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CBSE Grading System : Scheme of Grading

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As a matter of fact the Board has been preparing itself and all the stakeholders for a change to move over from numerical marking system to grading system during the past few years by creating a climate of acceptance.  The Board has already in a phased manner, introduced the grading system based on absolute marks up to class VIII.

Now, therefore, the CBSE, in consultation with  the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India has decided to introduce nine point grading system.

In this system, student’s performance will be  assessed using conventional  numerical marking mode, and the same will be later converted into the grades on the basis of the pre-determined marks ranges as detailed below :-

91-100 —————  A1 —————– 10.0
81-90  —————– A2 —————– 9.0
71-80  —————– B1—————–  8.0
61-70  —————– B2 —————– 7.0
51-60  —————– C1 —————– 6.0
41-50  —————– C2 —————– 5.0
33-40  —————– D ——————- 4.0
21-32  —————– E1 —————–  —
20 and below  ——- E2  —————– —

The Board has decided to introduce the above grading scheme at Secondary level for classes IX & X from the current academic year 2009-10.  Accordingly, the “Statement of Subject wise Performance” to be issued by the Board w.e.f. the Class X Examination 2010 will have only grades.

Similarly, the schools are also directed to introduce the above Grading Scheme in the evaluation of their students  in Class IX under the scheme of CCE as detailed in the Circular No. 39 dated 20th September, 2009

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20 thoughts on “CBSE Grading System : Scheme of Grading”

  1. this is not fair at all for competitive students. this leaves on you a responsibility to agree to our very fair request. there should definitely be a choice for a student to opt for the earlier marking system.

  2. it’s not correct.due to this system no one would try to get full marks&everyone would be sailing in the same boat.

  3. it’s not fair. no one will study hard to pass out and attention towards studies will decrease instead of increasing. marking system helps to differntiate in good & better.

  4. this is not correct as one getting 91 and one getting 100 will now get the same grade so now why one would study hard to get full marks when those 100 marks will not even be reflected in the marksheet?????????

  5. if this is to save the students scoreing less marks from frustation what about the students those who wants to be at the top. those scoring 91 and those scoring 100 will be getting the same grade howcome we’re going to know who are the toppers of schools and zones..

  6. Earlier CBSE syllabus is vast, but good. The new CCE, there is lot of waste of time for Formative assesment ,complicative and not competitive.. Earlier system is far better than CCE.

  7. The information you providing through this site is very useful. The new grade system introduced by CBSE is healthy.I appreciate the authorities. In the older system there was much scope for parents show rather than their children’s capability. Really it was horrible.


  8. The new system of grading will make both students and teachers lazy and without a competative sprit in this competative world.Experts who introduce such system blindly imitatating western system but should understand indians all over the world flourishing in top positions only because of our system. So i stongly oppose the new system.

    unni krishna pillai-yemen

  9. yes this new system is useless and it only makes the students lazy and aimless.all they have 2 do is to score 91 to get A1 grade,then what is the difference between the one who scores 100 and the one who scores 91.This system is not at all fair…..

  10. every thing is clear….
    its not fair,not good,
    nevertheless,very good…
    this system is not good.students wiil not wiil able to know their percent marks.board should cancell this

  11. This is unfair for toppers. Cgpa system is totally unfair. A person may have got 90 in one subject and 100 in others. But he doesnt get recognition as he has got one A2. But a student who has got 91 or 92 or 93 in all 5 subjects seems to be better than the 1st student as he has got A1 in all 5 subjects. Total injustice. I wonna know ma marks.

  12. Wen will dey do justice . I got 100 in all ( 95 in hindi ) except english then also i got less recog then my classmate who got A1 in all only by 91-92 marks . Total mayhem dis system is

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