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CBSE issued Sample Papers for class-XII 2015 Board Exam

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CBSE has issued sample papers for class-12 March 2015 board examination. The sample papers are made available for almost all important subjects in class-XII. This year, CBSE has made many changes in marking scheme and question paper pattern applicable from 2015 exam.

It is easy to find sample papers for popular subjects but the we are providing you the sample question papers for the subjects which are not much popular and you may not find them anywhere else. These sample question papers are issued by CBSE for class-12 examination to be held in March 2015.

Click Here to Download sample papers for following subjects :

  • Biotechnology Sample Papers
  • Creative Writing Sample Papers
  • Fashion Studies Sample Papers
  • French Sample Papers
  • German Sample Papers
  • Graphic Design Sample Papers
  • Heritage Craft Sample Papers
  • Human Rights and Gender Studies Sample Papers

Click Here to Download sample papers for following subjects :

  • Japanese Sample Papers
  • Legal Studies Sample Papers
  • Mass Media Studies Sample Papers
  • NCC Sample Papers
  • Philosophy Sample Papers
  • Psychology Sample Papers
  • Punjabi Sample Papers
  • Theatre Studies Sample Papers
  • Urdu Core Sample Papers
  • Urdu Elective Sample Papers
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