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CBSE Class X Students to get Answer Sheet by Email

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CBSE Class X Students will be able to request for the evaluated copies to be emailed to them.

Come 2013, Class X students of Delhi can get their evaluated CBSE answer-sheets delivered to their inboxes in case of doubt or controversy.
This will be a pilot run for the CBSE’s move to digitize all answer-sheets and introduce a digital marking system to minimize errors in evaluation. The system will be extended to Class XII Board exams in 2014.
A senior CBSE official said they planned to cover all 2.5 lakh Class X boards answer -sheets soon. The present system of manual evaluation of one answer-sheet by one teacher will be done away with and each answer-sheet will be evaluated by multiple teachers instead.
The answer-sheets will be first converted into a digital format to give access to multiple evaluators. Each evaluator will be allotted a specific section. “For example, a physics teacher will evaluate only the physics part of the science paper and so on. As only experts would be doing the job, the scope for error will be minimized,” About 50,000 students in Delhi will take the Class X board exams in 2013. So far, they could only get photocopies of their evaluated answer-sheets after the results. “Till now, students could get photocopies within 15 days of applying for them. But 2013 onwards, they will be able to request for the evaluated copies to be emailed to them. This will save paper and time,”

Source : TOI

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