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CBSE Practice Papers 2023

CBSE has issued Practice Papers for the class 10 and 12 board exams for the session 2022-23. These practice papers are different from the sample papers issued earlier. What are CBSE Practice Papers 2023? As you know CBSE issues one sample paper for each subject every year. All these model question papers are already there … Read more

Class 10 English Sample Paper 2022-23

CBSE class 10 English has two courses. These are English Language & Literature and English Communicative. Here, in this article is about English Language and Literature. Here, we will discuss how to improve your grades using Class 10 English Sample Paper 2022-23. We know that this year CBSE will ask subjective questions too. So, only … Read more

Class 10 Science Sample Papers 2022-23

CBSE will conduct the board exam in March 2023. The format of the question paper will be the same as Class 10 Science Sample Papers 2022-23. As we know that CBSE has officially issued model question papers for the session 2022-23, it’s time for you to start practicing them as much as possible. Sample Paper … Read more

Class 10 Maths Sample Papers 2022-23

CBSE has two courses in class 10 Maths. These are Maths Basic and Maths Standard. You can get CBSE Class 10 Maths Sample Papers 2022-23 from myCBSEguide for both Basic and Standard courses. We have designed them as per the latest marking scheme and blueprint issued for the session 2022-23. Sample Paper of Maths Class … Read more

ई-मेल लेखन के उदाहरण – कक्षा 10 हिन्दी

ई-मेल लेखन – कक्षा 10 हिन्दी कक्षा 10 हिन्दी  में ई-मेल लेखन से संबंधित एक प्रश्न पूछा जाता है। Email Lekhan के इस प्रश्न को कैसे हल  करें कि आप पूरे अंक प्राप्त कर सकें? आइये इस लेख के माध्यम से समझते हैं। Email Lekhan carries one 5 mark question in CBSE class 10 Hindi … Read more

CBSE Class 10 IT (402) Sample Paper 2022-23

Class 10 IT (402) Sample Paper 2022-23 has two parts. The first part of Information Technology (subject code 402) will have 10 marks and the section part of the class 10 Information Technology sample paper will carry 40 marks. These parts are: PART A – EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS (10 MARKS) PART B – SUBJECT-SPECIFIC SKILLS (40 … Read more

Class 12 English Core Sample Paper 2022-23

You will definitely find lots of changes this year in CBSE Class 12 English Core Sample Paper 2022-23. The typology and pattern of questions have some big changes this year. CBSE has made Class 12 English Core Sample Paper 2023 more realistic and analytical as compared to previous years. Download Class 12 English Core Sample … Read more

CBSE Class 12 History Sample Paper 2022-23

You may have noticed that CBSE Class 12 History Sample Paper 2022-23 has some case study questions. The text of these case studies is from NCERT books only. Although Class 12 History Sample Paper 2022-23 followed this pattern yet the annual exam may have case studies from other sources too. History Model Question Paper 2023 … Read more

Class 12 Business Studies Sample Paper 2022-23

Students can download the latest Class 12 Business Studies Sample Paper 2023 from the myCBSEguide app and our student dashboard. Class 12 Business Studies is a very dynamic subject. If you go through the latest model question paper issued by CBSE for class 12 Business Studied, you will find that the pattern is really changed. … Read more

Class 12 Economics Sample Paper 2022-23

CBSE class 12 economics sample paper 2022-23 is available for free download on myCBSEguide App and Student Dashboard. This year CBSE has made some big changes in the typology of questions. Now Class 12 Economics will have subjective-type questions. Major Changes Class 12 Economics model question paper has some changes this year. These are There … Read more

Assessment of Listening and Speaking Skills

Apart from the writing skills, it is essential to judge a student’s communication skills. In the given article we shall discuss how to assess the learning and speaking skills of the class 10 student. CBSE formulated the ASL test in the year 2012 in all its affiliated schools in order to emphasize the importance of: … Read more

Competency Based Learning in CBSE Schools

The NEP 2020 made some major alterations to the existing education curriculum. It took a step to drift from an assessment system that is primarily centered around memorization and rote learning towards a more granular and formative form of assessment. It gave paramount importance to competency-based learning for the students and test their higher-order thinking … Read more

Writing A Debate Using Verbal or Visual Inputs

CBSE introduced debate /article writing questions based on verbal/visual inputs in recent years. Usually, the prescribed word limit for debate writing questions in the CBSE class 12 English examination is about 150-200 words. The reason for providing the students with input is as follows: It lays down general guidelines for the development of the debate … Read more

Richard Ebright – The Making of a Scientist

The chapter, The Making of A Scientist is present in the supplementary reader, Footprints without feet (English Class 10). It is written by Robert W. Peterson. You must download the myCBSEguide app to get the most important questions of this lesson.  Summary Of The Chapter, The Making of A Scientist The entire chapter revolves around … Read more

Writing a Diary Entry in English

Diary Entry is one of the writing skills asked in CBSE class 9 exams. We at myCBSEguide provide practice questions and model papers to CBSE students through the myCBSEguide app and student dashboard. You can download sample questions on diary entries from our mobile app and website. What is a Diary Entry? Diary Entry or … Read more

Letter of Enquiry Class 10

Letter writing is an essential component of class 10 English syllabus. CBSE has introduced the Enquiry letter in class 10 English question papers in recent years so as to enhance the student’s writing skills and impart their knowledge that would aid them on the professional front and in real-life scenarios.  What is an inquiry letter? … Read more

Analytical Paragraph Class 10 English

CBSE introduced analytical paragraph writing in the English question paper of class 10 board exams in recent years. The question would carry 5 marks and would enhance the analytical and reasoning skills of the students. Students can download the latest Analytical Paragraphs from the myCBSEguide App and our Student Dashboard.  The question would require the … Read more

Class 11 Physical Education Case Study Questions

Students can get CBSE class 11 Physical Education case study questions from the myCBSEguide app or our student dashboard. For students appearing for grade 11 CBSE exams from any stream, Physical Education is a viable option. The subject adds energy and provides mental relief to their stressful life. Physical education as a subject aspires the … Read more

Class 11 Sociology Case Study Questions

Case–based questions in the Sociology class 11 question paper if attempted with the right approach will for sure facilitate the students to score better and ace the subject. Class 11 forms the base for many fundamental topics that are studied at an advanced level in class 12. The best part of having case study questions … Read more

Class 12 Applied Mathematics Case Study Questions

Students’ competence abilities, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and logical reasoning, will be enhanced by the new addition of Class 12 Applied Mathematics Case Study Questions on the myCBSEguide App. Class 12 Applied Mathematics Case Study Questions are worth a lot of points, so make sure you understand them completely. With myCBSEguide, Class 12 Applied … Read more