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Building and Bricks

NCERT Solutions Building and Bricks CBSE Class-04 Mathematics. Which floor pattern do you like the most? Have you seen such patterns any where? Which pattern is made in a circle? In which pattern can you show mirror halves? Draw a line.

Long and Short

NCERT Solutions Long and Short CBSE Class-04 Mathematics. Guess the distance between any two dots. How many centimeters is it? Now measure it with the help of a scale. Did you guess right? Which two dots do you think are farthest from each other? Check your answer.

A Trip to Bhopal

NCERT Solutions A Trip to Bhopal CBSE Class-04 Mathematics. If they get 4 buses, how many children will get seats? Will there be any children left without seats? How many mini buses are needed? How much time did aman take to come out of the toilet?

Tick Tick Tick

NCERT Solutions Tick Tick Tick CBSE Class-04 Mathematics. Do you like sky watching? If yes, then this one should interest you: (a) At what time does the sun rise at you place? (b) When does the sunset? (c) Does the sun rise and set at the same times every day?

The Way The World Looks

NCERT Solutions The Way The World Looks CBSE Class-04 Mathematics. Draw how the fan looks from below. Can you think why Gappu could see the cheese on the jug but Chinky could not? When I ran around in my house. It was looked so big! But from here. It looks small. How is that?

The Junk Seller

NCERT Solutions The Junk Seller CBSE Class-04 Mathematics. What about you? Do you also find Maths difficult? What is the most difficult thing in you Maths book? What do you think is the easiest lesson? Find out: how much for a cup of tea?

Jugs and Mugs

NCERT Solutions Jugs and Mugs CBSE Class-04 Mathematics. The giraffe is drinking __ litres. The cow is drinking __ litres. Do you like kheer? What do you call at it home? How much kheer can you have? Can you drink 1 litre water at one time? Have you seen a one lite water bottle?

Carts and Wheels

NCERT Solutions Carts and Wheels CBSE Class-04 Mathematics. List some more round things in your notebook. Have you ever gone to a bangle shop? Guess which of these bangles is of you size. Take a wire and make a bangle for yourself. Can your teacher wear this angle?

Halves and Quarters

NCERT Solutions Halves and Quarters CBSE Class-04 Mathematics. If the cats ask you to divide the chapati equally how will you divide it? If two or more cats come for food how will you divide one chapati equally for four cats?

Play with Patterns

NCERT Solutions Play with Patterns CBSE Class-04 Mathematics. We can also make patterns with numbers and letters. Below are a few examples. Can you take them forward? Now write your own number patterns. Now you try writing the letters – A, B, C in the box so that no letter comes twice in any line.

Table and Shares

NCERT Solutions Table and Shares CBSE Class-04 Mathematics. What are the ways in which the sunflower and marigold are planted? Can you think of other ways to make a shelf to keep 30 jars? Draw a shelf. Show how many jars you will keep in each row. How many rows are there?

How Heavy How Light

NCERT Solutions How Heavy How Light CBSE Class-04 Mathematics. Make groups of three things. For example- eraser, ball and paper. Use the balance to arrange them in order of weight- the lightest, the one with in between weight, the heaviest. Complete the table with at least five examples.

Fields and Fences

NCERT Solutions Fields and Fences CBSE Class-04 Mathematics. I need a fence around my field. How much wire should I buy. Can you find it from this picture? How much wire did Rahmat give Ganpat? How long is the boundary of Ganpat’s field? How much wire will Ganpat need for his field?

Smart Charts

NCERT Solutions Smart Charts CBSE Class-04 Mathematics. How much time do we spend in this? Ask people in your family to name one programme they like and one programme they dislike. Make a table. From your table: Watch TV/ listening to the radio.

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