Videos for free download Mycbseguide. Partnership: features, Partnership Deed. Provisions of the Indian Partnership Act 1932 in the absence of partnership deed. Fixed v/s fluctuating capital accounts. Preparation of Profit and Loss Appropriation account- division of profit among After going through this Unit, the students will be able to: state the meaning of partnership, partnership firm and partnership deed. describe the characteristic features of partnership and the contents of partnership partners, guarantee of profits. Past adjustments (relating to interest on capital, interest on drawing, salary and profit sharing ratio). Goodwill: nature, factors affecting and methods of valuation - average profit, super profit and capitalization.

CBSE class 12 accountancy subject videos available for free download. Change in the Profit Sharing Ratio among the existing partners - sacrificing ratio, gaining ratio, accounting for revaluation of assets and reassessment of liabilities and treatment of reserves and accumulated profits. Preparation of revaluation account and balance sheet.

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