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Did Jo had feeling for roger skunk?


Posted by Shraddha Kharat (Jan 12, 2017) (Question ID: 1304)

  • Answers:
  • Yes because Jo was a child and according to a child's perceptive every thing must be just and equal so to make Roger skunk equally valuable as other she wanted that Roker smells like roses... 

    Answered by Rakesh Sharma (Jan 12, 2017)
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  • yes jo had feelings for roger skunk as roger skunk was the hero of her story and she did not want him to be  secluded from his friends by having that awful smell

    Answered by Dheeraj Jolly (Jan 12, 2017)
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Do you think the title Going Places  by A.R.Bartoon is appropriate. Discuss. 

Posted by RAJESH KUMAR BISHOYE (Jan 11, 2017) (Question ID: 1287)

  • Answers:
  • The author A.R.Burton has taken the readers to places through his female character Sophie. She was a very sweet and beautiful fantasizing teenager, in the first phase of the journey, she took the readers in search of work. She wanted to have a superb boutique of her own. Or a shop manager. She would become an actress to have real money. If not that, she would become a fashion designer though it was a little sophisticated. Her such thinking made her friend Jansie melancholy because both were earmarked for the biscuit factory.

    In the second phase of the journey she suspected the areas of Geoff’s life about she knew nothing and never spoke. When Geoff kept silent she thought him to be away somewhere out there in the world in those places she had never seen. The adjacent areas of the neighbouring country, its people and thus she had developed a great fascination for them. Riding behind Geoff she took us to the world that one can go praised and greeted them.


    In the final phase, from the Royce’s window, to Danny Casey to the United’s first squad player. In her excitement and dreaming Sophie waited under the elm tree near the canal. She pictured Danny Casey really outside Royce’s arcade again. But here she really could not take an autograph because neither had a pen. Thus throughout the story the reader goes on from place to place but there is no solid result. So the title ‘Going places’ is appropriate

    Answered by Naveen Sharma (Jan 11, 2017)
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Why did the crofter show the thirty kronor to the peddler?

Posted by satyam kumar (Jan 06, 2017) (Question ID: 1116)

  • Answers:
  • The crofter was very proud of his cow that gave him enough milk to support him. He told peddler that he had got thirty kronor last month as payment by supplying the milk to creamery. The peddler seemed doubtful about it. So, in order to assure his guest he showed thirty kronor to the peddler.

    Answered by Vikrant Singh (Jan 07, 2017)
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Can we write novel answers in points like 1,2,3 ?? Does it make any effect on our marks if we follow points writng method in writing english long anwers and novel answers???

Posted by Muskan Sukhija (Dec 26, 2016) (Question ID: 869)

  • Answers:
  • Try to avoid writing in points  the answers for a language paper like English. Such kind of methoid is used for writing down the answers of subjects like Social Science and Science. Frame your sentences in such a way thall all points get included separated by commas or using conjunctions. Do not unnecessary points and please avoid repetition of points. Practice more and more questions from Literature and write your answers in a compact manner.


    Hope it helps you and

    All the best for your English paper! 

    Answered by Shweta Gulati (Dec 31, 2016)
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Where can I find notes for questions from The Invisible Man?

Posted by Bhargabi Mukherjee (Dec 20, 2016) (Question ID: 787)

  • Answers:
  • 1. Illustrate whether the ending of the novel justified? What is your reaction when Griffin gets killed and Marvel gets to keep all the stolen money? Are you glad that the invisiblity fomula is hidden from Kemp, who could use it?

    Value Points: 
    As there is always an element of nemesis in order to justify man's doings. The novelist also to provide poetic justice to the story gets Griffin killed as the thing he did was against mankind and however innovetive and ambitious the plan may be, if it proves fatal to the mankind it needs to be curtailed. As such the ending is thoroughly justified.

    Though Griffin deserves punishment his melodramatic killing on the part of the public was too severe and a little bit unfair as a second chance might have worked for his transformation.

    It was just unwholesome and surprising that undeserving and a turn coat Marvel got hold of Griffin's money in the end, which also shows the irrationality pervading in the world.

    In other way round it was right that Marvel who could not do any thing of the formulae of invisibility, was found to have possessed with the books otherwise they could be misused by Kemp or if not by him, by any other scientist as we can hardly assertain about the mind of man.

    2.     Justify the title ‘The Strange Man’s Arrival’.


    Value Points: 

    The first chapter is aptly entitled as it is about the arrival of the stranger which triggers the exposition of the novel.

    The plot of the novel depends on his arrival, and creates an atmosphere of suspense and mystery that hangs on till the end of the novel.

    The unusual appearance of the stranger. (Give illustrations)

    The equally unusual behaviour to all who venture in into Griffin's room.


    3.     What impressions do you form of the stranger by his strange appearance and the intermittent conversation with Mrs. Hall?


    Value Points:

    A person of mysterious nature.

    A man of weird intention who keeps all his intention and designs to himself.

    Having a very secret mission which he does not want to let anyone know and only for this purpose he came to this solitude (Iping) or rather 'dropped form infinity'.

    A very laconic and unsociable person having no regard for the people and their affection.

    A man who perhaps deliberately wills to remain a mystery.


    4.     Mrs. Hall tried to prove the best of hosts but the regular snubbing on the part of the stranger frustrated all her efforts. Comment. OR 
    What different conversational advances did Mrs. Hall try to make? How did the stranger respond and Why did he do so? 


    Value Points:

    Having a guest at Iping in the dead time of the year was undoubtedly an unheard piece of luck and that too the person who was no haggler.

    Keeping this thing in mind she did not wish to let him go on account of reluctant services.

    Started being the best of hosts by insuring every thing ready in time. (Give examples).

    However she failed to assess him and sometimes went too far in her considering him, and as such, had to face rebukes. (Give examples).

    Taking the advantage of offering tea or lunch sometimes, about his asking for getting his luggage brought and telling the story of her nephew.

    Though seemed sometimes sociable but cautious at the same time of the unwarranted intrusion in his private life in any way, he frustrated all her efforts to sneak into his life.

    He did it as talking casually might result in giving some clue about his mysterious identity and secret objective.


    5.     What difference do you find in Mrs. Hall’s treatment of the stranger and her husband? How much importance did Mrs. Hall give to Mr. Hall’s observations, remarks and suggestions about the strange guest that she had taken into the “Coaches and Horses” inn? What traits of her character are highlighted by her approach?

    Value Points:

    Mrs Hall was dominating kind of wife who perhaps had low opinion of her husband.

    Mr Hall too was a little sluggish in his approach to personal, professional and familial life and as such, failed to be the bread and butter winner, leaving only a poor impression on his wife's mind.

    On the other hand she had an opportunity to earn money even in off season time. She, therefore, did not want to entertain any opposite idea on the part of other people about the stranger. 

    There could be a tinge of jealousy in Mr Hall which she noticed and as such, regarded his observations being little bit prejudiced about the stranger.

    By this way it can be concluded that she was a credulous, somewhat irresponsible (in believing the stranger even without confirming his identity) about her family's well-being and judgmental about her husband (not giving any respect to what he said). 


    6.     Describe the stranger’s behaviour while unpacking the crates. What does it indicate about his personality?

    Value Points: 

    Impatient, and eager for the accomplishment of his task i.e. preparing the antidote of his invisibility.

    Careless about any other consideration like spoiling the room of Mrs. Hall.

    The behaviour also shows how desperate he is to get his previous form back as this invisibility has frustrated him to the core.

    A very diligent, concerned, laborious, guy he is to his work.

    He is very objective in his approach to his work.


    7.     What made Cuss interview the stranger? What kind of interview was it and what did come out of it?


    Value Points: 

    The interview was not intended fairly by Cuss. He with an evil desire to know about the stranger out of his professional envy tried to infuriate him rather know something valuable. (Detail it slightly)

    It was a fake type of interview as Cuss asked something else and had his eyes and aim at something else.

    It turned out to be an extra ordinary, an unusual and a nightmarish kind of experience for Cuss as the things he noticed and felt could hardly be rationalized. (Give details)


    8.     There has been a shift in Mrs. Hall’s temperament and opinion about the stranger in sixth chapter. Explain the statement in context of the chapter. OR
    What made Mrs. Hall change her opinion about the stranger and what change do you notice in her attidude towards the stranger?


    Value Points: 

    A person can feel comfortable even sometimes in the odd behavior and can tolerate somebody if there is something to have monetary gains or some other self-vested interest. However, if there is an element of supernatural in it, all the possibilities of bearing with the person fly. The same happened with Mrs Hall.  

    The shift directly appeared in Hall's attitude by the experience she had in the stranger's room. (Give details)

    The money making pursuit which she had in tolerating Griffin's offending antics vanished when she found something of the unusual and particularly para-natural or supernatural in the stranger. (Give details)


    9.     Why did the invisible man choose Mr. Marvel as his helper and why did Mr. Marvel comply?

    Value Points: 

    Having been thrown by the people at Coach and Horses and having no hope with those people Griffin wanted someone who was of his own type.

    Mr. Marvel was a socially outcast and of awkward temperament (explain) which suited Griffin's purpose i.e. luggage carrier and money pocket.

    Mr. Marvel had no choice (explain) on the one hand and on the other was tempted to the supposed benefits he would have being with the stranger with the infinite powers of invisibility.


    10.     The unusually strange experience with the invisible man could not weaken the enthusiasm of the people for much awaited ‘Whit Monday’. Justify the statement.


    Value Points: 

    The people of Iping were simple minded and as such, could not be distracted by any unusual event for so long.

    Moreover they were not sceptic in their approach to the supernatural or unusual event, and could easily believe the thing i.e. the invisibility the stranger.

    The people come out of their homes in order to celebrate the much awaited event of Whit Monday.

    They were in their gala dress (Explain) and in their cheerful moods. 


    11.             Give pen portrait of Dr. Kemp and contrast it with that of Griffin.


    Value Points: 

    <i>Introduction:</i> Kemp was a research scholar who aspired for fellowship of Royal Society, and at the same time wanted to get his journals published so as to benefit the masses. (Explain his physical features)

    <i>Sceptic: </i>He could not believe anything unusual as such like supernatural or the thing or idea like invisibility. (Explain)

    <i>Contrasting Personality: </i>He presents a sharp contrast to Griffin- 

    <i>Intentionally:</i> He had fair vision to be achieved by his discovery while Griffin to create a reign of terror. (Explain)

    -- He kept all his work or did his research in open way unlike Griffin who always kept his plans to himself. (Explain)

    -- He proved to be the benefactor of humankind by getting Griffin arrested while the latter even killed Wickstead and harmed other few just like anything.


    12.   Unseen fear of something strange often leads to puzzle senses of  the people. Justify the statement in the light of people at ‘Jolly Cricketers’ and their handling the invisible man.


    Value Points: 

    Often fear drives the people so much that they go with willing suspension of disbelief.

    Their sensuous impression works more than the reality.

    Describe the scene of Jolly Cricketers when Marvel took shelter and the stranger followed him and created ruckus.

    People's getting afraid and as such, behaving in an unusual way.

    Their (mention names) trying to hit him.

    Lastly their assuming that they had hit him severely and believing that the stranger was killed. 


    13.        “All men, however highly educated retain some superstitious inkling”. Explain the line in context of Dr. Kemp's reaction at unusual sight in his house.


    Value Points: 

    If we even tend to doubt the existence of something like supernatural it tends to exist and if we rule it out completely it does not. Every impression stays in our subconscious mind for some time and if we incline to think of it, there may be chances of believing its existence.

    Our so-called rationality, however, sometimes belies our senses.

    The same happened with Kemp as well. (Explain his impressions of Marvel's running as if he had been chased, the spot of blood and his experience of the invisible man in his room.)


    14.      What strange thoughts or nightmare Griffin had when he was sleeping after he had executed his experiment on himself and why did he feel so? What do these suggest about his present state?


    Value Points: 

    The experiment was being carried out at the cost of his social, familial and personal life. Even he became less scrupulous about stealing his father's money which later on caused him to commit suicide.

    This had created a kind of unease in Griffin's psyche that did not leave him in his sleep.

    The chaos in his subconscious mind resulted in his experiencing his father at his funeral.

    He felt as if somebody were pulling him into the grave itself. (Explain)

    <i>Effect on his life:  </i>Guilt ridden about the supposed killing of his father and obsessive about his remembrances.

    He became a kind irritated person and could not develop intimacy with anybody. (Explain)  



    15.        Once Griffin saw no drawbacks in the invisibility but when he became invisible, there came to his view thousands of disadvantages. Explain the statement in the general way when we have certain fantastic plans and the ensuing disappointment when we have realized them.


    Value Points: 

    There have been many examples evident whenever ambition turns into vaulting ambition, the result has been disastrous. This was the case with Tithonas when he asked for immortality, and had to regret later on. The same case was with Dr. Faustus who regretted sorely after signing a bond with the Satan. His wish to do whatever he could failed to satisfy him and ultimately his mortality came very soon. Bhasmasur's over ambition turned into his own downfall when he took it otherwise.

    Griffin also failed to be an exception to it.

    His wild idea of invisibility of conquering the world and creating a reign of terror led him to be oblivious of a thousands of drawbacks he would have to be exposed to.

    (Explain the drawbacks like his being prone to the weather condition, crowd's reaction or their unbidden collision etc.)


    16.       Sometimes the plan or the intention behind some ambitious innovation is so wicked that the accomplishment of it is either prevented from or if it is done, it is done with some irreparable faults. Justify the statement with Griffin's plans and intentions.


    Value Points: 

    There is always an element of nemesis (retribution) implied in all the evil tasks that human being presupposes.There have been many examples evident whenever ambition turns into vaulting ambition the result has been disastrous. This was the case with Tithonas when he asked for immortality and had to regret later on. The same case was with Dr. Faustus who regretted sorely after signing a bond with the Satan. His wish to do whatever he could failed to satisfy him and ultimately his mortality came very soon. Bhasmasur's over-ambition turned into his own downfall when he took it otherwise. All these examples show that the evil intended task is always prevented from its accomplishment as was desired. The reason is that the welfare of humankind is above the malicious intentional innovation.

    Though Griffin did the impossible yet he failed to generate fair intention in him after its fulfillment. (Explain his intention)  (Explain the challenges he faced during and after the accomplishment of his idea of invisibility)


    17.     Often the innocent people fall the victim of the mad raid. Justify the statement with Griffin attacking and killing Wickstead desperately and cruelly. Why did he do so?


    Value Points: 

    The cruelty of a few people is suffered by many and, that too more often by the innocent. 

    When the over ambitious plan is felt to be of no use or ruined, the frustration is faced by the one who has the least to do with it.

    Griffin, betrayed by the infidelity of Kemp, felt deeply anguished and at the same time the mounting disillusionment left him at a troubled state of mind. 

    The result was the desperate murder of the innocent Wickstead and the throwing of a child.

    <i>Reason:</i> It was the last desperate attempt of resolution to accumulate the shattered pieces of his broken wild ambition and evil some plans. (Explain)


    18.         The entire course of Griffin’s life is that of wickedness, cruelty, rudeness and unscrupulous existence. However, at the end he ended with a tragic note. Explain the statement with Griffin’s chasing his ambition, getting deceived and finally leading to his catastrophic death.


    Value Points: 

    <i>"Cut is the branch that might have grown full straight, </i>


    <i>And burned is Apollo's laurel-bough, </i>


    <i>That sometime grew within this learned man. </i>


    <i>... Regard his hellish fall...."</i>


    The above mentioned lines clearly justify the situation of Griffin as he himself ventured into something beyond natural and scientific laws and limits.

    (Explain the instances of his wickedness and rudeness which he showed to various people he came across.)

    His sacrifices to follow his ambitious task.

    His interaction with Marvel and Kemp and having been deceived by the latter.

    His Final doom and tragic death at the hand of the people prematurely.


    19.          Character sketch of Mrs. Hall.


    Value Points:  

    <i>As a host- Best</i> of the hosts in making all her guests comfortable, doing every bit of required services by her guests. e.g. her treatment of the stranger, her tolerating the antics of her guest.

    <i>As a Wife-</i> A kind of dominating wife who considered her position i.e. bread and butter winner in the family. e.g. her treatment of her husband as compared to her treatment of the stranger.

    <i>A Money Minded Lady-</i> For the sake of money did not mind the rudeness in Griffin and interceded on his behalf before her husband and other people. Even her mixing the certain quantity of sarsaparilla in the beer to attract the customers.

    <i>As a Superstitious Lady- </i>She was inclined to the existence of para-natural beings as is shown in her interpreting the stranger. Even her experience of the bed sheet's flying onto her.

    20.       Character sketch of Thomas Marvel.


    Value Points:  

    <i>Introduction-</i> Explain his physical features i.e. cylindrical nose and fluffy cheeks etc, his living on his own and the way he led his life.

    <i>As a Vagrant-</i> His living a secluded life of an outcast, his antipathy with all the people and society at large.

    <i>As an Unscrupulous Person-</i> He did not feel hesitate to deceive Griffin twice or thrice, however, he was compelled to do it as well. Moreover, he accepted to follow him when he was tempted to be benefited by the infinite powers of Griffin's invisibility.

    <i>As a Utilitarian-</i> He turned out to be a sure utilitarian as by the money of the stranger he established himself as an inn owner in the end when the latter was killed and at the same time kept Grifffin's books in order to decode the mystery of becoming invisible, however he could not succeed.

    21.           Character sketch of Griffin.


    Value Points:  

    <i>Introduction-</i> The protagonist of the novel, an anti-hero, a scientist, and a discoverer of one of the most amazing things one can ever imagine. 

    <i>As a Scientist-</i> The most dedicated, focused, determined and an aspirant of doing always something new. A kind of innovation-maniac who sacrificed everything-- his personal, social, familial and worldly life for the sake of his cherished discovery and at the end did it. However as far as the humanitarian approach to science is concerned he was secretive and missed it which finally led to his catastrophic end. Also refer to question 14 and 15.

    <i>As an Unscrupulous Being-</i> Griffin had no sympathy or a sense of doing a service to the society by his remarkable discovery, rather he robbed his father, virtually killed him, misbehave with Mrs. Hall and all the other people he came across and never minded cheating anybody for his own sake.

    <i>As a Tragic Figure-</i> Refer to question 17.

    22. Character sketch of Colonel Adye
    Value Points: 
    <i>Introduction: </i>An important character to further the plot of the story<i>. </i>One of the initial instrumental guy to get the stranger in panic.
    <i>As a Policeman: </i>As a whole a very responsible person, a very conscious guy to get Griffin arrested. Very prompt to the execution of his tasks. (Explain the instances)
    However, to handle the unusual cases like the one of Grifin (his being invisible) he failed to the exclusive. 
    He felt comfortable in this matter only when he was assisted by Kemp.(Give details)
    <i>A Foolish Officer:</i> Though he was a better policeman and a very responsible officer, yet he lacked the especial skill of Sherlock Holmes to handle these unusually different cases. (Give instance of his foolish treatment of Griffin when he was on his gun point and as a result was killed quite easily)

    Answered by Naveen Sharma (Dec 20, 2016)
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How did Kemp react to the arrival of griffin and what did griffin tell him about the journey from being a normal man to his state of invisibility?

Posted by Faizan Raza (Dec 18, 2016) (Question ID: 774)

  • Answers:
  • It was by chance that Griffin reached the house of Dr. Kemp. Blood oozing out from the wound did drop at the foot of the stairs and stain the bed-clothes . It was notuced by Dr. Kemp but he was open mouthed because he could not see the wounded mass in his house. Then he heard the voice of the mass. Good Heavens Kemp, Dr. Kemp was surprized. The voice introduced itself as the invisible man . To get confirmed Dr. Kemp extended his hand towards the bandage, he saw in the air, and touched the invisible finger. He drove backwards with fear. Griffin told him about his wound and demanded immediate help. Then, Dr. Kemp consoled him and ofered him things to eat. It was his luck that he broke into Kemp's house which was close to the pub.

    Griffin, the Invisible man studied really hard so as to discover the invisibility. Dr. Kemp and the invisible man had a conversation about scientific principles related to reflection, refraction and absorptionof light. Griffin provided Dr. Kemp a detailed knowlwdge on those principles and how their applications could lead to visibility and invisibility of objects. Griffin acquired the knowledge of physiology through the study of medicine which helped him a lot in his discovery of invisibility. He found that the red colouring matter of blood can be made white like paper is made of tranparent fibres similiarly not only paper but cotton fibres, wool fibre, bone, flesh , hair and even nerves are made up of transparent, colourless tissues.

    Answered by Devanshu Agarwal (Dec 19, 2016)
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In what way is roger skunk story is similar and different from other roger story?

Posted by sandeep bhardwaj (Nov 26, 2016) (Question ID: 634)

justify the title going places and how does it intify sophies place


Posted by Ayushi Jain (Nov 02, 2016) (Question ID: 476)

how to write a report?

Posted by saru nivedha (Sep 27, 2016) (Question ID: 310)

What is conscience

Posted by Sonal Smart (Sep 21, 2016) (Question ID: 228)

character scetch of mr.marvel

Posted by Meghna Guha (Sep 20, 2016) (Question ID: 222)

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