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CBSE Class-11 Admission Rules

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CBSE class-10 result awaiting students must know what stream will you get in class-11. Here are the rules for admission in class-11 in CBSE schools.

Admission to class XI in a school shall be open only to such a student who has:

  1. Obtained minimum Grade D in at least five subjects of external examination (excluding the 6th additional
    subject) as per the Scheme of Studies and a Qualifying Certificate/ Grade Sheet cum Certificate of
    Performance at the Secondary School (Class X) Examination conducted by this Board/ School affiliated to
    this Board.
  2. Has passed an equivalent examination conducted by any other recognised Board of Secondary Education/Indian University and recognised by this Board as equivalent to its secondary school examination.Notwithstanding anything contained in the rules above, Chairman shall have the powers to permit admission in Class XI in respect of such students who have opted for not appearing for the Secondary School examination conducted by the Board but changing school after passing the Secondary School examination conducted by a school affiliated to the Board on grounds of shifting of family from one place to another, transfer of parent(s), for better academic performance or on medical grounds, etc., to avoid undue hardship to the candidate(s).



Admissions in different Streams viz. Science, Commerce, Humanities of Class XI in KVs for KV students who have passed Class X will be regulated as follows:

a. The merit list will be drawn / prepared as per CGPA obtained by applicant in CBSE/Class X results in every School.

b. The Seats will be allotted as per the rank in the merit list prepared as at (a) above vis-a-vis number of vacancies available in a particular stream in the Vidyalaya and as per the option of stream exercised by the student. However, the Class Strength will be fixed by the Principal of the Kendriya Vidyalaya concerned in following manner:

The total No. of applications received from students of the same KV, from neighbouring KVs which are upto Class X or not having the desired stream, if any, plus no. of students failed and detained, etc. in class XI (including all streams) would be divided by the number of sections of class XI available in the KV (including Science, Commerce and Humanities streams) and the quotient arrived at, will be the maximum strength of each section of class XI of that KV of each stream.

For example, if 200 applications are received from same KV and neighbouring KV which is upto Class X and 12 students failed in class XI (including all streams in the school) and 4 sections of class XI ( 2 Science, 1 Commerce and 1 Humanities) are available, then 200+12 = 212/4 = 53

53 would be fixed as maximum strength of each section of Class XI. However, the maximum strength to be fixed should not be less than 40.

Thus a combined merit list (including students from neighbouring school which are up to class X or not having desired streams) would be prepared. As per the option given by the students and maximum number per section as fixed (above), admission would be granted in each section (including detained students) e.g.: if 53 is the class strength fixed in a particular stream, 3 students are detained in that stream 53-3=50 students would be admitted (including students from neighbouring schools which are upto class X, if any)

c. Concessions wherever applicable shall be incorporated while preparing the Merit List.

d. In case of two or more candidates obtaining equal CGPA, the inter-se merit of such candidates may be determined as follows: (i) Candidates obtaining higher grade points in Maths will get precedence in admission. (ii) If two or more candidates have got the same grade points in Maths, then the candidates securing higher grades in Maths and Science taken together will get precedence over the others. (iii) In case of a tie between two or more candidates obtaining same grade points in maths and science taken together, the student older in age as per the D.O.B will be given precedence over the other.

e. Principal may admit children to class XI only up to the permitted class strength.

f. A student who was earlier not found eligible for admission to a particular stream may be allowed fresh admission to a particular stream in class XI in the next academic session, if he/she improves his/her performance within one year from the same Board.

Note: Informatics Practices as an elective subject is offered to all streams. Admission to this would be granted as per the combined merit list.

Computer Science / Bio-Technology, wherever available as an elective subject, is to be offered to students of Science Stream and admission would be granted as per combined merit list. Multi-media & Web-Designing Technology (wherever available) as elective subject may be offered to students of all the streams (Commerce, Humanities & Science) as per combined merit list.


(a) After accommodating all the eligible students of the KV concerned and other KVs in the entitled stream, fresh admissions to non-KV students would be allowed, if vacancy exists. Fresh admission for remaining vacancies would be made in the sequence of categories of priority on the basis of following Criteria :

i) Science Stream and Commerce Stream : A minimum of 8.0 CGPA.

ii) Humanities Stream : A minimum of 6.4 CGPA.

(b) In case vacancies remain, after admitting KV as well as non KV students by the above procedure, a lower CGPA of 6.0 for Science and Commerce streams and a CGPA of 5.4 for Humanities stream may be allowed.

(c) Concessions wherever applicable shall be incorporated while preparing the Merit List

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  3. If a student take admission in class 11th. If this student want to cancel his admission and want to get his document back then he is able to do this or not?

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