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Ch 01 Super Senses

NCERT Solutions Super Senses CBSE Class-05 Environmental Studies. How did the ant know that the other ants were not from its group? How did the guard ant recognize this ant? How long did it take the ants to come? Did one ant come first or a group of ants come together.

Ch 02 A Snake Charmers Story

NCERT Solutions A Snake Charmer's Story CBSE Class-05 Environmental Studies. Have you ever seen anyone playing a been? Where? Have you ever seen a snake? Where? Were you scared by it? Why? Do you think all snakes are poisonous? Which animal show did you see?

Ch 03 From Tasting to Digesting

NCERT Solutions From Tasting to Digesting CBSE Class-05 Environmental Studies. Jhoolan’s mouth started watering when she heard the word imli. When does your mouth water? List five things you like to eat and describe their taste. Do you like only one kind of taste or different ones? Why?

Ch 04 Mangoes Round the Year

NCERT Solutions Mangoes Round the Year CBSE Class-05 Environmental Studies. How did Aman know that the potato sabji had got spoiled? Have you ever seen some food that has gone spoiled? How did you know that it has supplied? Look at your friend’s list and discuss in the class.

Ch 05 Seeds and Seeds

NCERT Solutions Seeds and Seeds CBSE Class-05 Environmental Studies. What things are soaked before cooking in your house? Why? What things do you eat after sprouting.? How are they sprouted? How much time does it take? Why did Gopal’s mother tie the chana in a damp cloth?

Ch 06 Every Drop Counts

NCERT Solutions Every Drop Counts CBSE Class-05 Environmental Studies. Look at the area around your school. Are there any fields, farms, pucca roads, drains etc.? Is the area sloping, rocky or flat? Think, what will happen here when it rains? Where will the rain water go – into the drains, pipes, or pits?

Ch 07 Experiments with Water

NCERT Solutions Experiments with Water CBSE Class-05 Environmental Studies. Ayesha put a puffed puri in a bowl of water. Would it sink or float? You put a steel plate on water. Would it sink or float? What would happen to a spoon? Would the cap of plastic bottle cap sink or float on water?

Ch 08 A Treat for Mosquitoes

NCERT Solutions A Treat for Mosquitoes CBSE Class-05 Environmental Studies. Do you know anyone who has had malaria? How did they find out that they had malaria. What problems did they having on malaria? What other diseases can be caused by mosquito bites?

Ch 09 Up You Go

NCERT Solutions Up You Go CBSE Class-05 Environmental Studies. Have you ever seen the mountains? Have you also climbed a mountains? How far have you walked at one time? How far can you walk? What do you think about the paths on the mountains? Draw a picture.

Ch 10 Walls Tells Stories

NCERT Solutions Walls Tells Stories CBSE Class-05 Environmental Studies. What difference would be there if you were to look form a straight flat wall or a bestion at a height? How would the soldiers find peeping from the holes in the bastions useful while attacking?

Ch 11 Sunita in Space

NCERT Solutions Sunita in Space CBSE Class-05 Environmental Studies. What do you think the earth looks like? Make a drawing of the earth in your notebook. On your drawing show where you are. Take a look at your friend’s drawings too.

Ch 12 What if it Finish

NCERT Solutions What if it Finish CBSE Class-05 Environmental Studies. What are the different kinds of vehicles that you can see? What do you think they need as fuel? Do you ride a bicycle? If yes, where all do you go on it? How do they come to school?

Ch 13 A Shelter so High

NCERT Solutions A Shelter so High CBSE Class-05 Environmental Studies. Gaurav Jani passed through several states while going from Mumbai to Delhi. Find the capital cities of these states. Was there any other big town on his way? Is Manali a plain or a hilly area? In which state is it?

Ch 14 When the Earth Shook

NCERT Solutions When the Earth Shook CBSE Class-05 Environmental Studies. Have you or anyone that you know ever faced such difficulty? Who all helped at such a time? Make a list. A lot of people from other places to Jasma’s village. Who were these people?

Ch 15 Blow Hot Blow Cold

NCERT Solutions Blow Hot Blow Cold CBSE Class-05 Environmental Studies. Have you warmed your hands in winter by blowing on them when they are cold? How does it feel? Blow hard from your mouth on to your hands. How did you find the air from your mouth as compared to the air around?

Ch 16 Who will do this Work

NCERT Solutions Who will do this Work CBSE Class-05 Environmental Studies. Have you seen such scenes around you? Have you ever thought of people who do this work? Can you imagine how they would feel? Why do you think people need to do this kind of work? Since when have they been doing this work?

Ch 17 Across the Wall

NCERT Solutions Across the Wall CBSE Class-05 Environmental Studies. Is there any place to pay near your house? What do people play there? Who plays there? Do the children of your age also get a chance to play there? What other things happen at this place?

Ch 18 No Place For Us

NCERT Solutions No Place For Us CBSE Class-05 Environmental Studies. Jatrya felt alone, even in a crowd of people. Have you ever felt like this? Imagine how it feels to leave one’s own place and go for away to live in a new place? Why do you think families like that of Jatrya’s are coming to big cities

Ch 19 A Seed Tells a Farmer Story

NCERT Solutions A Seed Tells a Farmer Story CBSE Class-05 Environmental Studies. Are rotis made in your home? From which grains are they made? Have you eaten roti made from bajra or jowar? How did you like these? In your house what is done to protect grains and pulses form insects?

Ch 20 Whose Forest

NCERT Solutions Whose Forest CBSE Class-05 Environmental Studies. What do you think is a forest? If someone grew lots of trees close to each other, would this become a forest? Other than trees what all is there in a forest? Do all forests have similar type of trees? How many trees can you identify?

Ch 21 Like Father Like Daughter

NCERT Solutions Like Father Like Daughter CBSE Class-05 Environmental Studies. Ashima sneezed just like her father. Do you have any such habit of trait which is similar to that of someone in your family? What is it? Whom is it similar to?

Ch 22 On The Move Again

NCERT Solutions On The Move Again CBSE Class-05 Environmental Studies. During what time of the year did Dhanu’s family get work in the village? Do you know of any families like Dhanu’s who have to leave their villages for months in search of work?

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