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8 Secrets to Top CBSE 2020 Exam

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CBSE exams always come as a milestone in a student’s life. Coming out with flying colors is significant for your career path. As a student, you often fret and get anxious about passing them with good marks. Here in this read, you will get to know the secrets of passing your exams without getting worried. Yes, we’ve compiled some of the best points for you to follow and start preparing your strategy.

Focus on the key points that can help you in understanding exams better:

Keeping an excellent timetable to prepare

You might feel that what’s in the timetable, but it is the one method to keep you focussed and plan your time as per syllabus. Divide your subjects and hour to complete the curriculum in a stipulated period.

For example, Keep two-three hours to finish one chapter, the next day, you should keep 20 minutes to revise. These points in your timetable will also help you to structure your studies and hours. The timetable helps in tracking your progress towards the end goal.

Self-Study Secrets

Most students rely on tuition to mark their success in CBSE exams. They enroll for tuition to deal with tough subjects. The matter of fact is, tuitions can only help you in understanding that is 20% of the total. Rest depends on self-study and revision. You should devote maximum time to self-study and revising the tuition class lectures and notes. Having a complete understanding is crucial to write an excellent paper.

Learn to remember

You quickly forget what you studied yesterday, this is obvious as humans tend to forget the previously stored information quickly. So, you have to consider using various methods to retain most of the material you have studied.

You can use these mind tricks to remember more :

  • Create mnemonics to remember long and confusing things. It goes well with dates in history or names of various elements in Physics.
  • Always learn by creating a real-life example or relating it with other chapters or content. It is beneficial as it creates a series of steps in mind.

Code and Color

Color code your notes and writings to remember more. Yes, it is an excellent trick as the left side of the brain is creative, which focuses on visual elements and colors. Learning a topic through videos or a live example will help you in understanding and retaining it for a more extended period. Use a highlighter or colorful pens while preparing notes.

Understanding Exam pattern

It is a hit method to prepare a topic, and you should always know the issues which are likely to come. You can make your answers through CBSE ten year sample papers. Solving the ten-year question paper will boost your confidence on each topic as well as the subject. Moreover, don’t consider this as a shortcut. This is an addition to prepare the entire course thoroughly.

Planning the entire subject

On the subject level, there are a few chapters that you have no clue about. You hate them as they scare you. First, be friends with those chapters take your peers to help in understanding tough concepts. Go to your teachers for an extra class, and they’ll be more than happy. And, after all, this, if you can deal with it, then look for essential topics but don’t leave any chapter. You might regret this later. You should complete and be thorough with easy subjects as there is a possibility that you have less time in the end to prepare strong subjects. Prepare your best first to be assured about a list of them.

Breaking the Monotony

Studying for a longer time makes you dull, and often you lose interest in studying a particular subject. You can bring more subjects in a day rather than focussing on one. Also, take breaks after 2 hours each to fresh yourself. Take deep breaths in between. Play and participate in your favorite activities, play with your friends for a limited time. You should sip water in between study sessions to fuel your brain. Water improves concentration, as well. You can also perform some meditation and do some yoga early in the morning to revive yourself. Any exercise will keep you fit and keeps laziness at bay.

Writing the Final Exam

It is the most important and crucial aspect of converting your efforts into real results. Read the instructions carefully. Moreover, read each question carefully and then plan your answer. Write answers in two to three paragraphs with a logical connection between each one of them. You should always add bullet points in the answers as it gives a better structure to answer. Exam Checkers always prefer bullet points in answers to get to the point. Write valid answers and stated examples.

Now, you have all the valid points for preparing for your exams. Implement these points to attain a good score in board exams. All the preparations tips will surely help you to get your favorite subjects or to proceed with your dream career.

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