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CBSE New Exam pattern 2019-20

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The draft of CBSE new exam pattern 2019-20 has been released in the first week of March 2019. The detailed curriculum and blueprint will be available in April 2019. As per the new exam pattern, CBSE has given more weight to school-based assessment and objective type questions.

Internal Assessment in All Subjects

The internal assessment was part of CBSE assessment system but it was not available in all the subjects. Class 12 English, Mathematics, Political Science are some examples with no internal assessment. Now, in the new scheme of assessment all the subjects will have 25% (20 Marks out of total 100) marks for internal assessment. Thus, in March 2020 exam, CBSE will conduct board exam for 80 marks only. However, some science subjects and fine arts will continue to be of 70 and 30 marks.

Internal Choice in Question Paper

CBSE introduced internal choice in 33% questions in the year 2019. The same will continue in 2020 too. This has been extended to all the subjects. Now students will find 33% internal choice in all the sections in the question paper in all subjects. Thus, students will have plenty of options to choose the questions. This will help them to answer the question that they know better. Means, the overall difficulty level of the question paper will be reduced by 33 percent.

Objective Type questions

Another good news for students is, CBSE will put 25% objective type questions including multiple-choice questions in all the subjects. It means, there will be at least 20 Marks questions out of total 80 marks will be objective type questions. Now the subjective questions where students need to write detailed answer will carry only 60 marks. In other words, the overall 60% of assessment need to write answers in detail. Rest 40% is objective type and internal assessment.

Why the assessment process changed?

Let’s find out the need for change in the assessment process. As per CBSE circular, the Board has always stressed that its students must acquire the skills of critical thinking, problem-solving, analyzing information, collaboration, effective communication, developing curiosity and imagination as part of the learning process. Further, there is a need for exposing the students to different types and formats of questions in the year-end/Board examination, so that a large range of learning outcomes can be assessed. CBSE also emphasized on future-ready assessment tools to get ready for PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) in 2021.

Is it Really Helpful?

We know that all competitive and entrance exams have exactly opposite assessment process that of adopted by CBSE in schools. CBSE assess the students on subjective questions whereas, after school, students face objective questions in exams. The gap between two different assessment processes is filled by private coaching institutes. Students have no option. They have to join these so-called gateways to success along with their schools as the school syllabus do not teach them how to tackle objective questions in entrance exams.

Yes, the new initiative will certainly help students get ready for the assessment process after school exams.

CBSE Sample Papers 2019-20

We are working on CBSE model question papers for the session 2019 and 2020. The latest sample question papers are being prepared as per the new syllabus. CBSE sample papers for board exams give you an idea about the question paper pattern and difficulty level of the actual board exam paper. Download latest CBSE sample question papers 2020 from myCBSEguide App or student dashboard now.

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55 thoughts on “CBSE New Exam pattern 2019-20”

  1. Respected Sir/Madam
    I want to clear something as a parents that if it possible for a student to take only five subjects in class 9 & 10. including two languages. Like in Punjab state punjabi is must till class 10. so if a student can go with English, Maths, Science, S.St, Punjabi only.
    Please clear my doubt regarding this. If is it possible or not ?
    Warm Regards
    Ms. Jasvinder Kaur

  2. “The draft of CBSE new exam pattern 2019-20 has been released in the first week of March 2019.” – Where is this released? Dont see it on the CBSE website. Please confirm..

  3. One rumor spread that syllabus will be decreased for 2019-20.Is it true? When will we get updated syllabus?

  4. What is the solution when some schools ommit hindi frim their grade 9th and 10th syllabus in punjab.
    Is there are so.e cbse guidlines about this

  5. Thanks CBSE I love you ??? agar ek do chapter physics ke aur kam ho jaye to maza aa jayge ga aur plz iss bar paper easy St karna?

  6. Respected Sir /Madam
    I want to suggest you that when you are going to release the datesheet of class 12 for the session 2019-20, please see that there is atleast two-three holidays between the subjects of humanities stream. Please think about humanities students also.
    Thank you

  7. thank you cbse for your great concern on our 12th syllabus.In this way we are also prepared somehow for the competitive type of exam.

  8. Appearing 2020 board exam with math, SC, sst. English, odia as language is possible or any problem in two languages selection.

  9. Respected sir/madam I want to clear that whether the novel is deleted from class 12 or not sir /madam please clear my doubt if possible

  10. by improvise math paper of 80 marks we disrespect the subject mathematics .now children become to lean to attempt 100 marks .this neww system is not good

  11. Plz tell me solid state chapter is remove from chemistry class 12 in new pattern 2019-2020,, its true or not

  12. Solid state chapter is more important for competition as because previous questions have many questions belongs to that chapter

  13. Sir/Madam,a news is in air that the practical exams will be conducted in our board exam centres..is it true?

  14. Dear Sir/Ma’am
    I want to the exam pattern of class Xth session 2019-20. In detail

    And syllabus of all subjects.

  15. Respect sir/mam plzz make easy question papers for board exams of session 2019-2020 so all student can pass in 10th with great percentage for future jobs so please sir/mam

  16. thank u soo much for this new pattern I think this will will really work in a good way but its came to know that most important topics of politicial science like democracy had been removed thats very wrong

  17. Dear Team CBSE,does it apply to private candidate also ,if the same has failed in first attempt in 2018-2019,plz reply

  18. Will there be any difference in the grading and marking system in the comming year 2019-2020 in class 10and 12

  19. There is no information about fine art ( painting, sculpture) grading and mark systems of class 12 2019-2020.

  20. When cbse Released Sample Paper for Session 2019-20 of Computer Science with Python???

  21. Dear sir/mam
    I m shweta of class 12 I m a humanities stream I wanna ask that in 20 marks objective type in subjects like history ,economic ,and political science .there will be only MCQ or some division of objective like 5 marks fill ups,five marks true false or 5 marks one word etc etc
    I hope uh will reply soon
    Thanking you
    Shweta Singh .

  22. Dear CBSC
    Plz.change the pattern of board.plz.dont leave any marks in the hands of school.i request u to please follow the old pattern of 100 marks paper . Schools did injustice with the marks .Our school kids got 77/80 in board exam.n School 13/20.(corruption).plz pay attention n don’t allow school to play with the future of kid’s.Thanks a ton in advance.


  23. Dear sir / Madam I am agreed with all changes but while setting the time table for 2019-20 student please give proper gaps between all subjects .2. Physics should be 1st paper. 3. Please provide the time table to the students in the month November ,so that students will make proper statergy for their preparation. Regards to team cbse

  24. I want to know that is a student of class 11 able to take english core and English elective both

  25. Dear sir/madam I want that please provide sample papers of all subject till end of July for students.I gratitude for new exam pattern

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