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CBSE Compartment Exam 2023

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CBSE will conduct a compartment exam in July 2023. Students can apply for the same from 16th May 2023 onwards. There are some changes CBSE has made as per the NEP-2020. Let’s discuss the major changes.

CBSE Supplementary Exam 2023

Supplementary Exam

CBSE has renamed the compartment exam and improvement exam as Supplementary Exam. As suggested in NEP-2020, CBSE is now using some soft alternates as the word failed is replaced with Essential Repeat. In the same way, now CBSE will call it a supplementary exam.

CBSE will conduct the supplementary exam in the month of July. You will get the exact date within 1-2 weeks from the date of declaration of the annual exam result.

Compartment Exam

As discussed, CBSE has renamed the compartment exam to the supplementary exam. So, the compartment exam is now the supplementary exam and it will be conducted in the month of July. You can check CBSE previous year papers to get an idea about the exam.

Improvement Exam

Now, CBSE will give the option to sit for improvement of the marks too. So, it is also combined with the supplementary exam that will be held in the month of July. We have model question papers for CBSE exams. You can try them too.

Eligibility for Supplementary Exams

Class 12

Here, class XII students will get a chance to improve their performance in ONE subject in the supplementary examination.

  1. All the students who are placed in the Supplementary category.
  2. Other students who wish to improve their performance.

Class 10

Here, class X students will get a chance to improve their performance in TWO subjects in the supplementary examination.

  1. All the students who are placed in the Supplementary category.
  2. Other students who wish to improve their performance.

Supplementary Exam Syllabus

The syllabus of the supplementary exam will remain the same as the annual exam. You will get around 50-60 days to prepare again for your exams. It is fair enough to score better marks. You should start your studies and focus on the weak areas. We suggest that you must complete the NCERT book once again and then attempt some past year papers. You should also re-attempt the annual exam paper and check where you need to put more effort.

Here, myCBSEguide notes and sample papers will surely help you score good marks if you practice them on a regular basis.

Compartment Vs Annual Exam

Some people in your circle may mislead you by saying that compartment exam papers are always difficult as compared to the annual board exam papers. But it is not true. There is no difference in terms of difficulty level, syllabus coverage, marks, weightage and format of the paper. It is 100% similar.

Yes, if you would like to find any difference even after that, we have one big difference to tell. It is that the annual exam is conducted in the month of Feb-March and the compartment exam is conducted in July. That’s all. There is no other difference.

The moral of the story is that don’t take the compartment exam as a special exam. It is the same as the annual exam only. Just focus on your weak areas and practice questions as much as possible. You can win and you will definitely win.

CBSE Rechecking Form 2023

CBSE has issued rechecking forms for both classes 10 and 12. Here are the complete details regarding the rechecking process:

Class 10 Rechecking Form 2023

Class 12 Rechecking Form 2023


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  4. SIR,
    if 6 subject is taken by a individual then will he able to give one compartment and one improvement exam

  5. SIR,
    if a individual has taken 6 subjects in class 12 then, will he able to give one compartment and one improvement exam.
    Please do reply

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    And I have a additional subject commercial art and we get a pass as a result and rt in maths
    And this rt marksheet is valid for ssc in government job
    And can I give supplementary exam this year??

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  10. Sir, if the marks scored in improvement exam is relatively less to the actual marks then the marks will be deducted or the best among two would be considered

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    Main kuch samjh nahi pa raha sir.. Plzz. Reply

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