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Analytical Paragraph Class 10 English

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CBSE introduced analytical paragraph writing in the English question paper of class 10 board exams in recent years. The question would carry 5 marks and would enhance the analytical and reasoning skills of the students. Students can download the latest Analytical Paragraphs from the myCBSEguide App and our Student Dashboard

Class 10 Analytical Paragraphs

The question would require the students to:

  • Comprehend
  • Analyze
  • Compare
  • conclude

the given data/information in the mentioned format.

Class 10 English Analytical Paragraphs

What is an analytical paragraph?

An analytical paragraph is a form of descriptive writing used to test the analytical skills of students by providing them with a hypothetical chart, graph, table, data etc. It requires an in-depth comprehensive analysis of the given data. CBSE introduced the concept of analytical passage in the writing section so as to enhance the analytical and reasoning skills of the students. The motive to write analytical paragraphs is to analyze and explain a text or data and then describe it in simple and clear language. Analytical writing should be lucid and crisp.

Key Characteristics Of An Analytical Paragraph

  • It should be brief; around 120-150 words.
  • It should be precise and well directed
  • Clear and crisp language should be implemented
  • The entire paragraph should be written using a single tense
  • Personal opinions should not be included in the paragraph
  • It should clearly portray the stated facts
  • The use of first-person pronouns should be omitted

Types of Analytical Paragraphs


Here, the class 10 students would be required to carefully comprehend and analyze the information that is presented in the form of graphs, pie-chart or a table. The students would do the comparative analysis and draw a conclusion from it.

Map oriented

Here two maps with considerable differences would be provided. One has to meticulously analyze the variations and finally summarize them in the form of a paragraph.


This revolves around comprehending and processing the provided information that is presented as input and eventually describing it in the form of a paragraph.


Here a problem would be depicted and students would be required to think rationally and suggest some solution based on some logic backed by data.

Process description oriented

The information is given in the form of a flow chart, diagram, or infographic. Again the student has to carefully analyze the information and well summarize it in the form of the passage.

Format of an Analytical Paragraph (class 10)

The content should be well summarized and should comprise the following components:


This should well direct and explain briefly the principle content that is highlighted in the graph or table. It should be no more than two or three lines.


It focuses on the key areas of the information/data that is given in the question asked by CBSE. It clearly portrays the significance of the graph. The following requirements should be covered as part of the body:

  • It should be well presented
  • Can divide it into sub-paragraphs; breaking the body facilitates comprehension for the reader
  • Use simple and clear language
  • Explain the graph/diagram in detail
  • Highlight the comparisons and variations observed using appropriate words
      • If mentioning numbers and figures, their accuracy must be ensured
      • The sentences should be rationally framed and connected


It should cover the entire summary of the given chart, graph, or diagram. This is the closing paragraph, so should be concluding in nature.

How to write an Analytical Paragraph?

The perfect way of writing an analytical paragraph in the English class 10 CBSE examination is to primarily select the key information, organize it systematically, state facts accurately, and well summarize the paragraph. Keep the following points in mind for scoring well:

  • Carefully analyze the provided information
  • Try to comprehend the literal and surface meaning of the data given
  • The facts and data should be accurate
  • Follow a sequential and logical pattern while writing the content
  • Use simple and lucid language
  • To depict the comparisons, variations and withdraw the conclusion implement functional language
  • Do proofread to avoid any grammatical and structural errors
  • Present the factual information in the best possible manner
  • Try to cover every little piece of information that is provided by the charts/diagrams/graphs etc.

Analytical Paragraph class 10 English

Here we are providing examples of some analytical paragraphs in accordance with the latest English class 10 CBSE curriculum. You can download more such paragraphs from the myCBSEguide App and our Student Dashboard

Analytical Paragraph – 1

The given pie chart represents the amount of money spent by a family on different items in a month. Write an analytical paragraph using the information given in the chart.

Answer: The pie chart provides information about the amount of money a family has spent on different items in a month. On an average, the family has spent majorly on grocery which is twenty-three percent of the total expenses. Whereas it has spent 20 percent on education which shows that it’s the second priority for the family.
The other item on which it has spend the most is clothes and transportation which levels off 19 and 18 percent respectively. Fifteen per-cent of their expenses were on other items that might include stationery, cosmetics, accessories, etc. and the least they had spent was on their rent. The maximum amount was spent on grocery, education, transportation and clothes.
Overall the data shows that they have not spent much on the unnecessary items or miscellaneous. After spending on grocery which is of utmost importance they have spent a significant amount on education. The least money is spent on miscellaneous items after spending on their rent which is their liability. Thus, it is evident that 85% of their total amount of money was spent on their liabilities whereas only 15 percent was spent on other items that might not be necessary to spend on.

Analytical Paragraph – 2

The given bar graph shows the increasing use of skin care products by men and women over the period of three months. Write an analytical paragraph elaborating the given information.


The given bar graph shows the usage of skin care products by men and women over the time of three months. The products used are facewash, toner and sunscreen.
The bar graph of men shows that the most used product by men is facewash. In the month of June the facewash was used around 33 times, in July 30 times and in August 35 times. The toner was used around 27 times in the month of June, 20 times in July and around 33 times in the month of August. The sunscreen was used 29 times in the month of June, 25 times in July and 32 times in August.
The bar graph of women shows that the most used product is sunscreen. In the month of June the facewash was used 25 times, in July 22 times and in August 24 times The toner was used 22 times in the month of June, in July 25 times and in August 27 times. The Sunscreen being the most used product was used 34 times in June, 29 times in July and 35 times in August. To conclude the given information, the usage of facewash by man saw a rise in the month of August and reached its peak and usage of sunscreen by women saw its rise in the Month of August too, reaching its peak of 35 times of usage.

Analytical Paragraph – 3

The given double bar graph shows the preferences of children in a school in playing different games over the span of six years. Write an analytical paragraph about the given information.


The given double bar graph shows the preferences of children in a school in playing different games over the period of six years i.e., from 2014 to 2019.
The graph shows that the highest number of children interested in playing volleyball is in the year 2016 whereas in the year 2019, very less number of children preferred volleyball. The graph shows a hike in the game of volleyball again in the year 2018. The data shows that the preference of people in basketball is almost constant, like in the years 2014, 2017, and 2018 same number of children showed interest in it. Basketball got a slight hike of interested children in the year 2016 but a decline has been seen in it in 2019 which is equal to 2015.
If we observe the graph we can see that childrens preference related to volleyball is continuously changing every year. Although initially 200 children were interested in volleyball in 2014. Then it reached 300 in 2015, the greatest hike of 450 in 2016, but it again declined to 250 children in 2017, it again showed a hike of 400 children in 2018 and the lowest number of children i.e., only 150 in 2019.
Whereas basketball was much preferred in 2014 than volleyball. It shows a decline of 100 children in 2015 but again reached 400 in 2016 and then remained same in 2017 and 2018.
To conclude the data shows that throughout the six years basketball was more preferred in comparison to volleyball. Although data shows that volleyball has got the highest number of interested children in 2016 but the numbers are constantly flickering which reached the lowest and is less preferred by the children in the year 2019 also.


The Analytical paragraph in general has to be written in around 100-120 words. It should manage to provide a detailed account of the chart given. The entire paragraph must implement crisp and lucid language. An internal choice is generally given i.e, the grade 10 students are supposed to attempt one question out of the two questions of Analytical paragraphs that are asked in the CBSE English examination. The question usually carries 5 marks

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  8. It is good but i don’t think that this much easy paragraph will come in our paper but although from. Here i got to know about this i got an idea to write analytical paragraph so yeah it is good for me??????????

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