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CBSE Datesheet 2013 Exam for class 10

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CBSE Class 10 datesheet. CBSE has issued datesheet for March 2013 annual exam. Download CBSE class 10 datesheet for 2013 exam using the link below. The class 10 exam will begin on March 01, 2013 with Painting as first exam. Last exam for class 10 will be conducted on March 15, 2013 for Home Science. There is only one day gap between social science and science exam. Social Science exam is on 12th March and Science exam will be conducted on 14th March, 2013.

CBSE Class 10 Date Sheet 2013

CBSE Datesheet for class 12 is available below :

CBSE Class 12 Date Sheet 2013


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25 thoughts on “CBSE Datesheet 2013 Exam for class 10”

  1. i hate the timetable like hellll!!! this is unfaair! every year CBSE sends a timetable where the gap is of about 11 days or atleast 5 days for the main subjects and now it looks like they have got a PERSONAL GRUDGE against our badge..new rules, new systems, new regulations, all are put up only when our badge steps into another level n now when we the 10th graders have step up into this level where BOARD EXAMS mean alot to everybody, CBSE has again showed up its PERSONAL GRUDGE against us! tooo meaan!! :@

  2. great ……time table but studing for exams is horrible we all becomeso tired ………… plsssssssssssss remove the boards

  3. studying 10th…….am a frm kerala!!!!and our sitution is too horrible!!!!11th will be malayalam xam and 12th will be social xam!!!!!to revise social ..we have only got i night!!!!!!

  4. itssss tooo baddddd …….. plz chnageeee thee timeeee for class 10 the syllabus is too lentheeyyy…………

  5. exactly frenz………………i don’t know why is cbse focusing on troubling us.Not even a second to breathe…!!!!! only help cbse could do is making the evaluation liberal . . . if a speck of mercy remains plzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

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