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Rational Numbers, Linear Equations in One Variable, Understanding Quadrilaterals, Practical Geometry, Data Handling, Squares and Square Roots, Cubes and Cube Roots, Comparing Quantities, Algebraic Expressions and Identities, Visualising Solid Shapes, Mensuration, Exponents and Powers, Direct and Inverse Proportions, Factorisation, Introduction to Graphs, Playing with Numbers

Crop Production and Management, Microorganisms Friend And Foe, Synthetic Fibres and Plastics, Materials Metals and Non Metals, Coal and Petroleum, Combustion and Flame, Conservation of Plants and Animals, Cell Structure and Functions, Reproduction in Animals, Reaching the Age of Adolescence, Force and Pressure, Friction, Sound, Chemical Effects of Electric Current, Some Natural Phenomena, Light, Stars and the Solar System, Pollution of Air and Water

How When and Where, From Trade to Territory The Company Establishes Power, Ruling the Countryside, Tribals Dikus and the Vision of a Golden Age, When People Rebel 1857 and After, Colonialism and the City, Weavers Iron Smelters and Factory Owners, Civilising the Native Educating the Nation, Women Caste and Reform, The Changing World of Visual Arts, The Making of the National Movement 1870 to 1947, India After Independence, Resources, Land Soil Water Natural Vegetation and Wildlife Resources, Mineral and Power Resources, Agriculture, Industries, Human Resources, The Indian Constitution and Secularism, Parliament and The Making of Laws, The Judiciary, Social Justice and The Marginalised, Economic Presence of the Government

class 8 other subjects

The Best Christmas Present in the World, The Tsunami, Glimpses of the Past, Bepin Choudhurys Lapse of Memory, The Summit Within, This is Jodys Fawn, A Visit to Cambridge, A Short Monsoon Diary, The Great Stone Face I, The Great Stone Face II, The Ant and the Cricket, Geography Lesson, Macavity The Mystery Cat, The Last Bargain, The School Boy, The Duck and the Kangaroo, When I set out for Lyonnesse, On the Grasshopper and Cricket, How the Camel got his hump, Children at Work, The Selfish Giant, The Treasure Within, Princess September, The Fight, The Open Window, Jalebis, The comet I, The comet II

Hindi syllabus, question papers, online tests and important questions as per CBSE syllabus. Notes, test papers and school exam question papers with solutions.

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