus for Psychology class-12 Here

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