CBSE class-12 Accountancy 2015 Question Paper

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CBSE class-12 Accountancy 2015 Question Paper Solution will be provided by myCBSEguide on Monday, April 06, 2015. The complete solution for board exam question paper will be made available by the evening on Monday. Students can check their answers and download the solution,  the very same day.

CBSE class-12 Accountancy 2015

Class-12 Accountancy board exam will be conducted on April 06, 2015. The 80 marks question paper for accountancy will have to be completed in 3 hours.

There will be 8 one mark, 4 three marks, 5 four marks, 4 six marks and 2 eight marks questions. Thus, the question paper will consist of 23 questions. Remaining 20 marks will be given for project work.

Total 16 marks are allocated to HOTS questions. 1 eight marks question and 1 six marks question will be from HOTS, so students must practice such questions as much as possible.

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