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Ask and Answer Section in myCBSEguide.com

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Ask and Answer Section in myCBSEguide.com, Questions ! But don’t know whom to ask !! Simply post your exam and study related questions in our Ask & Answer section and get quick responses from experts and other website users.

Ask and Answer Section


myCBSEguide has just added “Ask and Answer” section to the site. We welcome all our stakeholders to ping your questions here and reply to the questions asked by other users.

The CBSE board exam results are about to release next week. You must have many queries about your exam result. We have already answered most of the frequently asked questions and posted them in Ask and answer section. If you have any specific question, just put it there. You will get many responses to choose from.

We are adding more questions to this section with expert answers. Keep in touch.

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95 thoughts on “Ask and Answer Section in myCBSEguide.com”

  1. Can you please publish the blueprint for economics for class 12 exam held in 2015 given to paper evaluaters/teachers

  2. i gave this years board exam 12 as a private candidate and i passed , so from where should i collect my tc and migration certificate

  3. Present 10th std students can take additional subject?
    Like, Fundamentals of Information Science.
    If, the answer is yes, whether they get the benefits of it.

  4. aadhar card is needed for class 11&12 registration my school name is VENKATESH and in aadhar card it is VENKATESH ‘RAJ’ does this affect or stop my registration

  5. I have passed class 12 this year in Phy che maths and i want to take bio as additional sub to appear for Neet is that possible for me to take Bio .plz Rep fast

  6. If we want to take additional subject in class 12 . Is it compulsory to take that additional subject in class 11 also

  7. My query is i have not submitted my recent photograph at the time of class 12 board registration so is it any problem i have to face in future please reply

  8. if i fail any of my main subject in class 12th example chemistry and pass my 6th subject..do i have to reappear for chemistry exam??

  9. If someone gives improvement will the marksheet show that the student has appeared for improvement

  10. Hello ,
    I have taken Maths as my 6th Subject but I don’t think I’ll be appearing for my Math Board . What effect will it have on my CBSE report card? Will it still show Maths as my 6th subject and show Absent or will it not show at all on the report card? Please help.
    Thank you

  11. I had taken physical education as sixth optional subject will the marks of physical education will be added as best five or it will be added if failed in any one subject

  12. Can someone please tell me tha t the result of cbse class 10th 2017-18 session be declared in cgpa (covering whole syllabus) or in percentage ??

    Some of my friends say it will be in percentage while some teachers say it will be in cgpa (covering whole syllabus)

    Please clear my doubt at earliest as possible ….. !!

    Thanks in advance…!!!

  13. If I will fail in additional subject..
    What will happen?
    Is I have to given re-exam of physical education?

  14. My school didn’t add the additional subject marks to that subject in which i have failed.. What fo i do?

  15. I want to ask what will happen if i miss my P.edu exam of class 11th and after that i was in coma for 1 yrr .
    I missed 1 whole year of my class 12th
    And in 11th i had missed my p.edu exam .
    Is any chance to give my 12th exam this year without giving my 11th 12th again.
    My class 11th registration was clear but not of 12th .
    Is any chance ,
    Plzzz tell me plzzz

  16. I have failed in computer and maths in class 12 cbse board examination.
    Math have came to additional subject and computer have came to main 5 subject.
    In which subject i will have to give compartment exam.
    Plsss give a reply..

  17. Sir I am in class 10th I wanted to know thati got less marks,in science but we have additionsl sub. Computer so in the place of science may i put computer masrks to find my %

  18. i give this year board exam as a private candidate in 12th cbse and pass so can i give improvement in only one subject

  19. If a child scores well in all the 6 subject but only the maths marks are low, so will the additional subject(F. I. T) so can the additional subject replace maths marks?
    Out of 6 subject, the percentage is calculated of the scores of best 5 subject??

  20. Sir my son had passed out his 12th in2015. Now he wants improvement in maths marks is it possible now. If not what is the other solution for improvement of marks in 12th class..

  21. I want to take science with math in 11 th class in academic year 2018/19 but i just scored 38 marks in maths in 10 th board exam what can do

  22. If i fail in add sub of eco but i have clear all my main 5 sub is it imp to give comp exam.overall my result show i am pass

  23. Hi I studied in Abu Dhabi School and completed 12th standard. In the final examination I failed in three subjects in May 2017. After I wrote the exams full in India as a private candidate then I passed. Now I went to my school and asking TC but in TC the wrote Failed . Whatt we will do for getting passout TC.

  24. Actually.. I have filled the compartment form of +2 for July2018 .. But I didn’t get my admit card even I checked on the official site of cbse…. It shows record not found..
    Plz tell me wht to do know…

  25. If one fail in class 11 from science stream will he or she able to coutinue without droping a year

  26. I did my 12th with PCM from punjab board ND now I want to give biology exam as a additional subject please give me information about this how I can give in which time period

  27. i passed 1oth in the year 2011 and appeared for 12th in 2013 but got back in maths which i clear in 2014,then which year is my passing year of 12th

  28. I just wanted to ask whether in inverse trigonometric functions the value we find of various trigonometric functions by using triangles is allowed or not

  29. Hi sir..
    I want to do improvent in 12. In 3 subject by chance if i get less marks in any one subject .so in my new dmc previous marks are written on dmc of that subject.

  30. Sir , I am 12th class student my subject is biology means phy, chem, bio, Hindi ,English but I had opted mathematics as my additional subject so if it will replace any of 5. Subject mentioned above and if its marks will be added to percentage

  31. Hello sir… I want to ask .. I had taken 6 subjects in class 12th but I could not achieve good marks … So can I fill for all 6 subjects in improvement exam .( Same 6 subjects )..

  32. Sir,
    I want to know that concept of partial premium during forfeiture of shares on prorata basis is a part of our accountancy syllabus for 2019 cbse boards examination??

  33. Sir what is the benefit of 6th additional subject ? Is it replace pcb main subject or 5th additional subject in total?

  34. My son had opted 6th subject ( code 165 ) in class 9th. Due to adverse circumstances ,we left the town.In another town we took admission in a school in mid term.This school doesn’t have 6th subject.I forgot to mention about 6th subject.Now my son is in 10th.What if he won’t give practical and theory exam of that sixth subject?

  35. I want to know that if I have taken admission in class 11 and I got compartment in class 10 results if I fail to clear the compartment than can I continue my class 11 or school will drop me

  36. I m failed in chemistry in class 12 and don’t want to attempt compartment. I want to give 12th exam again next year. How is it possible.

  37. I have passed in physical education which was my sixth subject bt have failed in maths and in result maths is now my additional subject so after giving improvement exam will maths become my main subject if not then maths being my additional subject can i get admission in college for BE/Btech…

  38. My schools teachers are forcing me to change my optional subject I.e. from maths to phe. Which I don’t want. Can they or can I argue in it ?

  39. Sir if any student give improvement for 3 subjects then it will give one more time improvement exam in succeeding year

  40. Hello sir
    I had a doubt I had to ask that for English board paper grade 10 if we write a question of section a at the end of the answer sheet do we get marks

  41. Dear sir ,

    My daughter has taken CS as an additional subject in class 11th ..next year she will be in class 12th .Is there an option to change the optional subject in 12th , if not then can she take PE as well and appear for exams for both CS as well as PE . Is there a process that the best out of these two will be selected for final scores ,please clarify!


  42. Hello
    I had a query that in 2020-21 in class 10 th marksheet option parent signature is required on the back side of the marksheet bt i took signature on front side of the marksheet ….. is there any problem that I took signature in front side of the marksheet in future …. after that I took signature in both side …. is that marksheet valid na … or we have to apply for new marksheet … please clarify

    Thank you

  43. Sir , the examinations held in our school were used to be of oswaal’s sample paper , which were leaked , I think all will get 90+ which is unfair

  44. Hello sir,
    I have a question related to board exams of class 12 ,2020-21.Are u going to release the
    new sample for all the subjects related to new exam pattern of cbse?

  45. Sir I’m in class 12
    Mujhe re compartment lga tha or exams ke liye form bharne ki date nikl gyi thi or ab sbhi bacche class 12 ke promote kiye ja rhe h to phir kya m bhi pass ho jaungi?? Please reply ??

  46. Sir, I’m not satisfied with my biology marks of class 12th (2021). Can I give only this subject exam again or I have to appear for all 5 subjects exam ?

  47. Sir
    My child has been deliberately failed in the two subjects by the school in the present results of Class XII 2021, announced by CBSE during this pandemic. He has received his marksheet with remarks ‘Essential Repeat’. But he is not satisfied with his result at all as he is not too weak to fail in the exam.
    Kindly clear one point if he is able to appear in the exams that are arranged by CBSE for dissatisfied students.
    I have also read the latest circular released by CBSE but there is no clear information regarding the above mentioned issue.
    I will be highly obliged if you clarify my query regarding this issue so that a child’s future can be saved and he would get little mental relief.
    Thank you


  48. I want to ask if I have done B.voc(interior design) ..and now I am pursuing deled …so
    Am I eligible for ctet paper 2 or not??

  49. I have taken 6 subject PCM, English,p.ed and ip and suppose I failed in physics and passed in other 5 subject will I be declared passed or not

  50. i wanna ask that in class 10th science mcert it is written that magnesium reacts with oxygen from air and in many sample papers u tube ans well as google states that it reacts with co2 anf form magnesim carbonate so my ques. is that if this ques. arises in boards exam what will be the corrrect ans and if an arises that both are caorrect and individual options are also there so we have to tick on which option??

  51. Hi
    I want to ask one doubt that I choosed basic maths in class 10. Whether in my 10th certificate it will come as mathematics basic or only mathematics

  52. my sister was in class 12 in 2020 and she was fail in one subject biology due to some circumstances. and then she was fail in compartment exam. then we have filled private compartment form and she was unfortunately fail in that one also. now should she appear in class 12 private student examination second time.

  53. Pls answer to my question pls.my this term 1st board exam results came so.so I got too less marks in math .in 40 I scored below 20but all other subjects I got above 30
    So 2nd board exam is near right
    So if I get all subject full marks in 2nd board exam including maths will it help me to get a good report card thus regarding the 1st board exam because 1 at exam too low marks will it help me because I want to get rid of my 1 st board marks because it’s too low so I like to score marks on 2nd will it help me to get a good position because 1st exam and 2nd exam will be adding right. So I am quite confused about what’s going to be my report card because 1 at term was too low

  54. 1).Sr I had 6 subjects in class 12th. I have passed in 5 subjects and overall result also declared passed.. but failed in physics Then physics replace as additional subject. So please tell me that I should fill improvement form or compartment form or in additional subject – as a private candidate..

    2).after this exam .. will total 6 subjects marksheet generate or only single subject marksheet…
    Or private candidate will written also on my marksheet or not..

  55. If I would get fail In maths board exam but get good marks in IT subject then IT subject replace at maths place and can I pass the board exam with good percentage..

  56. Can I change my basic to standard in class 10 , I am still in class 9 ??
    Can I chan get it ??
    Please answer it quickly ?

  57. i have written wrongly my roll no( in words).. i was asked to strike the wrong answer and re write it is it ok?

  58. Suppose i have done a question which was based on a figure and i answered the question with figure but unfortunately i unable to write whole question which exactly ask then is there any marks i got or not.
    My question was that give two advantages of highlited portion of fish in given figure.
    And i write only draw the figure and write the highlited portion not advantages.

  59. 28-B
    Near gov. Hospital

    To, cbse.gov.in
    New delhi

    Respected sir, i am kundan kumar from bihar i am studying in class 10. Sir i have a question
    That i have filled the wrong set number in omr sheet of my board examination, so it can be resolve or not. I am very upset please help me.

    Your sincerely

  60. 28-B
    Near gov. Hospital

    To, cbse.gov.in
    New delhi

    Respected sir/madam,
    i am kundan kumar from bihar i am studying in class 10. Sir i have a question
    That i have filled the wrong set number in omr sheet of my board examination, so it can be resolve or not. I am very upset please help me.

    Your sincerely

  61. Can I wear mask In private school and it is cbse based ? I want to wear mask, Can I?
    Sulabh Public School

  62. I just wanna ask in theory exam of physics what will be the weightage of theory part and numerical part in exam in some places it is written that theory portion is coming for 45to 47 marks and rest is numericals but in Cbse sample paper there are only numericals so pls tell me the theory and numerical weightage in written exam of physics class 12

  63. Cbse have formed a new grading system so according to that will cbse provide individual marks for each subjects in the marksheet

  64. I have passed my 11th from Govt.Boys Higher secondary school kargil. I want to change my cbse board to jkbose, what is the procedure?

  65. Hello, I just got my CBSE Class 12 result and I am not satisfied with it tho I have cleared all. Firstly, Can I sit for the improvement exam for all 5 core subjects this July-August or can I just sit for one? Meanwhile, Can I join Delhi University with my marks in hand but still be eligible for the Improvement Exam? A swift response will be highly appreciated.

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